Exhibition Matches, Round 2

March 31, 2011

Round 2 of the exhibition matches is now open! The two Valkyries may face stiffer competition as the sleek new Lancelot and the classic Ingram AV-98 face off against their variable fighter rivals. Meanwhile nominations continue to be open and accepted via email to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT COM. Cast your votes for the exhibition matches below the cut! Polls are open until 23:59 EST (GMT -5) on 4 April.


19 Responses to “Exhibition Matches, Round 2”

  1. Turambar said

    Valkyrie on Valkyrie battle for the finals! Gogogo.

  2. kadian1364 said

    Can I vote for the bulbasaur?

  3. Matt Wells said

    God lord, I bust a gut at that Bulbasaur Tachikoma image. Inspired stuff. So we’ve only a few days before the tournament proper opens? I better pray to the Gods of Mecha that at least a few of my entries got in. We should have a pool going on what gets in to the selection and what makes it into the finals.

    • Soon, soon the full tournament will commence! This round of exhibition matches ends tomorrow night, then a one day break, then four days for the exhibition final match. May take me a day or two to tally the 32 for the tournament bracket, but after that it’s game on.

      • Matt Wells said

        Bring it on! I’m predicting that Gurren Lagann, Code Geass and and the like will curbstomp most of the competition, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion that Big O of all mechs will do surprisingly well in the finals. Ditto for the Zaku II.

  4. Soulstrider said

    Going Macross on this one, always loved their mechs.Just as long Lancelot doesn’t win I will be happy, I always disliked Lancelot’s design

  5. foshizzel said

    Go Lancelot! Good luck Macross as well 😀

  6. baka_girl said

    My vote goes to Lancelot and Messiah 🙂
    Gooo Lancelooot!! xD

  7. Shinmaru said

    Once again, my heart is with the Ingram. ❤

  8. ahelo said

    Voted for Lancelot again just to piss you all mecha fans.

  9. My love of the F-14 Tomcat & my OldFag blood compels me to vote Valkyrie. And so does my well documented hatred of Lancelot & its pilot.

    Oh yeah EO, the Bulbachikoma is f*cking disturbing man.

  10. When my two favorite VFs have it out in the finals, 2 things will happen:

    1. I die of heartbreak trying to choose (don’t worry I have boatloads of 1UPs, not to mention Phoenix Downs)
    2. After this the real tournament would seem anti-climatic since I got my best matchup ever.

    Then again, I do eagerly await the Strike Freedom finish. I feel it’s going to happen.

    • Please stop predicting the arrival of the abomination known as Strike Freedom. It’s a cry of impending doom.

    • Actually I just tried to encourage/provoke the Strike Freedom fans to vote for it on Twitter since it’s been getting far fewer nominations than its popularity would predict. (This goes to that point you made last post.)

      • Kuro said

        This really needs to be heard by a wider fanbase. Personally, I hate the Strike Freedom with all my gut but not enough nominations for it? Strange.

  11. Kuro said

    Voted for both Valkyries. I’m looking forward for a Macross match-up.

  12. d3v said

    As much as I love the Ingram’s design, it just can’t hold a candle to good old Sakura-hime.

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