Sai Mecha Round 1 Colonies Side

April 20, 2011


[Once again, here’s Ghostlightning’s breakdown of the contestants. Polls are open until 23:59 EST on Sunday 24 April. -EO] Just like in the Earth Side of the bracket, we have here an diverse mix of robots in the various traditions or sub-genres of robot anime. What I personally find interesting here are the mix of “real robots” that betray their aspirations for verisimilitude by possessing magic powers or being powered by fantastic magic sources. An example would be the truly novel sky-surfing Nirvash TypeZero from Eureka SeveN who seems so much different from the likes of the MS-06 Zaku II from Mobile Suit Gundam, or particularly the ATM-09-ST Scopedog from Armored Trooper VOTOMs.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg here. All the Gundams in this side of the bracket are fantastic, super-powered prototypes: The Zeta, Exia, Master, Deathscythe, and God Gundams are all superheroes in robot form (in varying degrees). To me this says so much about the supposed real-robot subgenre, even if we discount Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Of course, none of the above discussion are value judgments. I am in fact more of a Super Robot fan than the main organizer of the Sai Mecha, despite my favorite anime being SDF Macross. I’ll reserve my value judgments on WRL, just like last time. And just like last time, I’ll present the robots here for context without spoilers – so those who haven’t seen their respective shows can form an opinion and vote.

GN-001 Gundam Exia (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2007) vs. The Big O (The Big O 1999)


Exia is a specialized unit: an anti-mobile suit Gundam using a close combat approach. Imagine that most mobile suits are designed for medium range fighting, and are armed with beam sabers mostly as an emergency weapon. The Exia is designed to force those emergencies upon enemy suits, leveraging a large number and variety of bladed and energy melee weapons that will easily overwhelm any suit. It arrives at melee range via a combination of imperviousness to most attacks, and speed (mostly the former).

One of the “The Big Three” Megadeus series of robots, The Big O (they’re all called The Big Something) are big macho robots that rely on tremendous power as opposed to speed and maneuverability. They’re part of The Giant Robo tradition of semi-autonomous machines and are truer to the robot name, than all the other piloted mecha in robot anime.

The Big O is part of the tradition of robot anime that are “discovered lost technology from a lost civilization,” just like Space Runaway Ideon (and∀ Gundam).

MS-06 Zaku II (Mobile Suit Gundam 1979) vs. GF13-00NH1II Master Gundam (Mobile Fighter G Gundam 1994)


The MS-06 Zaku II is the first dominant real robot in anime history. It is a mass-produced unit that changed the face of warfare, a plot element that would be re-used explicitly and implicitly by almost all real robot anime in the next 3 decades (from Armored Trooper VOTOMs to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion). It is also remarkable as an enemy grunt unit that achieved legendary and iconic status and sustained its own line of designs and toys. It is, pretty much one of the great revolutions brought about by Mobile Suit Gundam.

As a mobile suit, however, it pretty much is an obsolete model by the time it shows up (in light of the RX-78-2 Gundam that faced it) and was overwhelmed even by substandard units from the Earth Federation that came in great numbers. It was a mobile suit not particularly designed to fight other mobile suits (Zeon not really counting on the Federation to come up with their own in time).

The Master Gundam, while enjoying one of the most unique designs among Gundams, is pretty much overshadowed by its pilot. It is inconceivable to imagine it fighting with a different person in the controls. Such is the nature of the Mobile Fighter G Gundam show. The Master Gundam for all intents and purposes, is a super robot. Master Asia was powerful enough to destroy mobile suits on his own, the Master Gundam was simply an extension to his superhuman fighting skills. A super robot behaving as an extension of a super hero: Master Asia also had the Juuni Ouhouhai, in which he could attack an enemy with multiple miniature copies of himself. Master Asia’s most powerful ultimate attack was the Sekiha Tenkyoken, a ball of powerful energy.

XXXS-G01D Gundam Deathscythe (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 1995) vs. MSZ-006 Z Z Gundam (Mobile Suit Z Gundam 1985)


The Deathscythe is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic Gundam designs ever made. It very much seems like an escapee from the G Gundam show to take part of the first “real robot” alternative universe show in the Gundam franchise. The Gundam specializes in both stealth and close combat, and its main armament consists of its signature beam scythe and a small shield which can emit an energy blade, and the shield can be fired at distant enemies. Another feature of the suit is its hyper jammer ECM (electronic countermeasure) system that emits jamming particles, rendering the Gundam practically invisible to electronic sensors and giving it unparalleled stealth in combat.

Enemies won’t see it coming, and then see how stylish their own deaths become because it’s not every day you see a beam scythe cut down other robots.

The  Z Gundam is the first of its kind – a Gundam that’s designed by its own pilot, and the first to have supernatural powers. Also the first of its kind: a transforming Gundam. It has a “waverider” form wherein it moves like a space fighter craft and turns into a Gundam mode presumably to provide a “stable” firing base, as well as engage in melee combat.

The Z Gundam had an additional edge with its bio-sensor. Though the exact nature of the bio-sensor is unknown, its primary purpose was to allow a Newtype pilot to more easily interface with his mobile suit. The bio-sensor could also have a rather surprising side effect when the pilot was mentally and emotionally focused enough (usually when angry or upset) to cause the bio-sensor to amplify the power, speed and strength of the mobile suit for a short period of time.

Escaflowne (The Vision of Escaflowne, 1996) vs. RahXephon (RahXephon 2002)


The Escaflowne, a rare Guymelef (how the mecha are called) in that it’s manufactured by otherworldly craftsmen called the Ispano to activate using a blood pact and for exclusive use of a royal bloodline. The Guymelef itself transforms into a dragon, in keeping with the late-dark ages (Europe) feel of the show’s fantasy setting.

In dragon form it mostly performs evasive maneuvers as well as long-distance travel. It’s main battle form is in its humanoid form wherein it wields a large sword, as is common among Guymelefs of its time.

RahXephon is a giant robot that, much like Evangelion units before it, performs within a real robot setting and has a similar support system. While a machine that has space-time bending powers, it fights in a very static way, as does the giant robots it faces: hovering and floating until quick bursts of action, as opposed to sustained gun battles or melee as is the norm for traditional super robot shows.

YF-19 Alpha One (Macross Plus 1994) vs. Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z 1972, 2009)


The Alpha One is one of the very rare prototypes to be featured in a Macross show (in contrast to Gundam wherein the lead unit is almost always a prototype unit). Also, in keeping with its prototype nature, its story is set in an arms race for a mass-production contract. Along with its rival, the YF-21 Omega One, the 19 featured abilities that were once only available to fortress class units, such as, a pin-point barrier system, and (even if only as extra parts) the ability to execute a hyperspace fold.

It also features a swept-forward wing design in Valkyrie (fighter) mode and is notable to house all its missile payload within the fuselage/body parts of the mecha, as opposed to the external missile bays used by the SDF-Macross era Variable Fighters.

Mazinger Z is the first robot to have a human pilot in anime history. Its eponymous TV anime also started many tropes that would come to characterize robot anime. Mazinger Z itself is made of Z-alloy that makes him an “invincible fortress of iron.” In the 2009 remake Shin Mazinger Z-Hen, the Mazinger Z robot is inspired by the God Zeus (a very powerful gigantic alien soldier) and beyond launching the iconic Rocket Punch attack, can turn into a giant rocket-powered fist entirely.

ATM-09-ST Scopedog (Armored Trooper VOTOMS 1983) vs. PTX-00C3 Alteisen (Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector 2010)


Unlike most mecha anime that glorify the mechanized units, within the VOTOMS fictional universe, ATs (Armored Troopers) are derogatorily referred to as ‘tin cans with machine guns’ – this too, however is the source of the charm and affection for these units and the TV anime by the fans. There is a higher degree of verisimilitude in VOTOMS in that the mecha gets routinely trashed even if the lead character uses it/them.

The ‘cheapness’ of the ATs allow for larger scale mass production and even larger levels of carnage on a per-episode basis despite the lack of full-scale battles.

The Alt Eisen is a ‘real robot’ member of the Super Robot Wars franchise of games and anime. Keeping in the spirit of the games, it is a real robot that pretty much acts very super, not only in the presentation of the attacks, but the overall spirit of the show despite its supposed ‘real robot’ tradition. It is, in many ways similar to Gundams inAU Gundam shows like Mobile Suit Gundam W, SEED, and 00, wherein the units behave less like soldiers but more like mythical (albeit military) heroes.

One of the more notable features of the Alt Eisen is a piledriving metal stake that is used for dramatic effect in melee engagements.

GF13—017NJII God Gundam (Mobile Fighter G Gundam 1994) vs. Gurren Lagann (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 2007)


Representing the nation-state Neo Japan in the Gundam Fight tournament, it is an upgrade of the Shining Gundam, that eschews the Shining Finger Sword attack to adding a “Heat End” to its Shining Finger attack. By virtue of being something like an extension of the pilot, it was also able to employ martial-arts based attacks learned by the pilot, particularly the Sekiha Tenkyoken, a ball of powerful energy. It is, by and large a melee fighter as are most Gundam Fighter mobile suits, notable for the “mobile trace system” of pilot control.

The Gurren Lagann is a result of 2 independent Ganmen units combining. Particularly, the spiral energy powered Lagann has a unique ability to merge with other Ganmen and it was first able to do it with the Gurren unit, hence the name Gurren Lagann. While the 2 units will go on to merge with larger and larger Ganmen units (to beyond the impossible degrees), it is the Gurren Lagann that remains the face (LOL AWESOME PUN) of the series.

It takes whatever super robot trope it gets a hold of and deploys it in ridiculous, unreasonable, absurd, and comically awesome ways. Aside from drills, its main weapon is a gigantic pair of sunglasses.

ARX-7 Arbalest (Full Metal Panic! 2002) vs. Nirvash TypeZero (Eureka SeveN)


The Arbalest is an example of a mecha unit firmly in the tradition of the ‘real robot’ and yet is governed by/has a plot significant feature that is undoubtedly fantastic, its so-called Lambda Driver. It could be called Spiral Energy (TTGL) for all we care. We shouldn’t really wonder, but instead enjoy it as it allows the Arbalest to do exciting things.

The Nirvash TypeZero is another reality-bending “real robot.” Like in many Gundam shows it is a prototype, but this time it is also similar to RahXephon, Ideon, The Big O (among others) that it’s from a lost or alien civilization. In the case of Eureka SeveN, the Nirvash is the prototype for ALL future humanoid mecha in the show.

Beyond this, it is remarkable for its sky surfing conceit – it doesn’t naturally fly: it launches from its ship as a car, transforms into a robot which then rides a surfboard in the sky.


Bonus Round

Please consult this voting guide:


120 Responses to “Sai Mecha Round 1 Colonies Side”

  1. mshaydown said

    It’s got to be Bobby

  2. Landon said


    If only all of my votes could be for the megadeus.

  3. Matt Wells said

    Well, at least these match ups were far easier to decide than the last ones.

    1. Big O all the way. Piston punches, ridiculously phallic chest cannon, waist grappling hooks, and its piloted by the mecha version of Bruce Wayne. The Exia had no chance.

    2. Oh man, this one hurt…but, cool as Master Gundam’s wing cape design is, it really IS overshadowed by the pilot. My vote goes to the humble Zaku II, which I would love to see win the tournament in a shock result.

    3. No offense to the Reaper of the battlefield, but I’m going with Zeta, crappy Valkyrie transformation knock off or not. Deathscythe can’t turn into a plane, and isn’t powered by the souls of the dead, so…

    4. Escaflowne. For one, its the only one of the two I’ve seen in action (Youtube abridged series). For another, its a magical robot powered by the heart of a dragon, designed by Kawamori, where as RahXephon is an Eva-ised version of Raideen. And Raideen is better!

    5. I’ve just watched Macross Plus for the first time, and I have to say the Valkyrie desings left me uninspired. Mazinger, meanwhile, is Mazinger, so guess who I chose.

    6. I’ve just finished Votoms, and while it has its flaws, the Scopedog at least is the best mecha of the entire franchise, and iconic at that.

    7. Feeling guilty about Master, and confident that Gurren Lagan will win anyway, I chose God Gundam. My first real favourite Gundam, from my first Gundam series. Awesome mech, and its expansion pack is A HORSE GUNDAM. WHICH IT RIDES.

    8. I’ve seen neither shows, but the Nirvash has a smooth, ethereal air to it, besides being a sky-surfing giant robot that turns into a car AND a plane. Nirvash it is!

    And those were my choices. I look forward to Ghostlightning lambasting me as a degenerate and obsoltete old fag in his follow up review. 🙂 Excellent write up btw.

    • drmchsr0 said

      1. Big O is more iconic.
      3. Faggotry vs Faggotry, eh, I’ll go with the Zeta.
      4. lolidunno so I went with RahXephon :3c
      5. The YF-19 is eclipsed by it’s pilot. Mostly. Mazinger is Mazinger. And SaiPilot is the cancer killing SaiMecha :3c
      6. Does the Scopedog have a rockin’ BGM? NO.
      7. THIS WAS HARD OKAY I mean God Gundam can rip Gurren Lagann’s balls off :3c
      8. THE NIVARSH RIPPED OFF BRAIGER, WHO ALSO TURNS INTO A CAR AND A PLANE Also it is way sexier than the Arbalest

      Bonus Round: Sally vs Bobby. Mostly. AND I CHOSE THE AFRO.

    • what a disgusting piece of crap vote that utterly forms the proteins that form the cancer that is destroying Sai Mecha.


  4. Bonesy! said

    correction: alteisen is a military prototype piloted by a man who is very much in the military

  5. Reid said

    These were a little bit more difficult decisions to make than were in the previous vote-off.
    I went with:
    1. Gundam Exia – The first season of 00 was a landmark and was thoroughly relevant in today’s world and I loved it for what it tried to do – tell a “modern” Gundam story. Also, ever since Epyon from Gundam Wing, I’ve loved melee-centric Gundams, and Exia is the closest thing in the list to fulfilling Treize’s knightly (if, admittedly unrealistic) ideal of combat.
    2. Zaku II – I just had to. For all the reasons everyone has already said.
    3. Zeta Gundam – I had to go with this one because the Zeta Plus series was one I wanted to nominate in the first place but I was unable to do that because Zeta Plus is from a novel (Gundam Sentinel) and was therefore not allowed to be entered in the competition.
    4. Escaflowne – The Vision of Escaflowne is one the most moving anime shows I’ve ever seen. I really like the blend of medeival and modern in the Escaflowne’s design as well, and I think it’s one of the better works produced by Kawamori. Also, the final fight against Allen Shezar for all the marbles was terrific. If the hallmark of a good real robot show is versimilitude, then Escaflowne is a real robot that happens to exist in a fantasy world. I can dig it.
    5. YF-19 Alpha-1 – I really like variable fighters (though I liked the Turn A more…) and I really like the YF-19 for the way it breaks from the F-15/F-14-inspired norm of its forbears. I could go on and on about how great Macross Plus was, but the real reason I voted for the VF was because I’m a Getter Robo man and I don’t really care for Mazinger Z. After Mazinkaiser SKL was somehow allowed to be beaten on the Earth Side first round, I don’t think justice would be served by allowing a wussier Mazinger to win, either.
    6. Scope Dog – I nominated both of these robots in this match-up, but I like Scope Dog more. It’s the realest real robot, in my opinion, which helps.
    7. God Gundam – G Gundam is an awesome show. I felt a little bad about not voting for Master Gundam, so this is how I’ll make up for it. Plus, there are too many GAINAX shows in this freakin’ contest already.

    • Reid said

      Oh yeah and I don’t care one way or the other about either of the last two mechs so I just voted for Nirvash because…I dunno why.

    • 1. LAWLOHGODI’MDYINGLAAAWL (and I really liked 00S1 as the first Gundam show I really got into; and yes I voted for Exia)
      2. pfft
      3. It’s because the Deathscythe is another peacock of rubbish Gundam.
      4. I voted for this because the superior Shezerade is not nominated.
      5. Mazinger Z is not a wuss, but Alpha One is brilliant as a jet design, though clunky as a battloid. Still better than all but 2 other contestants in this whole tournament.
      6. The Alt Eisen is fanwanky rubbish, while the AT is a tryhard darling.
      7. TTGL owns this ugly Gundam piece of crap.

      • Reid said

        I’m so glad we’re friends. We are pals, right? 🙂

        Yeah, Mazinger Z isn’t a wuss, but come on, you know nothing is as hardcore as SKL. If that thing didn’t win it’s contest I can’t in good faith let the “87 octane” Mazinger Z even get a chance to win.

  6. schneider said

    Shammy will tear your pants off! But srsly that bonus poll…

  7. Turambar said

    I remember so little of the Macross bridge bunnies other than Bobby and Vanessa. I just went with Sally because of dem legs in that pic. As for actual votes

    1. Big O – Cast In The Name of God, Yee Not Guilty
    2. Master Gundam – Dude, his name is Super Asia, and being a playable character in SRW A Portable made that game actually possible.
    3. Deathscythe – The scythe is a pretty cool looking melee weapon.
    4. Escaflowne – Was always disappointed over the lack of its presence in SRW games. Its sharp regal look is makes it very visually appealing.
    5. YF-19 – Probably my favorite Valkyrie in the Macross franchise partly due to the source material where it made its debut, and partly due to my personal attraction to the forward swept wings of the real life x-29.
    6. Alteisen – As amazing as the Scopedog is doing in SRW wars (Chiriko can regularly crit things for 10k damage with out any seishins), the Alt is one of the headlining units of my first SRW game, and there is something very manly about a pile bunker.
    7. Gurren Lagann – I flipped a coin for this. Sorry Domon.
    8. Arbalest – Never liked the design of the Nirvash, despite liking the show itself quite a lot.

  8. JoeQ said

    1. Big O
    BIG O! SHOWTIME! Also, piston punch > swords.

    2. Master Gundam
    Closest thing to Lazengann in the tournament.

    3. yawn who cares

    4. Escaflowne
    I’ve always liked the looks (cape = win), plus the fact it just has it’s has it’s sword (yeah, but that beam weapon was never actually used) makes it pleasantly underpowered even compared to some of it’s enemies. Would have liked to see both advance, though.

    5. Mazinger Z

    6. Scopedog
    Dammit, why couldn’t Alteisen have gone against a Gundam or something?

    7. Gurren Lagann
    Gainax’s ultimate tribute to super robots and one of the most ridiculously powerful, as well as just plain ridiculous. Also, it totally is a Getter.

    8. Nirvash TypeZero
    Skysurfing real robot with awesome magic powers > boring real robot with stupid magic powers.

  9. vendredi said

    I feel I must commend Kawamori for an equitable, if not exactly charitable, representation of a man as a 21st century Bridge Bunny.

    For his unprecendented role in advancing male representation among aesthetically pleasing military staff and promoting tolerance and acceptance, I feel Bobby Margot deserves to win.

  10. WhatSht said

    1. Exia Gundam(partially because i like the Beam pistol/GN Saber)
    2. Master Gundam(well, LOOK, THE EAST IS BURNING RED!)
    3. Zeta Gundam(what can i say…)
    4. Escaflowne(based on looks)
    5. YF-19(Its Macross….)
    6. Alteisen(based on looks)
    7. God Gundam(i don’t know why..)
    8. Nirvash TypeZero(the surfing board was cool)

  11. Soulstrider said

    1- Gundam Exia: I hate when I make a choice with the sole criteria that I have seen only one of the shows and don’t know anything about the other, unfortunately I had to do this here.

    2- MS-06 Zaku II : My favourite mecha of all times, the ultimate grunt with an awesome design that inspired dozens of gorgeous mobile suits, had to pick this one.

    3- Zeta Gundam: Of all the lead gundams this one his my favourite, perhaps because it doesn’t have the other silly face? Nevertheless I really like him and would choose him any time over his opponent

    4- RahXephon: I am very found of RahXephon, it was actually my first mecha anime, I really like it’s unusual design and it’s story. An easy choice for me.

    5- YF-19 Alpha One: Although I have an healthy respect for Mazinger I will go with Macross on this one, I really like Macross mechs.

    6-ATM-09-ST Scopedog: Scopedog easily, if Zaku is my favourite mech this one easily takes the second place, I love the realistic “the mechs are just another warmachine” approach that Votoms has and that no other show managed to capture.

    7- Gurren Lagann: For obvious reasons, it’s pretty clear why would someone vote on Gurren Lagann.

    8- Nirvash TypeZero: Hardest choice of this round. I am not particularly a big fan of both shows, I do like the rl military approach FMP has, however they ruin it with silly powers on their mechs. On the other hand I really liked the Eureka 7 surfing robots(if somewhat silly) and combat. Honestly on this one I could really go either way, but I find Nirvash a more memorable mecha than Arbalest, so I will go with him.

    Bobby Margot (Macross Frontier): No seriously. I was never into the all bridge bunny thing, I found them mostly forgettable character, at least on Macross Frontier which so far is the only macross show I have seen(I plan to change that eventually). The only memorable one was Boby with his antics and his FABULOUS attitude, so it was an easy choice for me.

  12. FFenril said

    “Vanessa” La Salle ? Poor, poor Claudia.

    (so much awesomeness, yet it’s hard to know that my favorites are probably not gonna make it, no one is gonna make Big O win and I don’t have much confidence in the Arbalest either facing that damn way-too-cool surfing robot *_*)

  13. otou-san said

    oh man… 4 and 5 were cruel. CRUEL.

    Asking a man to choose between his greatest love (Macross) and his first love (Mazinger) is just mean. In the end I had to go with my first love, because I wouldn’t be here if not for Mazinger.

    (And RahXephon, because if it comes down to a singing contest it’s got things nailed down)

  14. Aftershok said

    As much as I love the Big O, I fear for its life due the gundam newfag abundance.

    And as for the Gurren Lagann, as popular as it is God Gundam gets my vote because G Gundam WAS MY CHILDHOOD.

    Oh, and VOTE NIRVASH.

    Thank you.

  15. we rob ot down said

    Choosing between Shammy and Bobby was so hard 😦
    Though having not watched ANY of these shows besides Macross I decided to just vote for whatever ones looked the coolest to me. Then I realized that that means some of them look cool to me. Which means that somewhere deep down, I have some Mecha fan in me. Crap.

    • Crap! There’s still time! Don’t vote or else you’ll turn into all these wastes of life.


      But srsly, I’m okay with either Sammy and Bobby. They could fly their own capitol ship and I’d definitely watch.

  16. Shinmaru said

    1. Big O
    2. Master Gundam because of DAT UNICORN
    3. Don’t really care for either, but Zeta, I guess, because Deathscythe is just silly in a way I don’t like …
    4. RahXephon because of DAT VOICE
    5. Tough, but I went with the YF-19.
    6. Scopedog
    7. Gurren Lagann, duh.
    8. Nirvash has moves the Arbalest can’t touch.
    Bonus: Claudia

    • 1. ugh, the fat fake Egyptian’s boyfriend from a fake civilization
      2. YES, piloted by a HORSE
      3. good answer
      4. I will only vote for RahXephon if Basara was piloting which makes me cancerous to SaiMecha
      5. good man
      6. good man
      7. good man
      8. good man
      Bonus: I am very okay with this.


      • Shinmaru said

        I am going to draw a Big O x Giant Robo doujin just for you.

      • Matt Wells said

        GOOD GOD, imagine their clunky, monstrously tall, built-like-a-battleship, SEXY children. Just give it an Omake drawn in CLAMP’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure doujin style, and I will worship the very ground you stand on Shinmaru.

      • Turambar said

        Oh god. Preemptively fapping at the speed of light.

      • Shinmaru said

        This is probably the time to say that I have no actual drawing talent …

      • Matt Wells said

        YOU GET MY HOPES UP, AND YOU CRASH ME BACK DOWN TO NOTHING! Are you proud of yourself, Shinmaru? At the very least, you can WRITE the damn thing for us. That I would pay money to see. If only for want of wank material at home…

    • Kuro said

      You have good Bridge Bunny taste. I applaud you.

  17. Fadeway said

    Argh, haven’t watched any Macross, couldn’t vote on the bonus. Really want to watch some though, but gonna finish my UC tour first.
    1. Exia. Have never seen the Big O, but I really liked that gun-sword hybrid weapon. Smexy stuff.
    2. Zaku. It’s the natural choice, though it would be funny if it made it to the finals.
    3. Deathscythe. Have never seen Z, but while a scythe is ridiculous as a weapon, it’s unique and look pretty damn good in the show.
    4. Escaflowne. I lol’ed all the way through RahXephon, it was a show too weird for me, the mecha included.
    5. YF-19. Haven’t seen either of the shows, so I just went with my gut sense and what looked cooler.
    6. Scopedog. Again, not familiar with any of the suits, but I’ve seen the dog mentioned here and there and I have taken a liking to it.
    7. Gurren Lagann.
    8. Arbalest. The Nirvash was plain weird, as all the surfing mechas in Eureka.

    Gosh, this round made me feel like I have barely seen any mecha shows. I’ve only seen 7 of the 16 included mechas in action.

    • 1. good vote
      2. “natural” You make zero sense.
      3. terrible. may you be reincarnated as a feather in Wing Zero Custom
      4. acceptable.
      5. good.
      6. good.
      7. excellent.
      8. BAD.


  18. JoeQ said

    EVERYONE voting for God Gundam is either an ancient elitist oldfag or a newfag pretending to be one. THE TRUTH CANNOT BE DENIED

    Also, Mazinger Z transforms into THE GIANT GOLDEN FIST OF A GOD THAT SMASHES EVERYTHING INTO ATOMS, making it the greatest transforming robot ever. Boring jet fighters can gtfo.


    • Matt Wells said

      In all fairness, some of us prefer Samurai Gundams by a SLIGHT margin to Gainax doing Getter Robo. SLIGHT. Especially when its painfully obvious GL will wipe the floor with its competition, we stand by underdog G Gundam. Both are gorgeous the same.

      And how does supportig a 40 year old design magically make you not an old fag? 🙂 NO, TURNING INTO A GIANT FIST DOES NOT DISGUISE THE FACT THAT THAT THING IS OLDER THAN YOU ARE.

      • JoeQ said

        I make no pretenses about having any nostalgia for the original seventies show. MY love for the invincible atom smashing castle of steel stems wholly from Imagawa’s epic fanfic.

      • Matt Wells said


        Though giving Imagawa all due credit, I bet Uncle Go even in his prime would have said “Wait, the robot turns into a gian golden FIST?! Damn man, you be crazy!”

  19. Time to cry another day

    Wtf is a bridge bunny, whatever I’d vote for Bobby, he is in the winning side, right?

    My votes

    1.) Big O. I dont have to see the show just so I could know how awesome it is. And I also Love anything steampunk,(With giant metal fist attached)

    2.) Master Gundam. This is no Zaku boy, no zaku. Oh wait, nah I think I’ve dissed too many any zakus in my lifetime. Srsly master could beat anything with a cloth, if it had one.

    3.) Deathscythe Gundam. Not a zeta fag not a ZETA fag! Actually I like neither of these two gundams =P

    4.) Escaflowne. Caped mechas that transforms into a dragon, plus DAT Armor details!

    5.) MAZINGER! nanananananana Mazingaaarr! I’d rather fly on a giant fist than a sexy plane.

    6.) Alteisen. Because any mech with a german name is earns a bonus 10+ point in my mecha list.

    7.) Guren lagann. Does the God gundam sprout (DRILLS)stuff out of its body, NO! Can God gundam kick an omniscient god like beings ass. NO! Does it live up to its name, NO! There you have it. God gundam can’t rip anyones balls but itself.

    8.) Nirvash. Surfing, in the skies! Also moe nirvash is moe :3. This two needs some serious dance off to settle the score.

  20. Ryan A said

    1 – Going to go with Big O, Shounen Robo was alright.

    2 – Going with Kamehameha Gundam

    3 – MacGyver Gundam seems really cool, but Deathscythe… that name.

    4 – Escaflowne for fantasy mech.

    5 – Mazingar is some ballsy stuff, seriously… first man in a mech is almost like riding one of those first rockets into space, scary. All balls!

    6 – No clue, I was finishing my vodka tonic while voting.

    7 – I liked the Arbalest, though it didn’t get enough techinical treatment to understand how the Whispered powers influence the Lambda feature. Nirvash is an awesome concept, blew my mind really.. that’s the one.

    And Voted!

  21. […] Now that you probably feel you’re a loser either way you go, VOTE NOW in the Sai Mecha Tournament! […]

  22. foshizzel said

    1 Gundam Exia- Good stuff I like the blades!

    2 Master Gundam- I always liked the colors and design of this one 😀

    3 Deathscythe- Love the stealth mode! And bad ass weapons also the design very awesome.

    4 RahXephon- Mostly for the wings and design, fighting wise I like melee mecha more than others xD

    5 Mazinger Z- Gotta love that rocket punch! Hahah

    6 Alteisen- I really couldn’t vote between them since I barely know the series they come from, so went with the red >.>;

    6 Gurren Lagann- Favorite mecha still to this day! While G gundam is also a awesome machine too, Gurren just has some crazy fights.

    7 Nirvash TypeZero- At first I hated this mecha, but after the upgrade+Flight mode I really liked it! The final form still is a bit creepy to me but fun.

    8 went with Claudia! Yay for Macross ❤

  23. Emperor J said

    Once again had to abstain on a couple of these, meaning I managed to not vote on any of the contests the paltry 3 of my 12 nominations were in. For the record it’s Big O, Zaku II, Z Gundam and Gurren Lagann that I did vote for

  24. Kuro said

    Claudia all the way.

  25. […] there you have it. Mecha fans and non mecha fans, please support Sai Mecha! Go vote now! On the PopPressed Radar What One Does In Paris if One is a Carter or Knowles Recycled Glasses […]

  26. DonQuigleone said

    Shammy FTW

    I mean seriously guys, Bobby???

  27. SquareSphere said

    1. Big O, Piston fist and heavy metal mecha fighting FTW. Who the hell needs 7 swords when you’ve got fist of fury.
    2. MASTER GUNDAM! Look at it… sooo sexy. The cape wings are the coolest mecha cloak EVER.
    3. Meh, I went with DeathScythe for lolz
    4. Escaflowne here, love the control setup which makes more sense in how real sword fighting skills could translate over to a mecha
    5. YF-19. Beyond being an awesome VF it can be out fitted with speaker pods and a guitar controller 😀 LISTEN TO MY SONG!
    6. Scopedog gets the nod for being the AK-47 of real type mecha. Works EVERYWHERE and is made to be rugged and easy to fix.
    7. Hmmm… Gurren Lagann get my vote. While both are awesome and powered by guts. GL doesn’t require the pilot to be an master fighter to bring out it’s full potential
    8. Gah, can i vote none and pick up God Gundam instead? No? Fine I pick Arbalest cause sky boarding mecha is ridiculous and not in the good way

    BONUS ROUND. Dam this is hard. Bunnies should come in packs/voting blocks since they’re like a packaged deal. Really like Miho in M7 but Monica gets the vote for liking old farts 😀

  28. […] Round 1 of Colonies Side in SaiMecha is out! One of the more relevant matches for me is Zaku II versus Master Gundam. I’m writing this post because some people are counter-campaigning against the Master Gundam because it leans too much on its pilot, Master Asia. […]

  29. Scamp said

    1. Exia. Always rather liked Exia, and haven’t seen Big 0
    2. Zaku. Would probably love G Gundam if I watched it, but I haven’t. And have seen Mobile Suit Gundam and Zaku is Zaku
    3. DeathScythe. Chi told me to vote for it
    4. RahXephon. Not big on either series, but I like both these mechs. Plumped for the underdog in the end because Escaflowne is almost too bulky for me.
    5. YF-19. Anti Go Nagai vote
    6. Scopedog. Because stupid clunky real robots are awesome =D
    7. Gurren Lagann, because I want an EVA Unit 01 vs Gurren Lagann final
    8. …damnit, I want to vote Arbelast. I prefer FMP as a series, while the Nirvash is piloted by a pair of whiny pricks. But…the Arbelast just isn’t interesting, while Nirvash has a surfboard! Also SaiPilot killing SaiMecha etc.

  30. JoeQ said

    Goddamn macrossfags everywhere dissing Go Nagai, Imagawa and Mazinger. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!

    • Uncle Go never did have any shame, HAVE YOU NO BRAINS?

      • JoeQ said

        Even at the misogynistic, acid tripping and self-hating peak of his career (=Violence Jack) Uncle Go couldn’t have come up with something as utterly failtastic as a mecha that completely fails as a robot, a jet fighter and the horrible abomination in between. Weak-ass missile massacres are NOTHING compared to the power of the original ROCKET PUNCH.

      • which is exactly why they made an Atomic Punch, then a Turbo Smasher Punch, then whatever they call it in SKL. SO POWERFUL

        The Rocket Punch does kill me with its comedy this time

        /uses 1up

      • JoeQ said

        SO TACKY

        The original (and BIG BANG PUNCH) is where its at. The only good Mazinkaiser will be SHIN Mazinkaiser when Imagawa eventually/finally/hopefully gets around to making it.

        wait what were we arguing about anyway

  31. Zhil said

    1. Big O. Of all the Gundam 00 designs, Exia was best, and yet it can’t stand up to IT’S SHOWTIME. Super slow, gigantic and powerful is rare and novel, and really awesome when done right. My OTP: Big O x Giant Robo KEKEKEKE 😉

    2. Zaku II. Master Asia could take down giant robots with his bare hands, Master Gundam just felt like he was humoring his opponents. Having a giant robot unicorn piloted by his pet horse was super robot level ridiculous, but I’m gonna have to go with the Zaku. I really like the way it looks, I personally think it’s one of Okawara’s best designs.

    3. Deathscythe. Because… Toonami nostalgia. I’m very slowly going through the original gundam, and haven’t yet watched Zeta. Sorry! Wish this was Heavyarms.

    4. Rahxephon. Neither mech appeals that much to me, but I haven’t watched Escaflowne.


    6. At first I thought this one would be hard, but then I remembered, oh yea. Scopedog; Okawara’s BEST designed mech.

    7. God Gundam. As much as I liked TTGL the anime, none of the designs appeals to me. They all remind me of Goldibus from Tech Romancer, and that boss was CAPCOM HARD. SERIOUSLY. FUCK THAT BOSS.

    8. Arbalest. This one was hardest. Both appeals to me about equally for different reasons. LITERAL COIN TOSS.

    • > Wish this was Heavyarms

      Are you my soulmate?

    • Stormshrug said

      Yeah, did Master Asia ever even use that thing? I just remember him punching a lot of zombie Zaku-things to death with his bare (BEAR?) hands.



      The sliced metal scraps of the Big 0 smash into the wreckage of Giant Robo splattering Daisaku who was qqing below.

      2. Deathscythe Gundam swings its beam scythe mightily and completely misses the Z, BUT TOTALLY NAILS HEAVYARMS GUNDAM AND SPLITS IT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE.

      Z then activates the NT Barrier and uses the souls of all the dead Newtypes, turns into a watermelon popsicle, and grants Duo the privilege of letting the Z Gundam inside his heart.

      • Turambar said

        “Z then activates the NT Barrier and uses the souls of all the dead Newtypes, turns into a watermelon popsicle, and grants Duo the privilege of letting the Z Gundam inside his heart.”

        That was kind of erotic. Just saying!

  32. Bonesy! said

    1) Big O, my rewatch of it held up well.
    2) Pretty sure I went with Master Gundam, there are other models of Zaku I prefer over II.
    3) Deathscythe, I’m having a lot of fun rewatching Wing and I don’t really like Zeta (the show).
    4) RahXephon, it’s been a great asset on Super Robot Wars MX
    5) Mazinger Z because of Shin Mazinger.
    6) Scopedog. VOTOMS is my favorite mech show. Doubt it’ll win, though.
    7) God Gundam.
    8) Nirvash

  33. d3v said

    Arggh!!! Such a hard choice. As a Macross LIFER, the YF-19 should be the natural choice, however I still do feel the need to SHINE!, in the name of Zeus (and SMASH EVERYTHING INTO ATOMS)1

  34. Kuro said

    So many homo for Bobby.

  35. JoeQ said

    To any late voters: Do not give in to ghostlightnings BS propaganda! Follow your heart and vote for Big O and Mazinger Z!

  36. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    1) Exia: Do I really need to say anything, I like it better than Big O
    2) Zaku: Its a Zaku…hell yeah!
    3) Zeta: I actually like the design, the new movie points out that the design is actually good.
    -Then the only other ones I really voted for were the YF-19 and Gurren Lagann.
    Also Sinanju FTW!!!!
    We have found a winner!

  37. UGH! Can’t believe I had to choose between Zeta Gundam and Deathscythe. And I love God Gundam, but when it comes to super robot material (and God Gundam is super robot in my book), then I have to go with Gurren Lagann. Sorry Domon. The hardest pick besides Zeta vs. Deathscythe though was Arbalest vs TypeZero.

    Arbalest is like the Green Berets meet Merlin, and TypeZero is a freaking Green Beret turned hippy, complete with flower power and all. I had to go with TypeZero just because it has a more brutal murder count.

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