Exibition Matches: Phase 1 Results

March 30, 2011


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The polls have closed on the first exhibition round of Sai Mecha (though not according to keikaku, for some reason they didn’t automatically close when they were set to!) The winners are in and those four mecha move on to the next exhibition round to compete for the final prize, the right to have their mecha replace the Sai Mecha site banner during the full tournament. Results below the cut.


Click for full resolution bracket.


The results are as follows:

VF-1 Valkyrie (SDF Macross) over the RGM-79 GM (MS Gundam.)       86.03% vs 13.97%

Z-01 Lancelot (Code Geass) over the ATM-09 ST Scopedog (Armored Trooper VOTOMS.)          56.57% vs 43.43%

Ingram AV-98 (Patlabor) over the SVMS-01X Union Flag Custom II – GN Flag (Gundam 00.)        54.44% vs 45.56%

VF-25 Messiah (Macross Frontier) over the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam (Gundam SEED.)      70.05% vs 29.95%

[Please note: it is requested that you read the results summary in this voice.]

So a resounding win for the VF-1 over the EFSF workhorse GM, and a solid win for the other Macross entrant over the Strike. That pilot could not have helped the Strike’s cause. Meanwhile the Lancelot proved to be the comeback kid as it overcame an initial shortfall in votes to barely overcome the Scopedog. In many way that was a match of opposites with new and sleek versus old and bulky. A result certain to rile up the oldfags! And finally, the Ingram AV-98 got and held its narrow lead over the GN Flag for all but a day of voting.

In other Sai Mecha news, the nominations process continues. Keep those votes coming! Nominations will run until the scheduled time (April 9) to record as many nominations as possible. So far a few primary contenders are emerging from the tally sheets, but you’ll have to wait until the conclusion of nominations to find out. In the meanwhile the exhibition matches will continue after a one day break and then four more days of voting will commence. Thank you to everyone who has submitted their nominations, voted in the exhibition matches, written posts about the tournament and their nominations, and to all those out there spreading the word about Sai Mecha on their blogs, Twitter accounts, forums, chat, and word of mouth.


22 Responses to “Exibition Matches: Phase 1 Results”

  1. Shinmaru said

    Gooooooooooooo INGRAM!!

  2. JoeQ said

    A shame to see Scopedog fall already (and against Lancelot of all things!), but otherwise this is a promising start. Down with the Gundams! Messiah FTW!

  3. Looking at the results I’ll be going for the Ingram all the way. As for the bracket with the VF-1 & Lancelot, I can only hope they’re both disqualified due to rules violations or a gambling scandal.

  4. Okay, a more measured response:

    At present the voters in this poll represent a strange slice of the fandom. I have no doubt that there are comprehensive mechtards voting, but there are some elitists among them too, and as for the rest, they are more unsympathetic to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED than they are actual fans of the VF-25 Messiah.

    This, more than anything tells me that the poll is not reaching the broader fandom.

    While there are many, many idiots who are also robot fans — and many of these enjoy hating on AU Gundam shows, they will be dwarfed by the amount of idiocy that exists in FAVOR of Gundam SEED, AND Gundam SEED Destiny.

    If the poll actually reaches the vast majority of those who would care to vote for their favored mecha, I have very little doubt that all of us will be crushed by the Strike Freedom Gundam.

    • ToastCrust said

      Yeah, that conclusion is pretty apt.

      Though I wonder if those people would even bother with something like SaiMecha?

      My cousin twice removed/nephew/cousin (older than me) who loves SEED, isn’t actually that passionate about mecha in the first place. And I get the feeling a lot of them might be similar. He thinks the Strike Freedom is cool, but I wonder if that isn’t like finding Goku cool, or something like that.

      • I do worry about not reaching those fans, and I’ve been trying to spread word about the tournament. But it could be as you say, that that group of SEED/GSD fans just isn’t as active online in talking about their fandom. Maybe it’s a casual vs hardcore fan thing?

      • Also @ EO


      • So I guess if Sai Mecha were like G Gundam and you had one mecha representing each country, the Strike Freedom would represent Indonesia? :3

  5. Matt Wells said

    Bah, I haven’t even watched Votoms yet and I wanted it to win over the Lancelot! That said, I’m something of a crotchety old bastard who prefers the classics over mechs designed in my own life time. And if the Ingram is inevitably knocked out, the VF-1 better win out over the VF-25! Old school all the way!

    Just wanna ask, is this how the main tournament going to play out? From the 31 with the most votes, are you going to hold elimination rounds to decide who gets the crown?

    • Yep, the regular tournament will be single-elimination rounds like this one. The 32 with the most votes will be randomly fit into the bracket and there will be 8 or 16 votes at a time. So the first round will be broken up over two to four voting periods and as the bracket slims down we’ll be able to have an entire round in one voting period.

    • By all means we remember love, but we do so because our hearts are in the present, and our will always faces forward to the future!

      The VF-25 is a wonderful design, the only thing it can’t claim is to be timeless — but for the most part because it’s still new.

      • Matt Wells said

        With the Valkyries, its more a case of me preferring the design aesthetic of VF-21. Seems more tactile, while the VF-25 looks too rounded, and the CGI rendering does it no favours. I HATE seeing CGI rendered mechs in anime series, they stand out like a sore thumb and just look wrong to me. I’m not trying to say “Wahhh, I din’t grow up with this, they changed it, now it sucks, wahhh”.

        Then again, this is all my own personal prejudice speaking, and since I’ve yet to watch either series, I’ve yet to see either mechs in action. Do disregard my opinion on Macross as that of a moron yet to even watch the show he’s criticising. I better get working on that…

  6. foshizzel said

    YES that voice hahaha so good XD

    Nice results here are we going to have a Macross showdown?! Woooooo!

  7. Soulstrider said

    Damn Scopedog lost, time change to the Macross field them.

    • Matt Wells said

      Though the humble scopedog falls, Chirico lives to fight another day, and on another battlefield. Will you join him on his journey through the hell that is war?

  8. DonQuigleone said

    How many votes were there in all?

    Also how many blogs has the tournament been advertised on? For instance I didn’t find anything on Animesuki or ANN, which would be a pretty obvious place to do so.

    If you guys like I might try to post it on some other websites.

    • Please do! We don’t really have much pull or influence outside the fansub-watching part of the anime community (and even so, only within the anime blog-reading part of it).

    • 187 total votes in the poll with the most voters. Not bad since this hasn’t been around long, but I would like that number to keep going up. We’ll see how many results round 2 gets.

      But like Ghostlightning said below, we’re not really in contact with a lot of the fandom outside the blogging and Twitter community. I’m not much of a forums person at all so I’m not really sure of how to go about spreading word of it in that format.

      • DonQuigleone said

        It’s really a matter of placing a post, and hoping you get lots of eyes.

        It’s not that different from blogging really, except you can’t put as much up, but it also takes less work.

        I placed posts on the Anime boards I know of (animesuki primarily), though I wasn’t able to get a post on individual mecha series forums alas.

        I might try looking for Gundam or Macross fansites.

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