Sai Mecha Round 1 Earth Side

April 13, 2011


[Ghostlightning is helping out with some pre-voting writeups on the contestants. Enjoy his commentary and welcome to the first round of the Sai Mecha Tournament! Polls close at 23:59 EST on 18 April -EO] The first round begins, with robots from the Earth Side of the brackets. As expected, most of the nominations come from the ‘real robot’ tradition of mecha anime, but there are remarkable super robots in the mix nonetheless.

It is also quite interesting how crossover units, those who are ambiguously categorized between the tradition make a statement here. After all, the shows that feature them have incredible crossover appeal and have die-hard fans from those who wouldn’t call themselves mecha fans at all.

I present the robots in this post in as dry a manner as possible. My objective is to give context to the appeal of each robot to those who are otherwise unfamiliar with it. I will also avoid all mention of the pilots of the mecha as it more often than not distort the discussion of the mecha themselves. It is ideal that there are no abstentions for each matchup, and while this cannot be fully prevented, I’ve done what I can to provide such context without spoilers.

VF-25 Messiah (Macross Frontier 2008) vs. Evanegelion Unit 01 Test Type (Neon Genesis Evangelion 1994)

The VF-25 Messiah is the Silver Anniversary unit of the Macross franchise, as with Battle Frontier being the 25th Macross Class ship the Messiah is the 25th generation Variable Fighter.

Variable Fighters are the most versatile mass-produced units in robot anime; capable of fighting anywhere and playing any role especially considering the modular combat packs they can be outfitted with. The Messiah is stronger, lighter, and faster than any VF that came before it. It’s like Jesus awesome without the brokenness.

The Test Type Evangelion is the most powerful unit in the franchise, the most significant unit, and is the face it wears for the robot fans who are into Evangelion. It is particularly notable for its propensity to go on berserk mode — which is interesting in that it is a piloted mecha that is also sentient and actually acts independently of its pilot. The berserk scenes are great highlights of the show.

One notable thing about the Evangelion units is the very human design. Most humanoid robot designs prior have a very boxy, ‘robotic’ design. Evangelion’s sinewy humanoid silhouette influenced so many robot designs since.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Mobile Suite Gundam Unicorn 2010) vs. Gunbuster (Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 1988)

The Gundam Unicorn has it both ways. On one hand it is the pure white Gundam originally envisioned but compromised due to the apparent need to make a toy colorful enough to appeal to children. One the other hand it is radical in that it transforms into some kind of super mode — once reserved for Super Robot style units like the Shining Gundam (G Gundam), and faux real robots like the Gundams from Gundam 00. Not only this, the machine itself becomes autonomous to a degree during this mode, inviting itself in the tradition of fork-in-the-road units like Mazinger Z, and berserker mode units like Evangelion Unit-01.

The Gunbuster is one of the largest robots in anime with a single/pair of of pilots. It is one of the first units to blur the real/super robot categories with its very military presentation and apparent devotion to science fiction (particularly operating times/power supply). Yet, it’s powers are massive and its attacks are both called out like super robots’, and then also spammed like real robots’. Case in point the Buster Beam in episode 04.

It also belongs in a particular super robot tradition: the combining machine, as well as a real robot one: names of units as part of a production line or series. A lot of what Gunbuster did would find themselves at home in Anno Hideaki’s latter and more known work Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2002) vs. Mazinkaiser Skull (Mazinkaiser SKL 2010)


The Tachikoma are a fully autonomous series of compact tanks that perform a multitude of roles: from assault (against lightly armed and fortified targets), fire support, surveillance, and cyber-espionage. They are a learning artificial intelligence whose development towards human-like states is a counterpoint to the dehumanization of artificially enhanced human consciousness in the show.

The portrayal of their performance in combat stands out as some of the most remarkable works of action, possessing high amounts of verisimilitude that is a credit to the robot anime traditions.

Mazinkaiser Skull is a modern take on the Mazinger design, which in itself was upgraded with the original Mazinkaiser in 2002. This incarnation of Mazinger has two modes, run by 2 different pilots that physically shift roles in the dual seat cockpit of the Skull Pilder. The first mode uses the conventional Mazinger weapons, albeit with an incredibly large sword that has amazing synergy with the Turbo Smasher Punch. The second one uses a pair of pistol blades for “small arms fire-supported melee.”

It is also the quickest moving Mazinger every portrayed, particularly during gun-fu scenes when it wields the twin pistols. It is not yet known if the twin pistol array that functions as Skull’s chest plate also shoots the legendary BREAST FIRE attack.

Giant Robo (Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still 1991) vs. Gurren Mk. II (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 2006)


A relic of the prehistory of robot anime, Giant Robo is semi-autonomous. “He” is primarily controlled by a radio wristwatch fixed onto one specific individual. It is uncertain whether the wristwatch will grant control of Giant Robo to any other person who wears it, but Giant Robo does seem sentient and has an affinity with its controller. It is hard to measure with any degree of accuracy, but Giant Robo does perform better when its controller is in visual range.

In the tradition of robot anime, “machines” like the Evangelions are similar to Giant Robo’s sentience albeit in a limited if dramatic fashion.

The Gurren Mk 2 is an interesting unit in the Code Geass franchise in that it is powerful in a limited way: it eschews range for fighting close and in your face. It provided a great amount of excitement in how it shifted the balance of power between the Britannian Empire and the 11s by ripping Knightmare Frames mostly one at a time.

It is also very remarkable in having one of the sexiest cockpit views in robot anime. It definitely provided a very exciting and visceral king of fantasy to Code Geass to complement the dramatic histrionics in its plot and characters.

VF-1S (Super Dimension Fortress Macross 1982) vs. ∀ Gundam (∀ Gundam 1999)


The VF-1S is, to this day the most recognizable symbol of the Macross franchise. It is unusual when the titular robot of the show (the SDF-1 Macross) is not the flagship robot of a show (ironically, being an actual flagship), but it is quite usual how the “hero” mecha captures the imagination of the viewers and the fans. It is also unusual how the ‘midseason upgrade’ is actually present at the beginning of the show.

In many ways, the VF-1S is a remarkable robot in the history of robot shows, none more obvious in how it is a mass production robot that transforms into a fighter jet.

The Turn A Gundam is first remarkable in its design. Syd Mead, an American took extreme liberties with the Gundam design to make a Gundam that is almost equally iconic as the RX-78-2. A viewer unfamiliar with Gundam will find it daunting to tell Gundams apart, but will find no difficulty identifying the Turn A Gundam.

Comedic, whimsical, and apocalyptically powerful, this is a Gundam to end all Gundams.

NZ-666 Kshatriya (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 2010) vs. Evangelion Unit 02 Production Type (Neon Genesis Evangelion 1994)


There are two main kinds of piloted mecha in Gundam: Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors; the latter tending to be bigger and with more specialized (beam) weapons. The Kshatriya combines such power and specialized weaponry with the streamlined size and greater mobility of a Mobile Suit. While there have been MS that have psycommu weapons in the past, the Kshatriya also boasts ‘conventional’ beam weapons that can fired in a spray, and its unique design provides it physical armor against opposing beam weapons.

The Kshatriya more than many units before it wreaked havoc on crack Federation units in desparate combat, but like most other Zeon units it finds its most difficult challenge in facing a Gundam.

The Production Type Evangelion Unit 02 was to be the fulfillment of the designer’s aspirations. It is the most combat-ready unit among the piloted Evas, with a prodigy of a pilot to match it. It is also party to one of the finest melee battles in robot anime, made possible by the inherent drama built into the design of the robot as a narrative object.

Gao Gai Gar (The King of Braves: Gao Gai Gar 1997) vs. MS-07B Gouf Custom (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team 1996)


The King of Braves himself, Gao Gai Gar is a throwback to many of the funnest things about robot anime: absurd transformations and combinations, powered by COURAGE. Beasts, trains, tanks, drills, planes in a grand glorious mashup of robot goodness. It is one of the earlier attempts to recapture and build on the ‘innocent’ puerile nature of male-oriented fanservice.

While there is enoug overt and covert sexual content in the show, the robot itself represents the ‘innocent’ or fanciful ideal Of righteous violence.

The Gouf is the upgrade of the land-bound Zaku series of MS in Mobile Suit Gundam’s One Year War. While technically inferior to the capabilities of the Gundam, it was Zeon’s best unit against the Gundams on Earth and against the alarming number of mass-produced MS that the Earth Federation was able to field seemingly overnight.

It is also party to one of the finest ground battles in robot anime: a sterling example of how a ‘villain’ unit could inspire viewers even as it fights desperately against the heroes.

MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki (Mobile Suit Z Gundam 1985) vs. MSN-06S Sinanju (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 2010)


The Hyaku Shiki is the golden Gundam that isn’t a Gundam. Maybe it should’ve been a Gundam, but then again there is something seemingly wrong on a grand thematic level to have Gundam’s main antagonist, despite having made a heel-face-turn, to pilot such a striking Gundam unit.

Thus, the Hyaku Shiki remains not a Gundam, though it looks similar enough. It is fast, versatile, and while never a powerhouse unit, allowed its pilot to stand against Newtype monsters of the Universal Century and win its most badass ace status. Suffice to say it held its own.

The Sinanju is symbollically the most handsome (not to mention the most advanced) unit among the red mobile suits associated with the Unversal Centuries most notable heroes; wholly representing his villainous portrayal. While the identity of its pilot remains uncertain, the manner of its fighting is a powerful reminder of who is or who used to be one of the most feared and beloved characters of the Universal Century. The Sinanju in any case would be a worthy machine for that great and terrible man.




89 Responses to “Sai Mecha Round 1 Earth Side”


    Some tough choices I had to make here, but I’ll discuss my voting when I campaign later on WRL.

  2. Mushyrulez said

    It’s obvious, all of us hate Shinn.


  3. drmchsr0 said

    Shinn gets more badass in SRW, so…


    ALso if GaoGaiGar loses this I will be :sadface:

  4. chii said

    gaaa bonus question was indeed hard…. still went with kira as I’m not done SEED D yet… uuuhhgg

    VF-25 vs EVA Unit 01 oi tough
    VF-1 vs Turn A Gundam also tough

    for me that is lol

  5. foshizzel said

    LOL last poll AWESOME went with Kira…he is to damn over powered! 😛

    Great job on this so fun! Good luck to your favorites ❤

  6. Emperor J said

    Voted for the VF-25 and Turn-A, had to abstain on the rest for having not watched both series. *Cries hot tears of shame*

  7. Anya said

    I’d take beamspam over endless emo angsting any day. What, you never saw a hypocrite before?

  8. Stormshrug said

    Man, that was tough.

    The bonus round. The rest was pretty easy, since it was so nicely divided into Super Robot vs Real Robot. Very convenient. Go go Gouf Custom!

    Hyaku Shiki vs Sinanju was a bit painful, though.

  9. Reid said

    This series of matchups was perfect (for me)! I had no tough choices to make in any category. Also, I’m glad to see that Sinanju was described as being a “worthy machine for that great and terrible man.” That’s exactly one of the reasons why I love the design so much. It is the ultimate expression of the “rival” mech, minus the pilot’s extreme late-game pettiness.

  10. Kenikki said

    I thought the first round was gonna be annoyingly difficult, but then I noticed that you posted the original and BEST Macross mecha later on, so easy win for Eva 01 then.

    Which would probably win over Macross either way for me. but you never know.

  11. Kenikki said

    but I just posted… where did it go?

    Alright, re-post!

    #1: I thought it was gonna be annoyingly difficult, but since you added the original and BEST Macross design later on, it made for an easy win for Eva 01. Which would’ve probably won for me anyway though.

    #2: Ooooooh, such an easy win for Gunbuster. It fucking slaughters Gundam Unicorn in every fucking way!

    #3: No vote.
    Haven’t seen Mazinkaiser and stalled GitS: Sac indefintely at ep 7.

    #4: No vote.
    Haven’t seen Giant Robo yet, and the mechas in Code Geass were lame.

    #5: I haven’t seen Turn A Gundam, but the original Macross Valyrie is one of the coolest mecha designs ever created. No Gundam has any chance against it whatsoever.

    #6: Kshatriya is pretty cool, but the Evangelion design one of the best mecha designs ever. No contest.

    #7: No vote.
    Seen neither

    #8: No vote.
    Haven’t seen Zeta, and I don’t like Unicorn enough to give such a vote to it.

    EXTRA: No vote.
    Looks like they’re both from Gundam SEED, and I haven’t seen that show.

    • JoeQ said

      Bah, REAL men don’t need to watch shows to hate on them!

      • Matt Wells said

        If you think Code Geass mechs were lame, VOTE FOR GIANT ROBO! I have a horrible feeling Robo’s gonna get curbstomped; one because Geass fans far outnumber GR fans, two because the average voter will go “LOL Robo-Pharoh” and not vote for it.

        Thus Robo will fall in the first match. Such a result would leave the world a poorer place, so I implore anyone neutral on either shows to vote for Giant Robo.

    • #5 Makes you my friend. My avatar kind of gives me away LOL

  12. Fadeway said

    Most of them were easy to decide, wish I’d watched Unicorn though. Bonus goes to Shinn, his creation was half of what went wrong in GSD – something even Jesus Yamato himself can’t top.

  13. JoeQ said

    1. Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type
    One of my all time favorites, sorry ghostlightning.

    2. Gunbuster
    BUSTAAAH BEEEEAAAAM annihilates all Gundams.

    3. Tachikoma
    Haven’t seen the SKL in action, so I’ll give this one to these lovable guys.

    4. Giant Robo
    OOOOOOOHHH! Also, Code Geass is shit.

    5. VF-1S
    I’ve never been so tempted to vote for a Gundam though.

    6. Evangelion Unit 02 Production Type
    Not quite as awesome as Unit 01 though.

    7. Gao Gai Gar

    8. Sinanju
    Eeeh, whatever. At least it’s red.

    Yes, I guess I am a total superfag. Gainax, too.

  14. WhatSht said

    about that…
    it sounds weird, better if its g gundam style.
    the bonus question, so difficult,
    -1 polluted some place on Earth with his nuclear-powered gundam blowing up there.
    -1 wastes his gundam’s energy(we know CE’s Earth have no global warming problem, but still…).

    VF-1 vs Turn A, i was stunned, which one?which one?which one? SHIT, I CANT CHOOSE, then i rolled a dice(even numbers for VF-1, odd for Turn A)i got a 4.

  15. Kuro said

    Sorry ghostlightning, as much as were both Macross fans, EVA-01 will always have my vote. As far as the bonus round is concerned, easy choice. Jesus Yamato has my (hate)vote.

    The Giant Robo vs. Guren was a hard match.

  16. Shinmaru said

    Man, the bonus round was easy. Two seasons of that fuckwit Kira trumps one season of that dumbass Shinn, even if that one season really sucked.


    • Fat fake Egyptian can go to hell. Guren’s hand is glowing with an awesome power!

      • Matt Wells said

        It’s burning grip tells it to get ASS REAMED by the true King of Hearts! You know, if it even can beat Giant Robo. 🙂

        EXCELLENT write up by the way good sir. Differences in opinion aside, your eloquent summation of each match reminds me why you are my favourite anime blogger.

  17. DonQuigleone said

    There should be a poll for “Most Hated Character Ever”.

    I’d vote Jesus Yamato anyday.

  18. Matt Wells said

    I have an awful feeling Geass ‘tards will trump Giant Robo. Worried Gunbuster will lose to shiny new Unicorn, and I only feel more sorry for the Gouf Custom: Norris Packard will soon hold the distinction of getting his shit wrecked TWICE by the King of Braves.

    The first time was being clubbed to death with a Gundam’s arm, the second will be death by HIKARE NI NARREEEE!!! I HATED choosing between the original Valkyrie and Turn A, but I’ve only seen one of them: the other I had to give up on. I don’t care if the Shinaju is better, the day the Red Comet looses to one of his clones will be a dark one.

    Finally, if the Tachikomas qualify for the contest, does that mean we could have choosen other sentient, non-piloted mechas? Cause that’s the only reason I didn’t vote for MIC SOUNDERS ZA THIRTEENTH!

    • This is a mecha tournament, not a pilot one. Also, the Gouf was sliced in half by a beam saber.

      • Matt Wells said

        My mistake. I thought the definition of mecha for the tounament was PILOTABLE robots. Next year I’m voting for the whole GGG team! IKE, SAIKYOU ROBO GUNDAN!

        And it’s been a while since I last saw 08th MS Team, alright?

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  20. vendredi said

    I’ll take Shinn over Yamato. They’re both aggravating, but at least Shinn is polite. Too polite, in fact, letting Yamato usurp his main character spot.

  21. Scamp said

    Good lord all these people afraid of Geass tards flooding the vote. Surely by now you can see the anti-Geass trends in mecha fandom in this comment section alone

    which is a shame because I fucking love Geass 😦

    • Matt Wells said

      Love what you like! Let not peer pressure squash your adoration of shows you worship! We are all nerds in love with Giant Robots! Arguing anything else just splitting hairs.

    • Same here man. But I do love how the Code Geass representative mecha is going up against a clunky old super robot. Sounds like a nice fight brewing between the older fans who are more receptive to the super robot concept and the newer ones which generally demand some sort of realism in their mecha. (Firmly in the latter camp myself.)

      Geass was a great show, but I have the feeling a lot of mecha fans tend to dismiss it out of hand for two related reasons. It wasn’t ‘pure’ enough on two counts. One because the mecha weren’t integral to the story, and two, snobbishly, because the fandom is much broader and not the traditional mecha fanbase. It’s like the reactionary hate for SEED and Wing (as opposed to justified hate for the storylines) just because the characters were drawn in a more bishounen style. Because Zeus forbid we widen the fanbase by doing something different with such a great and versatile concept as mecha. /end rant

    • Gurren Mk 2 should trash that old, fat, fake Egyptian. Nostalgiafags go DIAF!

  22. Funkgun said

    I vote to hate both in Seed Destiny. I never liked Destiny much.

    • What about the robots you voted for?

      • Funkgun said

        I think I went with VF-25 over Eva. Still a big Macross fan, even with Frontier. The only time I would not, would have been you adding Basara’s lame guitar driven Mecha in Macross 7

        Gunbuster: still what I consider the most powerful mecha here (yes I know Guran Lag is the size of galaxies, but it is not mecha at that point it is pure spiral power. (trying to be technical to save my fave. =D )

        Mazinkaiser: I just love a halmark to very old Hero mecha.

        I can not remember if I went Giant over Guren

        VF-1 Still one of the most realistic transforming designs.

        Kshatriya – mobile armor giants always rock. You could have placed a Zeong here and I would have voted for it. =)

        The Gao Gai Gar and Gouf was particularly tough. I think I went with the Custom, I forget now. If it had been the Gouf Ramba piloted it would have been easier to choose.

        I do not remember voting on the last one, but i would have gone gold. =)

      • This isn’t SaiPilot so Ramba Ral shouldn’t matter.

        The VF-19 Custom Basara flew is a super robot among VFs. Don’t hate. LISTEN TO MY SONG etc.

  23. Soulstrider said

    So here are my votes

    1- VF-25 Messiah, though choice but no matter how great eva was it fails in comparison to the glorious VF dogfights

    2-RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, I like the overall design of gundam unicorn and never seen gunbuster so I’ll vote in what I know.

    3-Tachikoma, do I need to even explain why?

    4-Type-02/F1A/F1Z Gurren, was my favorite non-grunt mech of code geass, sad they latter ruined it by giving in incredibly ridiculous powers.

    5- ∀ Gundam, I like valkyries but dat moustache is irresistible

    6- Kshatriya, nice design not to mention been a “zaku” school unit which I love.

    7-Gouf Custom, It’s no Zaku but still a more than excellent replacement.

    8-Sinanju, hardest choice in all the pool but at the end I can’t resist the units of the Zaku school, and of them all this one has the best design.

    Shinn obviously, Kira may have a shitload of problems but still has his moments specially in GS, however Shinn is downright a terrible character introduced in a sequel that ruined a series for me.

    • Unforgivable trading the VF-1S for a freaking stache. This is where you stand.

    • WhatSht said

      4 had the same end with the Strike Gundam which was already COOL(i liked the Aile Strike) and epic later when Mwu uses it to protect the ArchAngel.
      the Strike became the Freedom, which was already quite ridiculous with the 5 beams trashing an entire army.
      the Freedom later becomes Strike Freedom, which was more ridiculous and more overpowered and ruined GSD with its beamspam.

    • Kuro said

      WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! You voted for a mustache instead of a time tested icon?! WHAT ARE YOU?!

    • Soulstrider said

      @ghostlightning But the moustache, it’s so ……mesmerizing . Also tbh I’ve never seen the original macross and Turn A, but I am mostly a gundam fan and I love the original design of that Gundam.

      @Kuro You seem to be implying that ∀ Gundam is not an icon. It’s probably one of the most loved Gundams together with the original and Zeta.

  24. Huntsman said

    #1: Eva 01.

    It’s actually a very ugly mecha, to be honest, but I’ve always thought that’s actually a sign of personality as far as this property goes.

    #2: Gunbuster

    Gundam Unicorn is very impressive, to say the least, but I’m still too much of a nostalgic Gunbuster fan to vote otherwise. I’ll never forget its debut.

    #3: Tachikoma

    If they don’t have personality, then what do they have? Besides, Mazinkaiser SKL is my least favorite version of Mazinkaiser. Give me the OVA or SRW Mazinkaiser any day of the week.

    #4: Guren Mk II.

    Flame me all you want, but I’m both a fan of the Giant Robo OVA and a fan of Code Geass, so this was going to be a tough one for me no matter what.

    In the end, I’ll go with the Guren though. Despite all the exaggerated hate, I ‘ve always liked most of the Knightmare Frames (aside from a few in R2). In particular, I appreciated the specialized nature of concentrating the Guren’s power in a single hand/arm. Not too practical but absolutely cool and not something you see too often these days.

    On the other hand, I have to admit the Giant Robo itself wasn’t really the main reason I liked the OVA so much…which is ironic considering the title. In fact, the battles between humans were far more impressive than any of the mecha encounters. Which isn’t that surprising considering where Imagawa’s main influences came from.

    #5: VF-1S

    I’m obligated to vote for at least one Valyrie here and the Turn A, while unique, isn’t a favorite of me.

    #6: Kshatriya

    This one could go either way, but I’ve already voted for an Evangelion mecha and the Kshatriya has a few interesting design elements.

    #7: Gao Gai Gar.

    With the possible exception of the previously mentoned Gunbuster, this one is a lot closer to being my ideal Super Robot than some of the other entries in this contest. The Gouf has never really stood out for me.

    #8: Sinanju

    Perhaps the Hyaku Shiki has always been one of the more recognizable mecha from Z, at least in my eyes, but it feels like too much of a testbed rather than a finished product. The Sinanju reminds me of the Sazabi, which is good enough to think it deserves a break.

    EXTRA: Kira.

    No comment.

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  26. Don’t mind me, I just find this entire enterprise terribly amusing.

  27. Landon said

    My ballot was a straight anti-Gundam ticket. Because the only good Gundam is G-Gundam, and the only good robot is a super robot. Gundam is the cancer that’s ruining mecha anime (for the past 30 years).

  28. […] “Earth side” bracket! Mecha fans and also non-mecha fans, please support Sai Mecha! Go vote now! This entry was posted in Anime, Gundam, Macross, mecha, Opinion and tagged gainax, sai mecha. […]

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  30. SquareSphere said

    1) VF-25 obviousy, I have issues with mecha’s being powered by emo
    2) MEINKAZIER!!!! obvisouly
    3) hmm….. eh Gaint Robo just cause i’m so disappointed in CG
    4) ARRGGGG I don’t like either but Kshatriya gets the vote because of eva’s being powered by emo
    5) oh Zeus dam the bracket, I luv BOTH of these. It’s the King of Braves and the BEST old fag normal pilot in gundam!
    FINE I pick the Gouf just because I want it to have a fighting chance :p
    6) meh, both wanna be Char mechs. Sinaju gets the nod since it’s RED, making it 3x faster.

    • Squaresphere said

      Woops missed 2

      Gunbuster of course AIM FOR THE TOP!
      VF-1, OG here, gerwalk mode is greater than a mecha’stache

  31. 1) VF-25 messiah.
    Because I will ALWAYS interpret Evas as giant humans, eww. I’ll take a sexy jet anyday compare to the other.

    2) Unicorn
    Still havent seen GUNbuster, and I never really liked its design. But hey unicorn has GUNZ!!!1!! and lots more gattling GUNZ!!!!

    3) Tachikoma
    As much as I love SKL making a grand entrance of rising from the depths of hell and taking said enmies down to the bowels of HELL itself, none can match the awkward bubbly personality of the tachikoma. But I still want to pet a fuchikoma.

    4) Giant Robo
    Because Guren is ugly as sin, and sadly I havent seen Giant robo, but Ive seen in geass Rageface.jpg.

    5) VF-1S
    Sexy jet is sexy, and Im not even a Jet fan.

    6) the green bellpepper mobile suit which name is too long to write.
    Evas sucks! And purupurupuru where?

    7) Gouf custom
    Only because its BLUE and has a gattling GUN shield.

    8) Neither. okay Sinanju…
    Both ugly as sin but I hated Hyaku shiki with a burning passion, it still makes me laught with sadism that it gets its ass kicked by a quebley. I like my Sinanju in BLUE paint. because red is COMMUNIST

  32. d3v said

    Hate to get pedantic but, that’s a VF-1A with “Super” F.A.S.T. Pack and not a VF-1S.

    Also, this is hella late, but here’s what I would have voted for anyway

    1)VF-25 – Because it taught us that values of being a man while defending those you love.

    2)Gunbuster – Because it shows us that women can be hot blooded determinators too. That and it did things that were never topped until TTGL.

    3)Tachikomas – The only mecha I’d ever want to pet.

    4)Giant Robo – Because any mecha touched by Imagawa is win.

    5)VF-1 – Because unlike the competition, which only pretends to wear a ‘stache, the VF-1 has been known to make MEN out of it’s pilots.

    6)Kshatriya – Funnels + MOAR DAKKA

    7)Gouf – Tough choice, but in the end, the latter wins out because of its innate ability to turn erstwhile villains into upstanding examples of manliness.

    8)Hyaku-Shiki – Because it represents a time when Char actually made sense. The other is simply trying to copy Char when he was simply a closet crazy yandere for Amuro.

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