The Exhibition Phase Champion, and the 2011 Sai Mecha Tournament Bracket

April 11, 2011


Your Exhibition Round Champion!


Here you have it, Sai Mecha fans! The Exhibition Phase is now over and the VF-25 Messiah is the winner! Thank you all for voting  and for participating in this phase. It’s given me some insight and experience that can be taken into the full tournament later this week. This match was a close one, and the details are below the cut. Also, in this post I am now announcing the bracket for the full Sai Mecha Tournament! Your nominations have been counted and tallied and their results are displayed below.

It was a fight to the end, mechaheads, and the closest match we’ve yet seen. The VF-1 Valkyrie and VF-25 Messiah traded votes back and forth in a knockdown, dragout fight to the finish. Both VFs were tied many times during the course of voting, and when one held the lead it did so by only one or two votes. The VF-1’s classic design and plain stylish looks garnered many a vote, but in the end the newer, sleeker VF-25 Messiah took the competition by only two votes. In the event of a tie I was to appoint Shinmaru and Ghostlightning as champions of the VF-1 and VF-25 to engage in a fight to the death. They even had their respective weapons picked out. But fortunately (for them) and possibly unfortunately (for us) the VF-25 managed to pull off a last minute win just as the poll closed. So congratulations to the VF-25 and its many supporters. Once the full tournament begins later this week the Sai Mecha site’s banner will be changed to an image of a VF-25 Messiah.


The Tournament Bracket

Click for full resolution.

Here they are, the 32 mecha with the most votes from your nominations. Mecha were randomly assigned bracket slots by way of a time-honored tradition, rolling tabletop RPG dice (specifically, contestants were split into four sections of eight each, then rolling a green d4 and d8 to pick one contestant and a black d4 and d8 for the other until none remained.) The two halves of the bracket have been split into ‘Earth’ and ‘Colonies’ sides just to make it easier to keep track of and/or to inspire heated pro-Federation and revisionist-Zeon shouting matches. The tournament will proceed in single elimination fashion beginning this Wednesday in four-day voting increments. The first four days will be the Earth Side first round, then the Colonies Side first round, and after the first round is complete both sides’ polls will run at the same time. I just didn’t want to put 16 different polls up at once for round one, and also wanted to ease the burden on Ghostlightning since he volunteered to do pre-round writeups on the contestants.

Thank you again to everyone who nominated, voted, commented, and helped spread the word about Sai Mecha. Keep up the good work, especially about getting the word out about the tournament. See you at the full tournament!





71 Responses to “The Exhibition Phase Champion, and the 2011 Sai Mecha Tournament Bracket”

  1. Mushyrulez said

    Is the middle a box or two lines?


  2. kadian1364 said

    Aw man, I thought there would be a preliminary round like SaiMoe. The way it turned out mean I essentially wasted all my nominations.

    • Sorry if there was any confusion but the procedures I put on the site outline a much simpler format that SaiMoe uses. It would be cool to do something as complex as the system SaiMoe uses but I wanted to keep it simple since I’ve never done anything like this. Plus time constraints too, that’d be a lot more work to manage.

  3. baka_girl said

    Hmm, it seems that Tauburn didn’t make it 😦
    I was looking forward to vote for him :p

  4. Anya said

    7 of my nominations went in =O Well I nominated the Gurren-SEITEN,not sure which version you put in.

    • Gurren and Gurren-SEITEN were combined since it’s an upgrade and not a completely new model. I didn’t want to split the votes from popular mecha that have a normal and upgraded form. I didn’t feel it would be fair to their fans since it would likely mean that neither version would have made it to the tournament (I did the same for Deathscythe and Deathscythe Hell Custom.)

      • JoeQ said

        Will this also apply to Alteisen, Gao Gai GAR, Nirvash and Gurren Lagann (okay, that might be strecthing it) as well?

      • Any mecha that has a similar upgraded version that’s not judged to represent an entirely different model has been combined. This includes the Gurren Lagann since it’s a super robot inside a super robot so you can super robot while you super robot.

  5. ToastCrust said

    So in the end, did the Strike Freedom manage to break it’s tie with Fuego? Haha

  6. Landon said

    Big O is the only worthy competitor, but I won’t fault anyone for having a moment of weakness by rooting for Mazinger or Giant Robo.

    • Everyone who votes for Big O must yell out “Big O! Showtime!” when casting their vote.

    • Matt Wells said

      Weakness?! Good sir, while I applaud your love for Big O, your irrational hatred for the Invincible Black Castle of Iron and the Mighty Riveted Pharoh of Steel…disturbs me. Were it not for Mazinger, Big O would never exist, and without Giant Robo, Big O would lack many of its design inspirations AND the many creative staff who worked on BOTH shows.

      • d3v said

        Anyone who doesn’t vote for Mazinger shall be smashed INTO ATOMS in the name of ZEUS!

      • JoeQ said

        On Mazinger, I request that we go with the Imagawa version rather the original seventies one. Or will the nomination cover both? And if so, what about Mazinkaiser?

  7. JoeQ said

    Gooo, Messiah!

    But I have to say, I am very much saddened to see that my worst fears have turned out to be true: it’s a goddamned Gundam-fest. Only two of my nominations made it and I doubt they’ll last long. Le sigh, and I had such high hopes for HAVWC, Dix-Neuf and the Getters too…

    Oh well, there’s still enough of my favorites around to keep me voting, but this has seriously lessened my interest in the tournament

    • JoeQ said

      To clarify, I’m not a hater, I just don’t really care about Gundam. I will eventually get around to watching G, 08th MS Team and maybe Turn A, though.

      • Matt Wells said

        Stardust Memory isn’t bad. Decent plot filled with intrigue, excellent mechas, good animation…the only real letdown is the characters, and while bland, I think you’ll prefer them VASTLY to the average Gundam cast.

        Those three you mentioned though, watch them immediatly! You won’t regret it. Oh, and Unicorn’s pretty damn good. Worth it for the action and music alone, and the chracters aren’t too irritating…

    • Well when Gundam is by far the biggest franchise in mecha, and the series that began the real robot genre, you have to expect these things. There are lots of cool designs out there but since the bracket is decided by nominations many from lesser known series will inevitably be left out.

      PS: Watch more Gundam 😛

      • JoeQ said

        I will. G for Imagawa’s brand of Super Robot Insanity, 08th MS Team for the ‘realism’ and Turn A for having a mecha ‘stache. I doubt I’ll ever be able to stomach the rest, though.

    • ToastCrust said

      Good to hear someone else nominated Dix-neuf.


  8. Scamp said

    12 Gundams? I was hoping perhaps the various gundams would have their votes split, thinking that people wouldn’t want to nominate several Gundams at a time, but I guess not =(

    • Like I’d just said to JoeQ, Gundam is such a massive franchise in terms of number of mecha, number of series, and for being part of mecha as a genre that even with all the splitting between fans of different series and mecha there was bound to be a large number of them represented.

      Think about it this way. Macross, probably the second biggest mecha franchise, usually only has one mecha that the main characters pilot. Everyone of the main pilot characters in SDF Macross used slight variations of the VF-1, in Frontier it was the same with the VF-25s. But in the original Gundam you’ve got the pilots in the RX-78-2 Gundam, Guntank, Guncannon, Zaku II, Gelgood, and Zeong. Then in 00 you’ve got four Gundams just among the CB characters, and those characters get even more Gundams in season 2 and the movie.

      Gundam: king of mecha spam.

      • JoeQ said

        Bah, they got nothing on SRW. That franchise has aproximately twenty million characters, each with own unique mecha (+upgrades). And that’s just counting the Originals!

  9. Turambar said

    Huzzah for my pick winning the exhibition.

    Also wow, I’m kinda a Banpresto Original from the SRWverse made it into the bracket. A pit that the “only head lining mecha” rule made it so that the Thrudgelmir could would not get a spot.

  10. Matt Wells said

    Hmmm…well, most of my favourite supers made it in. Would have rather had Mazinger on its own, and Mazinkaiser’s place taken by another classic mech, like Voltes or Raideen, but it could be worse. Too many Gundams on the dancefloor, but hey, at least they’re good ones. With the exception of the Exia… 🙂

    Pleased to see Giant Robo and Big O up, along with Gunbuster and the King of Braves! Surprised and glad to see Norris Packard’s Gouf make the cut, and I squeed when I saw the Tachikoma!

    I have to admit though, I’m hoping the Colonies’ Side comes down to either God VS. Master, or Zaku II VS. Scopedog. Pupil against Teacher, or the battle of the Mecha Mooks! Hope Ghostlightning writes Match-Up tag lines in that style, it’d be the icing on the cake. Here’s to Sai Mecha 2011! Long may it rein!

    • The Gouf Custom was a surprise to me since most people tended to vote for the ‘star’ mecha from a series. But I’m very happy to see 08th MS Team represented even if my personal favorite, the RX-79(G)/Ez8, didn’t quite make it.

  11. Matt Wells said

    Oh, and Zaku II AND Hyaku Shiki? Did Char REALLY need all those votes? Bad enough that one of his clones got in…

    Ah well, what do I know? This is coming from a guy who thinks DAITARN 3 looks sexy…

    • The Zaku IIS may have been Char’s personal mobile suit, but I prefer to remember it as the gruntwork mecha of Zeon. It was a part of their forces from the start right to the very end of the One Year War. And although it served on the wrong side, its many valiant, non-Newtype pilots should be remembered.

      • Matt Wells said

        Hey, I voted for the Zaku II myself. My issue comes with the fact that many voters might have gone for Char’s Red Zaku, which was pooled into the total Zaku votes, rather than voting for something else.

        I really am just bitching, but I’d rather people had gone for Char’s definitive MS, rather than voting in three damn units piloted by Char or his clones in some shape or form.

        The Red Comet is godly, but I’d rather he didn’t take up three spots on the final matchup. It would have been nicer to see a bit more variety in the tournament than a quarter of the entries being UC mobile suits, but the people have spoken.

  12. Shinmaru said

    Everything I nominated save the Aestivalis, Ingram and Canti (lol) made it in, so hooray for me.

    • Canti did better than a lot (though that just means he had three or four nominations among a ton of more obscure mecha that only one person nominated.) The Ingram did better, and I’d have liked to have seen it in the tourney, but at least your other picks got in.

  13. Turambar said

    Looking through the brackets in detail, your dice are evil, you hear me? Evil!

    Hyaku Shiki v Sinanju, God Gundam v Gurren Lagann, Arbalest v Nirvash, there is no way I can make choices without feeling really horrible about them. D:

    • Hahaha, well I am known as a fearsome d6 roller in Warmachine and Warhammer. Though this time I wasn’t using my dice type of choice.

      I kind of feel bad about the Arbalest vs Nirvash matchup though, since they’re both from underrepresented series. If it were up to me they’d have started in different places, but dice are a cruel mistress.

  14. schneider said

    Holy shit, GaoGaiGar vs Gouf Custom. Maybe Shiro Amada can actually win this!

  15. d3v said

    You sure that the brackets are random, because there are some matchups that just seem to be fated. I mean, God Gundam vs. Gurren Lagan?

  16. whatsht said

    some of the fights are way too weird to be random, god gundam, the super robot from gundam, is fighting gurren lagan, another super robot. And master gundam vs zaku, wtf. Hyaku shiki vs sinanju, a battle of char fighting himself? Seems like vf 1 and vf 25 are still in the fight, too bad my favourite vf 0 didnt make it in, nevermind, i’ll vote for ****(gotta keep it a secret).

    • The dice are law, and they created both appropriate and weird matchups at times. I think my favorite two have to be the God Gundam vs Gurren Lagann and the Tachikoma vs Mazinkaiser SKL, hehe.

  17. Matt Wells said

    Just realised the criminal lack of Getters on this list. Not judging (though my last statement would indicate I judged anyone crazy enough not to vote for Getter Robo), just noting the fact.

    • JoeQ said

      It IS criminal. I was certain we’d at least be seeing Black Getter or Shin Getter.

      • Matt Wells said

        Could have SWORN I saw Black Getter showing up on everyone’s list. I assumed it’d be a shoo in, hence why I voted for New Getter. Had I known the results, I’d have gone for Black or Shin instead. 😦

      • The Getters suffered from a lot of vote splitting in the end. At least two of them got to the cut-off point for number of nominations but never quite cracked it. If even a few people had changed their vote from one Getter to another you’d see one in the tournament. But better luck next year to you Getter fans.

      • JoeQ said

        Not my fault, I voted for them all! Well, not Getter G and Getter Go, those two suck.

        Hmm, I hope you didn’t count the different modes as different mecha. For instance Shin Getter-1, Shin Getter-2 and Shin Getter-3 might look very different from on another, but they should all still be considered to be under the same nomination since they’re essentially just different configurations of the same unit.

      • Matt Wells said

        I think each Getter was counted in all three forms, otherwise the vote would have been splt too much to accurately count. Besides, can you see as many people voting for Getter 3 as Getter 1? 🙂

        JoeQ, I wonder if ANYONE prefers Getter G to Shin or the Original. Granted, I might be speaking from prejudice: my first exposure to the series was Armageddon, so the first time I saw G it was an evil army of them getting wrecked by Getter 1.

        G just looks too generic and its design aesthetic uninspired in comparison to the perfection of the original Getter. The manga version of Getter Go isn’t that bad, very pared down and dependant on guns and artillery. But the anime version is awful, yes.

      • JoeQ said

        Yeah, G and Go (and Neo) do kick plenty of ass, but their design is just pretty meh and generic compared to other Getters. Maybe it’s just because they lack the prominent horns…

      • Matt Wells said


  18. Turambar said

    Perhaps this is in celebration of Saimecha, but the iso for Super Robot Taisen Z2 got leaked early.

  19. Kuro said

    I was banking that the VF-1 Valkyrie will win but… Having a Macross head to head was already a thrill.

    Awesome match brackets. God Gundam vs. Guren Lagann?! WHY!? That match up makes me want to shed tears. Also loved the Kshatriya vs. EVA 02 match up, its a redhead female pilot match up.

    Half of my nominations made it and I’m pleased but I have to ask, why no Getter?

    • Matt Wells said

      Because Getter = Automatic Winner! It was only fair on everyone else!

      …Plus everyone voted for either Black, Shin, or New Getter, and the split vote prevented any of them from getting in. 😦

      Alright, next year you guys, we ALL vote for Black Getter, agreed?

      • JoeQ said

        Bah, Black is cool but way overrated. Modelocked and it only has Ryoma (which granted would be more than enough for any other show). If there’s only room for one Getter in this tournament, then is has to be SHIN!


        Oh well, guess we’ll just have to settle for Gurren Lagann this time around, it’s basically a Getter anyway.

      • Matt Wells said

        Shin Getter it is. Even though I like New Getter better, EVERYBODY loves Shin. I think the reason people love Black is simple though. It’s the Getter equivalent of Batman. 🙂

        No seriously; it can’t open get, it’s even more violently unhinged than the other Getters, single pilot, weaponry cobbled together from the other three units, and though underpowered, it can keep pace with monsters like Shin.

        Oh, and it’s single pilot is a snarling, roaring bundle of rage and revenge. Black paintjob. Goes well set to Heavy Metal. Black Getter = The Godamn BATMAN.

    • Because among Super Robot classics, Getter is the most boring.

      • JoeQ said


        Just for that, I’ll be voting against all Gundams and VFs FOREVER!

      • Matt Wells said

        JoeQ, let hatred not cloud your judgement…that is the way of the Gundam fag…not our way!

        And Getter BORING?! Boring?! There are literally DOZENS of classic Super Robot series with mechas more boring and dull than either Getter 1 or G.

        Most of them were animated by Toei to cash in on Mazinger’s success, and even Nagai made a few duds here and there, like Groizer X and the original Gaiking. See also Daitetsujin 17.

        And of the all time Classic Quality series, I’d say Getter’s design still trumps the likes of Zambot 3 (clunky, overdesigned and ugly) and Daimos (cool headpiece, but too simple to hold my attention).

  20. DonQuigleone said

    I had a good 6 or 7 of my nominees get in. But where’s the mass production evangelions? They were by far the coolest (or grotesque…) mechs in Eva.

    Pleases to see the humble Zaku is in there, that one’s ICONIC.

  21. […] that the exhibition phase of Saimecha is over, ExecutiveOtaku of THATanimeblog has announced the tournament bracket, presenting for all the love that is MECHA the contestants for the biggest poll-based mecha brawl […]

  22. ahelo said

    Too much Macross and Gundam. I will be rooting for FMP’s Arablest and Gurren Laggan.

    Lol RahXephon’s there. I’m sad for the lack of Tauburn though. These Macross/Gundam fans need to be put down on their place.

    • Try your best. The Arbalest is the suck. Maybe after it beats a Gyan or something.

    • Matt Wells said

      I don’t remember anybody voting for RahXephon in their lists…well, it had better lose to the Nirvash, if it knows what’s good for it. >:)

      There can be only ONE!…Mecha designed by Bones Studio in this contest of Kings!

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