Round 1, Earth Side: Results

April 19, 2011

(credit to ToastCrust for the quotes and Ivy for the image)

The first of the Round 1 SaiMecha votes are in! There will be much celebration as well as howls of sorrow over the results, and a few of the contests were decided by very narrow margins. Check below for the votes summary and prepare for the Round 1, Colonies Side votes tomorrow.


Vote Totals

VF-25 Messiah vs Evangelion UNIT 01 (36.36% vs 63.64%)

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam vs Gunbuster (36.26% vs 63.74%)

Tachikoma vs Mazinkaiser SKL (62.43% vs 37.57%)

Giant Robo vs Gurren (50.29% vs 49.71% BY ONE VOTE!)

VF-1 Valkyrie vs Turn A Gundam (62.35% vs 37.65%)

Kshatriya vs Evangelion UNIT 02 (43.82% vs 56.18%)

Gao Gai Gar vs Gouf Custom (51.18% vs 48.82%)

Hyaku Shiki vs Sinanju (43.48% vs 56.52%)

Most Hated SEED Destiny Pilot: Kira Yamato vs Shinn Asuka (48.47% vs 51.53%)


You never know which way it’s going to go. Single elimination can be brutal, one day you’re on top of the prelims and the next you’re out. The first match of the season was a perfect example of this. This is Duncan Fisher ExecutiveOtaku bringing you the breakdown of Sai Mecha 2011’s opening round. The VF-25 Messiah was the victor of the preliminary round but it couldn’t withstand the iconic Eva UNIT 01. This is the big time now, and even being a fan favorite among Macross fans won’t guarantee a win when your opponent is also one of the heavy hitters of mecha. The Gunbuster also upset the more realistic mecha in its bracket as it aimed for the top and seized victory by a respectable margin. Being taller than skyscrapers isn’t everything though, as the Tachikoma proved, able to show strength several times its size like the ants they resemble, overthrowing the Mazinkaiser SKL. Those little guys have moxy, and a healthy dose of moe too, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go far in this tournament. The real nail-biter of this round though was between the Giant Robo and Gurren. The fake Egyptian crybaby robot tokusatsu adaptation Giant Robo just barely managed to beat the Gurren in a fierce match. One vote at the last minute managed to break the deadlock. The Gurren fans must’ve been distracted by DOZE CAMERA ANGLES in the Gurren cockpit shots, and who can blame them?

Macross was back in force in the latter half of the matchups. The VF-1 Valkyrie, that classic design that carried humanity through Space War I, won the day against the mustachioed charm of the Turn A Gundam. Evangelion UNIT 02 also advances to the next round beating out the Kshatriya to put Hideaki Anno’s franchise the first to secure two wins. It was quite a surprise to see both Evangelion units advance. The show’s fans obviously weren’t split between the two designs here. Gao Gai Gar and the Gouf Custom had a very close match with only four votes deciding the winner there. The mobile suit made famous by Norris Packard did a lot of damage again, but as in the battle with the 08th MS Team it just couldn’t quite pull through. Finally in the battle of the A Char(s), the newer Sinanju managed a win over the magpie’s favorite Hyaku Shiki in a fairly tough match. The Hyaku Shiki’s debatable ‘Gundam-ness’ probably didn’t help it among fans of the good guys, while the pretty new animation in Unicorn certainly must have made it an easy choice for Zeon sympathizers. That’s it for now, mecha fans! Come back tomorrow for the start of the Round 1, Colonies Side voting.

BONUS ROUND RESULT: Shinn Asuka ‘won’ the honor of being the most hated pilot, but the vote was close enough to prove that they’re both held in extreme contempt. But in the end it was whiny angst and siscon over plot-busting LOL pacifism.


60 Responses to “Round 1, Earth Side: Results”

  1. chii said

    I dunno how I feel about some of these results @.@ man how did Shinn win over Kira… >.<

  2. Anya said

    ARGH Only the Valkyrie managed to go through out of all my votes ;_;
    And the bonus round but that doesn’t really count.

  3. Nazarielle said

    Noooo the Kshatriya fell to Eva Unit 02 D:

    ’tis a sad day

    • Matt Wells said

      Seconded. Eva 1 got my vote for iconic status, the demonic horn and the purple paint job. Eva 2 is just red. And piloted by a bipolar bitch. Neither of those features is worthy of beating the Kshatriya.


    AAHAHAHAHAHAHA Shinn SHOULD be the winner, so he is.

    • Reid said

      I’m so sorry about the VF-25. I voted for it, honest. Can we at least concede that justice was served by having the VF-1 beat the Turn A? No, no we can’t, because some losers don’t know what a real man is about and decided not to vote for Mazinkaiser SKL. Morons.

  5. krizzlybear said

    Gainax fanboy reporting in. I’d rather have Gurren go through than 01. I’m a bit torn, but glad that most of them did pretty well. Time to rally around gunbuster now. POWER OF FRIENDSHIP YO.

    • JoeQ said

      Yeah, that’ll be a tough one. If it was EVA-02 versus Gunbuster I’d choose the latter in a heartbeat, but I’ve always been a fan of EVA-01’s sexy demonic looks.

    • Kuro said

      High five! But shit, the next earth bracket will be so difficult! I’m so torn!

  6. Soulstrider said

    Farewell Gouf Custom, you will be missed.

    Wasn’t expecting both Eva units passing, I have a feeling they will go far into the tournament

    Shinn winning doesn’t surprise me at all, he was a loathsome character.

  7. JoeQ said

    Giant Robo vs Gurren (50.29% vs 49.71% BY ONE VOTE!)


    8/8, I’m on a roll baby!

    • Matt Wells said

      I wept tears of joy. Then I cried bitter tears of sorrow when I realised Robo probably won’t make it past the next round.

      Can happiness be achieved without sacrifice? 😦

      • JoeQ said

        In all honesty, I don’t even like GR that much. I appreciate it’s bulky looks and being weirdly ‘real’ despite existing in a retro-future world where everyone and their uncle has crazy super powers, but it doesn’t even really manage to be the star of it’s own show (that honor goes to ALBERTO THE IMPACT). Earth Side has plenty of robots (yes, including Tachikoma) that I’d have chosen over GR, but Guren simply was too ugly to be one of them.

      • Matt Wells said

        Well I like GR for its looks. 😦

        But you are mistaken in your assesment good sir. Alberto may steal the show for the first few episodes, but he is quickly matched by Taisou, Kenji Murusame, the entire Magnificent Ten and Chief Chujo. BIG BANG PUNCH!

    • Fadeway said

      The Gurren did not deserve such a cruel fate. Such an awesome design it is, with the unique cockpit that allows for the most fanservice-y shots and the awesomeness of having different arms. I shall regret it for months, not showing this contest to a fellow CG enthusiast, he could’ve titled the scales back again.

      I mean, a mummy..thing beat my favorite Gurren?

      • Matt Wells said


        Seriously man, watch Giant Robo. Get the DVD’s, they’re cheap. You won’t regret it, even if you still porbably won’t like the robots. Robo’s helped by the fact he is…

        1. Sentient, or possesed by his master’s dead father.
        2. The size of the Eiffel Tower. F’ing huge.
        3. Last attack has more overkill than every Gundam series EVER.
        4. Cries. Robo is in touch with his feminine side.

  8. Asraful said

    Somewhat disappointed with VF-25 losing by such a margin.

    Also, am I the first to suggest an Eva 2.0 Not Advance joke?

  9. gundamjack said

    I’m rather surprised (and slightly disappointed) that fake Char beat real Char. At least the other two Unicorn mechs were booted out.

    • Matt Wells said

      Look at it this way. Even a fake Char with mutton chops in an anorexic Sazabi is more than a match for Captain Quatro(HE IS A CHAR) Vagina. At least we have the consolation of the Zaku II still in the runnings for this contest.

      And anybody who voted for the Gouf over Gaogaigar, hang your head in shame! You only got Packard’s hopes up again just to have the King of Braves kill him again.

  10. Neon said

    Hmm…I do have to wonder if anyone’s making sure to check for proxy votes, since that seems like a very obvious way tip the scales just enough while nobody’s looking too closely.

    • I use the standard block by cookie system on PollDaddy. I’m not familiar enough to use anything more, but honestly, I just hope that people will vote honorably since this is for fun and there aren’t any real stakes to it.

  11. Aftershok said

    Glory to the principality of Evangelion! You just can’t beat the lovable purple monster. Many sympathies to fans of the VF-25.

  12. Shinn, most hated, he beds at least 5 chicks! …damn comicket!!

    NOOOO! My sexy jet, darn you toothy eggplant monster!

  13. Kuro said


  14. schneider said

    I am surprised (and relieved) with Giant Robo winning.

    T&A Neo-Sunrise faggotry is the cancer that is killing mecha fandom!

    • Delicious, delicious cancer 😛

      But in seriousness, I’m glad for anything like Code Geass. It’s the only thing that really keeps the mecha genre alive by bringing in some traditional and some non-traditional fans. I’d rather have another Code Geass than Gundam Unicorn or Mazinkaiser SKL personally (not saying that those two are bad, but they’re certainly not all that new or marketable to a wide audience.) Macross Frontier did this well too, it was traditional/franchise without being so stuck on tradition that it couldn’t appeal to a wider audience.

      • schneider said

        I can agree that Code Geass brought a lot of fans to mecha, but it brought THE WRONG CROWD. I can’t read discussion on mecha shows nowadays without newly-minted fans shipping everyone…

        Plus it wasn’t even that good. Geass fails at the actual mecha part, with the worst tech tree progression ever. Mechs on skates are perfectly fine, but they had to strap humongous backpacks to everything and make rainbow beamspam.

        I still use it as a gateway show for would-be mecha fans I mentor, but I caution them a lot about it, so that they don’t get the wrong idea and latch onto terrible stuff like Gundam SEED Destiny once I start looking the other way.

        And now, there’s Infinite Stratos bringing blighted haremfags into the fray…

        But you’re entirely correct. Mecha shows aren’t that accessible nowadays, what we need is a straight mecha (not as all-over-the-place like Geass) TV show that doesn’t employ cheap attempts to draw in non-mecha fans.

      • drmchsr0 said

        Kawamori knows how to reframe Macross for a new audience, but Frontier was very, very meh.

        ALso InfiniteStratos is NOT a mecha show until I see some GIANT ROBOTS, not powered armor pretending to be robots.

      • Neon said


        Let’s try and be reasonable about this for a minute. Shippers have been around forever. Exhibit A: Macross. Exhibit B: Evangelion. Exhibit C: Gundam Wing. I could go on but the point should be clear enough by now.

        As for unrealistic tech trees, you may have more of a point but there’s also a lot of exaggeration and knee-jerk reactions involved.

        Flight technology didn’t come out of nowhere. Whether either of us likes it or not, there were precedents both inside and outside the actual show. Not to mention that mid-to-late season upgrades aren’t exactly a new concept either.

        As for beamspam, I’d say people seem too bothered by the concept to actually notice how little it really mattered in practice. There’s barely one battle that can accurately be described as being won through beamspam alone (Suzaku vs. the Knights of Rounds). Almost every other time, the final outcome was decided by some other factor and beamspam was nothing more than a flashy way to kill nameless grunts.

        That’s not to say there is no cheapness in the show, of course, but as someone who was born way back in ’83 and has been a mecha fan for a while…I don’t think it’s fair to generalize and pretend that’s everything anyone could possible appreciate or enjoy about it.

      • I’m agreeing with Neon here. Saying that it’s the “WRONG CROWD” is a terribly elitist and self-destructive attitude. It’s an attitude that would just lead to the death of mecha as the older fans eventually move on/die out.

        Shipping is everywhere, and what’s wrong with it within a mecha series? It’s not like you can’t have conversations with other like-minded fans on the technical aspect of it. And while I wasn’t a fan of Infinite Stratos, the harem fans aren’t ruining anything by being part of greater mecha fandom. Maybe they’ll open up to the concept of mecha and try other series.

        As to technical progression in Code Geass, like Neon said, it’s in there and had precedents in the story. But as much as I like logical technical progression, is it even necessary to make a good mecha series? The original Gundam and Macross barely had any at all, same with Evangelion.

        I’d agree that a new mecha series, with a back-to-basics approach, would be a healthy thing for the genre. But it can’t omit all the elements of modern popular anime if it hopes to survive.

      • Stormshrug said

        I think Code Geass averts – and thus highlights – a serious problem with real robot series which is that traditional formal military organizations seriously limit the characters and the plot. Mecha series seem to get more and more stuck in the rut of war series as they get more and more ‘realistic,’ and war series have kind of limited appeal. They force relationships to fall into established patterns, they restrict the kind of interactions characters can have, and they make it very hard to include too many lighthearted events to keep the mood from growing too dark. If you try to balance the two, it often feels very out of place, and forced. I happen to like war series, but I know a lot of people who simply can’t watch them.

        Code Geass throws the staples of war series out the window. The main protagonist isn’t pressed into service because he’s the only one with special power, he SEIZES special power and then uses it to execute a grandiose plan he already had intended to carry out. When he does, the result is a military command structure turned on its head – a troubled teenager telling battle-hardened veterans what to do. ‘Normal-life’ shenanigans are not dampened by the escalating violence of the series because every single main character lives a double-life. War is no escape from the absurdities of civilian life. Fullmetal Panic tries to occupy this same sort of space, but finds itself trapped in the military structure more often than not, and then kind of forgets that it’s supposed to actually have the robots actually show up on screen more than occasionally, especially with KyoAni at the helm.

        Yes, Code Geass totally falls to shit somewhere along the line. Flying robots ruin the strategic bent of the series (a rarity for the tactics-obsessed Mecha genre). Chess becomes checkers becomes giant robot arm-wrestling. Insipid fan suggestions about cyborgs and ninja maids make the most bizarre ends of the fanon into the most intolerable parts of the canon. Every single main character gets irritatingly derailed for the sake of extending the show by 25 episodes. But hey, if it brings in a few people who enjoyed the good parts, isn’t that something of a success? I love me some old-school, fan-pander OVAs/movies (Gundam UC, Broken Blade, Macross F Movies), and we’re blessed with a bunch of those right now. But are these really going to sustain the Mecha fandom in the long run?

      • To answer your question re what will sustain robot anime:

        I actually talk about it at length in this post.

        Shows like Code Geass, Macross Frontier, Gundam 00, and even Eureka SeveN to a degree… if they are inclusive, inviting, and open, they ARE indeed appealing to the wrong crowd. What I mean is, they are already appealing to anime fans who will probably never be the kind of fan that will sustain mecha anime the way mecha fans want things. These shows are just shuffling the fans like a deck of cards. There will be very few true ‘converts.’

        Instead, what mecha anime needs to do, is start from scratch, just the way it built its core audience in the first place: anime virgins, ergo: children.

        Mecha anime needs to win the toy/merchandise battlefield overrun by collectible card games, and the shows built around them.

        Don’t let my liar’s day prank fool you: Gunpla Battle Masters is a step in the right direction, despite its very niche appeal.

        Shows like Code Geass, etc. are short term solutions, medium term at best. They will not sustain mecha anime.

      • JoeQ said

        What about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? I thought that was pretty much a perfect example of how to make a quality show that simultaneously appeals to both oldfags and newfags.

      • Stormshrug said

        I dunno, I have to disagree that explicitly targeting children with programs like Gunpla Builders is the right call here. Mobile Suit Gundam may have been targeted at children in many regards but at its heart, it wasn’t a children’s show, it was a Tomino show. The story didn’t talk down to the viewer in the way that much children’s programming does.

        I feel like somebody who watches Gunpla Builders, and then gets into Mecha isn’t all that likely to translate into a long-term fan simply because the tone of the series is so different from most other Gundam series. There’s nothing *wrong* with Gunpla Builders, and it will probably draw some people into the mecha community by coincidence, but it seems much more likely to get people into the Gunpla community than the mecha community at large, and as your troll post revealed through the responses it got, participation in one clearly does not necessarily mean even having an interest in the other.

        If they want to make a children’s show that will really contribute to building the mecha community/paying audience, it will have to be a show that speaks to children as adults – an Avatar: The Last Airbender, and not a Gunpla Builders.

      • It wasn’t a show about MORALS, which is what makes children’s programming condescending and unpalatable to adolescents and post-adolescents. Nonetheless it is a show for kids, with a child protagonist!

        Out of all the Filipinos who watched:

        Mazinger Z
        Mechander Robo
        Danguard Ace
        Voltes V
        UFO Grendizer

        from 1979 onwards, how many became robot fans the way I did, vs. those who became exclusively toy fans? I’m willing to say even steven or probably there are more toy fans than there are robot anime fans (but there are many now who aren’t even anime fans anymore who’d smile if you put up robot posters in your office — even if they’re your boss — they watched the same shows lol). These super robot shows fail as robot anime then?

        Gunpla Builders will send some people back to the UC if not Gundam in general when they grow older and start looking for more complicated things. Not everyone, it never works that way, but it’s a step in the right direction.

      • Stormshrug said

        Blatant moralism isn’t the only way that a kids’ show can be condescending. Simplistic plots, flat characters, and other signs of artistic laziness “because kids won’t get it anyway” are all far worse than moralizing, at least in my mind, but still very common.

        In any case, all we can do at this point is conjecture. I guess we’ll see in a few years whether or not there are people whose gateway to mecha was Gunpla Builders.

      • “artistic” funny.

        The shows I mentioned are all kids’ shows. They certainly weren’t targeted at adults! And yes, they have simplistic plots (monster of the week), flat characters (staples of super robot shows), and what other signs?

        Seriously, if you’re looking for art (the high-minded, high-culture, etc kind) in robot anime, you will be disappointed ALMOST ALL THE TIME. Perhaps you can call it art the same way folk stories, fables, parables, and ancient/indigenous “literature” can be called art (simplistic plots, formulas, flat characters, FULL OF MORALS, etc.). Personally art is a pretty useless term for me because anyone can justify almost anything to me as art, and I’m too busy enjoying arguing about robots to indulge faggoty arguments about art.

      • Stormshrug said

        “you can call it art the same way folk stories, fables, parables, and ancient/indigenous “literature” can be called art (simplistic plots, formulas, flat characters, FULL OF MORALS, etc.)”


        I think you’re misunderstanding my point. I’m not trying to create an art/not art divide, and I’m not interested in hashing out the definition of “art” here. I’m willing to accept just about anything as art, honestly. Hooray for artistic relativism! But that’s not really relevant to what I’m trying to argue.

        What I’m saying is this: Look at the shows (and books) aimed at children that create substantial, lasting fandoms. In almost all cases, they are shows that have significant aesthetic merit to many adults, too. Create something that only draws in kids (through whatever means), and when you look at those kids ten years later, none of them will have any commitment to the franchise. Oh, they might be nostalgic about it at times, but this nostalgia doesn’t demonstrate a fandom – just nostalgia. Tell a story that resonates with people of all ages, though, and people will stick with the franchise for years. They won’t grow out of it, they’ll simply grow into appreciating different things about it.

        That’s the point I’m trying to make here.

      • But you’re doing exactly what you’re denying… by appealing to artistic merit!

      • Stormshrug said

        You’re nitpicking to avoid the argument. :p

        And a super robot beat your Kshatriya.

      • Stormshrug said

        (As sarcasm translates poorly over the internet, I should point out that when I nitpick to avoid the argument by accusing you of nitpicking to avoid the argument, I am, in fact, aware of the irony.)

  15. drmchsr0 said

    How can you people not vote for THE KING OF THE BRAVES 😦

  16. I’m all for more people watching robot shows like Geass, 00, Frontier for whatever reason. Never mind that I can’t really have a discussion with these people a bout robots. I’m not into exclusivity that way.

    The success of these shows with a broad fandom allows investors to risk more on Mazinkaiser SKL, Unicorn, and Giant Robo.

    Some shows are more like investments, some are more like returns. Unicorn is pure reward fuck yeah.

  17. >>VF-1 Valkyrie vs Turn A Gundam (62.35% vs 37.65%)

    Only one that didn’t follow my vote but that’s fine because I love both.

  18. schneider said

    Since the comment tree went on too long:

    Let’s get serious for a bit. I don’t “hate” on Geass. The T&A Neo-Sunrise fag comment was mere rhetoric (see this), no different from how ghostlightning throws shit on Giant Robo. I like Guren Mk-II! But I’m a complete fag for its opponent, so there.

    I think Code Geass is a very entertaining show (which I wholeheartedly recommend, just with caution), but for a “mecha” show, the mecha aspect is very lacking.

    From some well-thought battles (Narita), the mecha action (and design sense, what with the fancy wings and colorful beams and all) degrades as the factions tech up. It’s being lazy and half-hearted. One could say that the mecha aspect is just one of the many facets of Geass, but therein lies the problem. Geass tries to reach out to different fandoms by pandering to each of them in turn (sometimes all at once, with mixed results), and it’s very blatant. There are scenes that just scream of being made for the “boys”, while others are made for the “girls”.

    The sales figures don’t lie–the show is a big success, but this is a terrible way to achieve it. Code Geass was simply all over the place, and while watching I had to groan through parts that were clearly made to pander to an entirely different crowd. Star Driver has the same problem to a some extent, but the difference is that SD’s focus is more skewed on the school life drama, and the mecha action is but a formality.

    I can see what they’re trying to do, but it’s unsavory and cheap to me. Attempting to cater to a wide range of fans won’t generate a deep amount of interest–I mean, a lot of Code Geass/Star Driver fans even hate the mecha parts. That’s what I meant from “THE WRONG CROWD”. These people have an aversion to mecha, and presenting them an otherwise savory show with robots added won’t sway them at all. They won’t go around picking up the Gundam 0079 movies just because their new favorite anime happened to have robots in them!

    Why not focus on those fans who’ll care for mecha? Geass didn’t need an episode of chasing around a cat, or dates with different love interests. It could have been a stronger franchise if it cut down its Checklist of Anime Tropes and devoted itself to What Really Mattered (which to this day I am not entirely sure of).

    Can’t we just have a good story with mecha, with modern sensibilities? I think Gurren Lagann did a very good job at this, and that did bring in a lot of mecha fans. Why, because it was simply a mecha show done very well. It didn’t try to open a window and make love to the world, which would only make it catch pneumonia. That’s what I think we need.

    Also, I believe mecha is doing fine right now, even if all we have are OADs and movies, I don’t think mecha fans are hungry at all. But to reel in new fans, a high-profile TV series should do.

    I hope that clears things up!

    (The Infinite Stratos thing is a half-meant joke. I still have to watch it.)

    PS: Shippers have always been crazy. I don’t actually mind (I stay away from such discussions), but mecha anime of the past few years have drawn in a lot of them, for some reason.

    • Ommadon said

      Let’s look at the other side of the coin then. Do you seriously think everyone who enjoyed Gurren Lagann only did it for the “right” reasons or that there was no checklist of tropes put in there by Gainax with no grand illusions as to their ultimate purpose?

      C’mon…Nia is blatantly moe, Yoko dresses like a stripper. If that’s not unnecessary pandering, regardless of a couple of in-jokes about it, then I’m most certainly blind…and no, not all TTGL fans have gone on to become mecha fans either. Some of them can even be quite obnoxious about it too, hating on Gunbuster (another show with fanservice and many supposedly unnecessary parts).

      The reality is that all popular shows pander to someone, one way or another, but despite your selective description even Code Geass had a lot of quality material, for both mecha and non-mecha fans, during the vast majority of the first season and perhaps up to a third or so of the second.

      • schneider said

        I did say that Gurren Lagann converted a lot of new mecha fans, but I didn’t say *all* of them were. And yes, some of them are obnoxious (I know a lot who refuse to concede that any other mecha show could top it), but they’re easier to work with than the “eew robots are dumb” crowd.

        I mean, it’s easier for non-mecha fans to watch Code Geass without looking at the mecha (lots of other stuff to mind), than for them to watch Gurren Lagann, where robots beating the shit out of each other is kinda the point.

        Nia and Yoko being attractive at different fronts (moe, sexy) is in line with how Gurren Lagann was a show MADE FOR BOYS. You don’t see Simon or any of the guys drawn bishounen-thin and put into situations that are yaoi doujinshi material… (okay there was that prison brawl scene with Viral, but totally not BL at all)

        My point is, focus your pandering, mecha shows! That way, the people who are being pandered to are sufficiently fulfilled, instead of trying to pander to a wide range of fans, most of whom will end up not being pandered to enough. That is, excluding the uncommon fan who’ll gobble everything the show has to offer.

      • Neon said


        The thing is, it seems you’re too quick to consider whatever you didn’t find interesting about Code Geass as nothing more than pandering instead of accepting there often are other ways to look at it.

        You ask what really mattered about the series? The rise and fall of Lelouch.

        When you look at the show from such an angle, it becomes clear why his inner conflict and personal relationships were more important than the external military conflict represented by the rebellion and why the silly school scenes that made up the other half of his double life existed.

        This also explains the limited emphasis on mecha action as a valid creative decision, rather than an unfortunate result of pandering too much, considering the protagonist wasn’t meant to be a particularly good pilot and Lelouch needed to make use of other factors -such as unorthodox tactics or terrain abuse or Geass trickery or all of the above- to even the score.

        After the mecha were upgraded a little too much, they still weren’t intended to be the main event. If anything, you’d expect more of that from any series with a typical protagonist like Suzaku instead, where it would be easier to just follow the most powerful pilot with the strongest giant robot and call it a day.

        Whatever you want to say about it, Geass is still a lot closer to Gundam than Mazinger Z in any number of aspects, even including in terms of the development and the presence of unwelcome undertones or gimmicks.

        I do think Code Geass had a number of problems in terms of execution, which were made quite event by the time R2 ended, but conceptually speaking there is more to be said about the creative choices it made than just “lol, we wanted to appeal to everyone” at least in my opinion.

    • Matt Wells said

      I agree with the comment about Gurren Lagann being the perfect series to bring in old an new fans alike. The only problem with that show is the often rabid vocal fans who proclaim it THE BEST SHOW EVUR.

      Then again, this IS Gainax we’re talking about. If Eva and Gunbuster testify to anything, it is that they are VERY good at brining new fans into the mecha genre.

      • Ommadon said

        It’s practically self-evident that the majority of Evangelion fans aren’t mecha fans though…and Gunbuster has been subjected to a lot of hype backlash in recent years because, quite ironically, new viewers seem to hate having to struggle through the first 2 or 3 episodes (about half the show) before getting to the good stuff. Some even wish there was less fanservice or less 70s-80s melodrama. Not that I fall under the previous description but still felt the need to point it out lest nobody do so.

      • Stormshrug said

        I almost think we shouldn’t count Gainax shows too much in terms of thinking about demographic pull and what’s successful, because there are so many people out there who will simply watch *anything* that Gainax makes at this point.

        And I suspect “be Gainax” is a kind of limited marketing strategy.

  19. Matt Wells said

    Fat robo egyptian VS. ridiculously moe, philosophy spewing spider tanks?!

    GR is doomed…:(

    And if any of you guys vote for the Sinaju over GGG, I will find out where you live, and beat you into a coma. WITH COURAGE!!!



    Robot anime is fanservice ALL THE WAY.

    You think Giant Robo: the Day the Earth Stood still wasn’t pandering to nostalgiafags? Evangelion wasn’t pandering to ^9000 of desires and fetishes? Gurren Lagann?!?

    All these references, easter eggs, remembering love…


    This whole Sai Mecha project is pandering to all you robot fantards!

    The bonus poll panders to all you GSD HATERS!

    Fucking get over yourselves. This is all self-indulgence and gratification. Enjoy it! Love it! Share it!

  21. vendredi said

    Ill luck, having the two most prominent female pilots and their mecha square off in the prelims, although the result is probably not so surprising.

    I thought the Tachikoma/Mazinkaiser vote would’ve been tighter. Perhaps there is demand for a MechaMoe tournament after all?

  22. Zhil said

    Wow, all of the mechs I voted for made it through except for the Kshatriya. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise both evas made it, though.

  23. kevyn said


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