Exhibition Matches – Round 2 Results and the MACROSS MADNESS Final Exhibition Round

April 6, 2011

The Troller in Chief would be pleased by this outcome.


With the votes tallied from the last Exhibition Round match, Ghostlighting‘s wet fanboy dream has come true with a Valkyrie final round. This also means that before too long the first Sai Mecha Tournament will begin in earnest. Nominations continue to come in and be counted and after the polls close for this final exhibition round match the tallying will begin and the bracket be filled. Exciting times! Also, as a word of fair warning to all you Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny fans out there, your dear Strike Freedom is going to need many more nominations if you want it to make it into the bracket. Come on, are you going to let all these oldfags outcompete you? Where’s your Jesus Yamato now!? So if you want to represent your beamspam favorite mecha and haven’t yet done so, nominations continue to be open and accepted via email to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT COM until 12am EST (GMT -5) on Sunday, April 9.


Exhibition Matches, Round 2 Results

[Please note: it is once again requested that you read the results summary in this voice.]

VF-1 Valkyrie (SDF Macross) over Z-01 Lancelot (Code Geass)          70.11% vs 29.89%

VF-25 Messiah (Macross Frontier) over Ingram AV-98 (Patlabor)         55.56% vs 44.44%


It’s Macross Maddness, Sai Mecha fans, as the venerable franchise takes both spots for the final exhibition match. The strength of the newer fans just couldn’t stand up to the classic design of the very first variable fighter. The VF-1 Valkyrie took the lion’s share of the vote against its more modern competitor. I like the Lancelot, it was an interesting mecha with lots more technical development behind it than any other mecha in that series, and I do love the technical side of things. But the Valkyrie is iconic and quite possibly the first mecha love of many a voter, and the numbers reflect that. It now moves on to face its distant relative in the final round. The Messiah in contrast didn’t have an easy time making it here, no siree! The titan from Tokyo’s police department, the Ingram AV-98, fought tooth and nail with its more futuristic rival and scored some major points. Led by its champion Shinmaru, the Ingram fans fought well and hard but in the end the Messiah’s sleek lines and massive versatility won the day. It was a near run thing, but it’s hard indeed to argue with the capabilities of the Messiah design.


So there you have it, Sai Mecha fans. The final match is a battle of the VF’s with the original against the newest iteration of the classic mecha. Polls are open until 23:59 EST (GMT -5) on Sunday 9 April. And in the next few days after that deadline we’ll begin the first votes of the Full Tournament!





22 Responses to “Exhibition Matches – Round 2 Results and the MACROSS MADNESS Final Exhibition Round”

  1. schneider said

    It’s good to read match write-ups, I hope you continue them!

    I am the Kanuka to Shinmaru’s Noa, I guess. Very pleased with how the Ingram got more votes that I’d expect.

  2. ToastCrust said

    Lol, this match up will be telling about the voter base.

  3. Aftershok said

    Macross fans will be Macross fans. Would have rather seen Unit-01 up there, myself.

    • The way I picked mecha for the Exhibition Phase was really arbitrary and just according to the first ones I thought of. Mostly I wanted it to test the system and drum up enthusiasm for the real tournament, so the mecha in this aren’t really representative. Know that the Unit-o1 is doing well in the nominations.

  4. While I like both the look and naming of the Valkyrie compared to the Messiah. I regrettably haven’t seen it in action yet having only been introduced to Macross Frontier.

  5. Kuro said

    Macross vs. Macross head to head. My dream come true.

  6. Turambar said

    I am abstaining the vote. I refuse to choose between my children!

  7. ahelo said

    Please don’t have a Macross ending when the tournament starts.

  8. WhatSht said

    VF-1 vs VF-25…..its so hard to choose, but i still voted for the VF-25, since, its the descendant of the VF-1, and looks like the VF-1. too bad the VF-0 never made it in, a fight between VF-25 and VF-0, both at the ends of the current Valkyrie Development Line(which i made up myself), will be epic.

  9. Matt Wells said

    Go Valkyrie! Old School all the way!

  10. DonQuigleone said

    Probably should ensure that all members of a given series are on the same branch of the matchups in the actual tourney. Would make for a more exciting conclusion methinks.

  11. Soulstrider said

    Well never seen SDF Macross, so going for Messiah


    I’ll reveal my vote in the results post. In the tournament proper I’ll do match write-ups and/or postmortems as well.

  13. Vendredi said

    Duncan Fisher narrating a battle between Macross Valkyries. Harmony Gold must be spinning in their slowly deepening grave at this final unholy union of franchises they have laboured so hard to keep apart.

  14. JoeQ said

    Eeeeh, guess I’ll just go with the Messiah. Sorry oldfags, maybe I’ll change my mind when I’ll actually get around to watching these shows.

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