Sai Mecha Round 2: EVERYBODY HURTS

May 5, 2011

It’s only going to get worse as more robots you like fight each other, and more robots you hate go forward. This is Sai Mecha. PAIN IS SUPER REAL.

I’ve already given you the information about these boys in the previous round. This time I’m going to share one awesome milestone in each particular robot’s narrative. I’ll try to make it as non-spoilery as possible, which means what? When you do watch the show of the robots that we’re showcasing here expect more awesomeness.

Ultimately, what I write here isn’t supposed to make you vote one over the other, but rather a justification why these boys and girls belong. Okay, let’s do this!

Evangelion Unit-01 (Test Type) vs. Gunbuster: WHEN SUPER SHIT GETS REAL


The Evangelion Test Type fired a gun so big that it took the entire nation of Japan to power it. It was a stunning presentation of a military-style operation against a relatively unknown but very dangerous threat.

The Gunbuster, using only about 5 minutes of operating time (due to energy capacity) to fight an alien enemy force (with an amazing name of STMC: Space Terrible Monster Crowd) that wiped out the entire Earth armada down to the last (flag)ship.


Tachikoma vs. Giant Robo: WE HAVE FEELINGS


The Tachikoma are a complex set of individual units that sync with each other to leverage collective intelligence and experience. Their curiosity and ability to process experience enable them to begin evolving into a sentient (if artificial) life form.

Giant Robo was BORN THIS WAY, albeit without the ability to express emotions like joy – Giant Robo is more than capable to express the important range of robot anime emotions via TEARS and GROANING. Giant Robo is a product of intelligent design.


VF-1S Valkyrie vs. Evangelion Unit 02 (Production Type): DON’T CALL US (SUPER)PROTOTYPES (or, THIS AIN’T NO GUNDAM BOY)


The VF-10/1S/1J routinely gives fight to overwhelming odds – fighting Zentran Rushes: each carrier launches at least 1,000 Regulds while there never were more than 300 or so Variable Fighters aboard the Macross. This doesn’t even account for the other attack craft and mecha that the Zentraedi field against the Macross. Just another battle for this mass-produced mecha.

The Evangelion Production type fought an Angel embryo/larva INSIDE A VOLCANO, you know – those mountains that have MOLTEN LAVA. Sure it was some kind of baby monster and the Eva was wearing extra equipment, but besides the temperature there was the actual pressure to deal with, the kind of forces that shape the face of our planet.


Gao Gai Gar vs. Sinanju: WE HAVE THICK FOREARMS


Gao Gai Gar in all its forms is a ostentatious wonder of garish spectacle. What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for with POWER. It’s forearms for example: thick, cylindrical, and dark, but otherwise shoots into a BROKEN MAGNUM (a rocket punch derivative). Also, acts as a bay for Goldymarg – which is a robot that turns into the GOLDION HAMMER. A mess, design wise, but a powerful, triumphant, and glorious mess.

The Sinanju is a triumph of design, looking like the capstone for all red-suits in the tradition of the ‘officer villain’ design tree (note the horn – Zeon has been making unicorns since the OYW). What it ends up doing is manifest far more ostentation than its predecessors without looking overly ornate. There’s just a lot of details to appreciate in the form of the wings and the thickness of its parts – most notably the forearms which bear the ‘sleeves’ which characterize the unit/faction it belongs.




The Big O is a show that isn’t quite old but appeals to older values. The robot design evokes an early 20th Century feel, that goes with the fashions and style of the show itself. It’s showy in its overstated but stylish (and not simply loud) way. The robot itself is an ancient relic of great power, with a very macho look designed for great shows of power as opposed to agility. As a relic from an ancient civilization, it’s really old, and has done well to survive the ravages of time.

The Zaku II as a mass production unit changed the face of warfare in Gundam’s Universal Century. However, being one of the first of its kind, it’s not a particularly awesome robot relative to others. It’s a grunt machine, but there’s too few of them to do Zerg-style rushes. Mostly the Zaku is fodder for the Gundam. Nonetheless, at the onset of the war and there were no other mobile suits, the Zaku ended the age of long-range battlefield superweapons as well as the dominance of capital ship formations. Very, very few other units can make a similar claim.




The Z Gundam can transform. In 1985, it showed a transforming mecha. The first transforming Gundam (oops no, the Psycho Gundam was the first but who the fuck knows what it transforms into). No joke, the Z Gundam can fricking transform. It can channel the spirit of dead Newtypes, and it can transform. Did I mention it can transform?

The Escaflowne is a robot powered by magic, and can fly when in dragon form. Other guymelefs (robots) can fly without having to turn into anything but the Escaflowne needs to transform. But if you’re going to be a robot something, why not be a fricking robot dragon?




Among the Variable Fighters, the Alpha One is the most masculine in Battloid form. One can make an argument for Ozma’s VF-25, but it’s macho because of the Armor Pack. It’s skinny as any VF-25 variant. The Alpha One is the first front-line single-pilot unit to make a super dimensional space fold by itself, though not the first to take on a capital ship by itself.

The Scopedog gets destroyed, A LOT. But see, that’s why people are so doggedly loyal to it. It’s not powerful at all. It has a gun (that is a gift that keeps on giving), a rocket launcher, and sometimes a flamethrower… but that’s pretty much it. It skitters around on rollerskates and then gets shot to pieces. But what other lead mecha gets busted up like this? (VFs actually) What kind of mecha engenders so much love because it gets smashed up so much?

It’s moe I tell you.


Gurren Lagann vs. Arbalest: WTF IS THIS SHIT?


Obviously the Lambda Driver will determine the winner, as it takes into account the probabilities that govern the production and use of spiral energy. This isn’t even close when it comes down to an actual fight between the two. Nonetheless, I think there are other things to consider about Gurren Lagann besides raw fighting potential that are worth talking about, like… um… yeah.

Polls close at 23:59 EST on 8 May.


Earth Side

Colonies Side

Bonus Round


127 Responses to “Sai Mecha Round 2: EVERYBODY HURTS”

  1. Myssa said


    Oh, and I voted for Harry. UUUNIIIIIIIIVEEERSE!

  2. Xard said

    And again Eva is pitted against Valkyrie. Woe is me! Going for Valkyrie in the end…

    Also voting Gunbuster due to excessive butthurt Eva-01 caused by eliminating VF-25. And I am evafag to boot!

    Quattro has best sunglasses hands down.

  3. schneider said

    Harry Ord is the only choice.

  4. JoeQ said

    1. Gunbuster, because of Sai Pilot, specifically that one scene in EoE where Shinji finally gets his shit together and EVA-01 rises like a demon out of hell, ready to fuck everyone up… only to just sit there doing nothing and subsequently get raped by the mass produced EVAs. Gunbuster kicks ass.

    2. Tachikoma, because of Sai Moe. Sorry, yaoifans.

    3. Evangelion Unit-02, because eh whatever.

    4. Gao Gai Gar, because the power of COURAGE shall always prevail over weak Char clones.

    5. Big O, because of SHOWTIME!

    6. Escaflowne, because swords & dragons > boring Gundams.

    7. Scopedog, because ZEUS WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE!

    8. Gurren Lagann, because Come the Fuck On!

    Bonus: Kamina, because it’ll rile up the oldfags.

  5. Bonesy! said

    Gunbuster, Giant Robo, VF-1S, GGG (if it had been the Sazabi or Nightinggale I would’ve gone with that), Big O, Escaflowne, Scopedog, Arbalest.

  6. 1. Eva unit 01 because I just some him go BERSERK recently in high definition bluray 1.11 super Samoan edition.

    2. Tachikoma because I feel they might be reality in my lifetime.

    3. Valkyrie because someone cosplayed it at Anime Boston.

    4. Sinanju because its color scheme makes its 3x faster.


    6. Zeta. Get those dragons outta my animu.

    7. Scopedog


  7. Soulstrider said

    1-Eva 1, really like the design and never seen Gunbuster

    2-Tachikoma easily.

    3-VF-1 Valkyrie, not that big fan of unit 2 and I had to vote in at least 1 Valkryrie (or ghostlighting will kill me)

    4-Sinanju, it has such a gorgeous design, really.

    5-Zaku II , another easy choice

    6- Zeta Gundam, I know Escaflowne has an huge following but honestly I doubt it will beat the gundam guard

    7-Scopedog, no matter how much I like Valkyries it pales in comparison how I like the Scopedog

    8-Gurren Lagann, well it seems this is the end of the road for Arbalest, sorry you won’t pull another one like in the past round again

    Bonus:Quattro Bajeena/Char Aznable, it’s Char, enough said, sorry Kamina.

  8. Shinmaru said

    1. Flipped a coin and went with Gunbuster.
    2. Giant Robo to anger ghostlightning.
    3. Valkyrie to curry his favor again.
    4. GaoGaiGar because it is badass.
    5. Big O to piss off ghosty again.
    6. Escaflowne because it’s better than Zeta Gundam.
    7. Excalibur, because it’s cool.
    8. Gurren Lagann.

    Bonus: Kamina

  9. chii said

    Is it bad that the hardest vote for me this time around is the bonus vote?! how the hell am i suppose to choose between Harry and Char?!

    GO YF-19 GO!!!

  10. we rob ot down said

    (not seen hardly any mecha anime, voting anyways)

    1.That Eva thing: Gunbuster looks so bleh + really long guns are coooool
    2.Annoying Blue Robots from Ghost: As much as I hate those little blue bastards, that giant robo thing is quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen
    3.The Eva Thing That Reminds me of Rubicante from FFIV: Because it reminds me of Rubicante from FFIV
    4.Sinanju: Ugly vs ugly. At least the colors on that Sinanju thing aren’t so garish, plus there is a really long gun there
    5.Zaku: Actually like how both of these look but when it comes down to “I look like Batman” and “I look like an infantry soldier” you’ve just gotta vote for the soldier. Batman is just too boring.
    6.Zeta Gundam: These seem pretty representational to me too with the Gundam feeling like “Superman”(like all Gundams in those colors do to me) and the gay dragon thing well looking like a gay dragon or a heavily armored and stylized knight. I hate Superman, but I hate Fantasy bullshit even more.
    7.SCOPEDOG: Quite possibly the absolute cutest mecha I have ever seen. Just everything about it’s design is so good and almost makes me want to watch whatever series it’s in. I think it also kind of reminds me of the Sakura Taisen mechs which can only help it.
    8.Arbalest: Don’t really have much to say about these, both look pretty boring but the Arbalest is sleeker

  11. Reid said

    By now, everybody should be aware that I’m rooting for a Sinanju final victory (despite which robot I think will ACTUALLY win) but I want it to be known that I DID vote for Gurren Lagann this time and that I DID vote for the VF-1 this time as well. I’m so sorry, EVA-02. You really weren’t supposed to survive the first round. I only like you because you aren’t the hero mech. And I usually hate the hero mech. So there. VF-1 deserves to go as far as it can and EVA-01 doesn’t hold a candle to the SUUUUPER! INAZUMAAAA! KIIIIIIIIIIIICK! of Gunbuster.

    And Harry’s glasses are the best because there might be others who have glasses with no arms (Kamina) but there is NO ONE else who has glasses with no arms or a bridge. Very Kamen Rider-esque, Mr. Ord.

  12. Scamp said

    1: EVA 01: you have no idea how much I want this to win
    2: Tachikoma: Not that big on the spider tank but Giant Robo looks stupid
    3: EVA 02: Because I’m an evafag
    4: Sinanju: Because Gao Gay Guy is too overblown garrish ugly
    5: Big O. I quite like the Zaku, and I haven’t seen the Big O, but that pic of it looks oh so awesome. Why haven’t I watched The Big O yet?
    6: Excaflowne. Didn’t vote for it last round but it’s still a good mech. Also, the less Gundam the better
    7: Scopedog: Because I feel bad for not voting for the other grunt mech in this round
    8: Gurren Lagann. Because duh

    BONUS: Kamina

  13. Stormshrug said

    Not for you in particular – somehow this ended up as a reply to you instead of a general reply. Oh well.

  14. Caraniel said

    Some tough match-ups and some very easy ones for me! I’ve always prefered Real Robots over the Super ones for the most part, so EVA-01, Tachikoma & Sinanju all won out easily for me. Escaflowne got my vote over the Zeta Gundam easily since I’m still bitter Zeta beat my pretty Deathscythe Gundam (and Escaflowne was one of my original nominations anyway). The VF-1 Valkyrie just won out over EVA-02 for me – twas a close call though, and I couldn’t not vote for the YF-19 Excalibur, Zaku II or TTGL!

    As for best Sunglasses in Mecha – well it was a close run between Kamina and Quattro/Char – but Kamina won in the end, after all his sunglasses practically have magic powers & their design kicks reason to the curb! XD

  15. otou-san said

    I didn’t vote for Unit-02, duh, but I would like to see everyone who did go fight it inside of a volcano.

  16. Choice #1: Eva Unit 01
    Choice #2: Tachikoma
    Choice #3: Unit 02, because even though I think the Valkyrie is pretty, the Asuka’s unit displays more style.
    Choice #4: Sinanju
    Choice #5: Big O
    Choice #6: Zeta Gundam, despite Ghost’s pitiful attempts to describe it. Yes, it transforms. All the way. Not that ridiculous half transformation crap. Macross units like to do.
    Choice #7: Scopedog
    Choice #8: Gurren Lagann, and like I said on Twitter, if Arbalest wins this I will jump off a bridge.

    Choice #9: Quattro, they were awesome aviator shades (& who’s a more recognizable ace than… er Char). Harry’s shades made him look like a bug.

    • Loser likes transforming mecha. OH YES, THE Z CAN TRANSFORM TOO.

    • Stormshrug said

      Much as it won’t happen, I really want to see an Arbalest win just because everybody keeps tempting fate and saying things like this…

    • Matt Wells said

      Valkyries turn into gorgeous mecha, gorgeous planes, and admittedly shitty looking planes with arms and legs. ALL THE WAY. Zeta turns into the lumpiest, shittiest looking plane I’ve seen in my entire fucking life. Escaflowne turns into a Dragon and wears a cape. THINE OPINION IS INVALID!

      Harry does Quattro better than Char does Quattro, and looks like a Kamen Rider. Harry wins.

      • Reid said

        I’m glad somebody agrees about Harry Ord really being the alter-ego of Kamen Rider UNIVERSE.

  17. Yi said

    Only voted on one thing: Tachikoma.

  18. Landon said

    1: Unit 01. Because Gunbuster defines mediocrity moreso than Gundam.

    2: Giant Robo. Real mecha keep their mouths shut and don’t try to get all “self aware.”

    3: Unit 02. Pretty much a coinflip, but whatever. I’d rather have more Eva than more Macross.

    4: Gao Gai Gar: Anti-Gundam vote, since I have no real love for Gao either.

    5: BIG O! SHOWTIME! Also, it’s bad enough that the Zaku are from Gundam, but they’re the Stormtroopers of the series. Voting for the Zaku in this match would be like rooting for the Stormtrooper Han Solo shoots in the detention block of Episode 4. That’s, like, going against the natural order.

    6: Escaflowne. Magical Mecha > Yet Another Gundam.

    7: Alpha One. That other thing looks like an anorexic Zaku. That’s worse than a regular Zaku.

    8: Gurren Lagann. Only voted for the Arbalest as a hate vote (Fuck you, E7. Fuck you.). Got no real love for TTGL, but it and it’s mecha are marginally more interesting than FMP and it’s mecha.

  19. IKnight said

    Lots of negative voting being reported in these comments.

    • So much hate to go around. After all, I realize how rare it is to find an ‘omnivorous’ mecha fan. Also, in this part of the web you find a lot of general anime fans who just happen to like a few robot shows… maybe some of these shows they appreciate because “they aren’t like most mecha anime.”

  20. Turambar said

    1. Eva 01 because robots that eat other robots are great robots.
    2. Tachikoma because moe.
    3. VF-1 because I’m a Valkryie fag.
    4. GaoGaiGar because HIKARI NI NARE.
    5. Big O because giant fists of fury are superior to mono eyes.
    6. Escaflowne because regal and stylish is superior to an ugly face.
    7. YF-19 because I’m an ever bigger YF-19 fag.
    8. Gurren Lagann because I am not a fucking retard.

    Bonus: Quattro because people who ironically vote for Harry are fags. And not good fags either.

    • 1. but not even close to being as great as Gunbuster
      2. terrible
      3. perfect
      4. ugly
      5. perfectly ugly and terrible
      6. acceptable
      7. near perfection
      8. LOL yes

      Haha Ironically voting for Harry Ord is retarded

      • Matt Wells said

        Voting “Ironically” for anything is INHERENTLY retarded. Its like voting for the Nazis if you’re Jewish. It also makes you (variously) a Hipster, a Smooth Poser, a Hippy, a Bounder, and a Cad.

  21. Bonesy! said

    Everyone knows Boss Borot should win SaiMecha.

  22. eidrag said

    1.Unit 01
    Support AC Japan and it’s electricity saving program!

    Aww, cute robots. They like virus/bacteria, doing things in numbers/swarm.

    Transformation is good thing, you get more in each purchases! 2 in 1.

    There’s differences between big and fat. Between Marines and big fat otaku.

    5.Big O
    No comment.

    6.Zeta GANDAM
    refer number 3

    Actually, transformations is really complicated and I can’t figure how the hell they can keep operating while transforming. IRL the best transformation common nowadays is cars deploying rear wings, and that is complicated enough. Scopedog in the other hand is simple and can be patched up by anybody with right equipment. Or maybe they have classes to all AT rider to service their own AT before they rode them. Not so much mecha have semi-autonomous function, you can’t help but to wonder with all those fancy 360 display and all other equipment, they can’t program shit?

    8.Gurren Lagaan
    Because if you want to be absurd, do it THE MOST absurd way possible. Also Lambda Driver is like girls with PMS.

    Harry Orz with his unusual glasses that actually wears like goggle. That Gurren Lagaan glasses, how they stick to your face?

  23. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    1. EVA 01
    2. Tachimkoma because of FEELINGS
    3. VF-1 because I just like it better
    4. Sinanju…I still say Sinanju FTW!!!!!!!!
    5. Zaku because numbers count… all 10,000 of them
    6. Zeta Gundam, I actaully like the design of it+no regular gundam backpack
    7. YF-19…why do I need to answer this
    8. Gurren Lagaan=galaxy…
    And of course Quattro…I want a pair of those glasses NAOH!

  24. Spade said

    ohhh, why isn’t Athrun’s sunglasses (when he wore as Alex Dino in GSD) in the selection? I am still quite raburabu over it

  25. DIE EVA FANS!!!

    1 )Gunbuster: Cause fuck EVA
    2 )Tachikoma: Giant robo can cry me a damn river
    3 )VF-1s: FUCK! EVAS!!
    4 )GGG: I’ll personally buy ten sinanjus and burn them all if GGG doesnt win this round.
    5) Zaku: because I’m not voting for the scopedong
    7) Gurren Lagann: Shitty real is shit.

    I have two pairs of kamina glasses, they make good bread knives.

  26. WhatSht said

    1. Evangelion Unit 1(looks)
    2. Tachikoma(the other one looks like a…pharoah)
    3. VF-1 Valkyrie(it’s Macross..)
    4. Sinanju(badass mecha piloted by Char clone)
    5. Zaku II(what is The Big 0?)
    6. Zeta Gundam (i don’t like mecha powered by magic)
    7. YF-19 Alpha One (Basara pilots the descendant of this)
    8. Gurren Lagaan (the other one looks like a real robot rather than a super robot, and to counter the realfag in me, i voted for this)
    Bonus: General Baldr(he looks badass in his uniform and also because he is not bald despite him being called bald)

  27. d3v said

    Voting for everything Macross. But really. VF-1 should win the whole damn thing. I mean really, what other mecha has turned average joes into the manliest of men, without the need for any weird magical powers or what have you.

    • You’re asking the wrong question, because the Scopedog did. For that matter, the Regult did. The Zaku did. and so on, and so forth.

      The VF-1 doesn’t turn men into anything. It’s a fine, fine weapon in the hands of a well-trained and talented pilot. It is elegant, beautiful, versatile, and mass-produced.

      It is the highest achievement in real robot design.

  28. JoeQ said

    Acceptable remaining winners:

    Evangelion Unit 01
    Gao Gai Gar
    Gurren Lagann

    Of course, we all know that the only true champion is CHAAANGEEE! GETTAAAH OOONNNEEE!, which is why it was disqualified from the tournament (on the account of being too awesome).

  29. EVA 01
    VF-1 although ive not seen sdf macross because I liked the description of it fighting swarms 🙂
    Sinanju because it’s red and has a masked blond pilot..
    Zaku II ..because its the frigging zaku 😀
    Zeta Gundam
    YF-19 I like this transforming fighter plane thing they’ve got going on
    Gurren Lagann the heights it can reach..
    Last one was so difficult ;_; couldnt pick between Kamina and char so flipped a coin which told me to go for char :3

  30. […] the course of this tournament I have discovered the remarkable range of perversion, bad sense, and full retardation of people who […]

  31. I fear for my beloved Buster Machines! This is not going to end well. Ah, well… if you are going to lose, Gunbuster, at least you’ll be losing to a Gainax sibling. o.O But you got my vote.

  32. Zhil said

    1. Gunbuster HANDS DOWN
    2. Tachikoma. It’s too bad, Giant Robo, but Tachikomas made me cry twice with unselfish sacrifices.
    3. VF-1S Valkyrie. Obviously.
    4. GaoGaiGar. One time after finals, I marathoned Nadesico, GaoGaiGar and GaoGaiGar Final straight through. Dreaming/half awake watching GGG Final was surreal and mind altering.
    5. Big O. This one was really hard to choose. I went with SHOWTIME. It’s okay, I voted for Okawara’s better mech design anyway.
    6. Zeta Gundam. Meh.
    7. Scopedog. Perfection in mechanical design.
    8. Arbalest. I have no illusion that it’ll win, but I’m gonna be honest here and vote the one I prefer. GOOD LUCK UNDERDOG.

  33. I honestly chose the ones I like the most but that was really hard damn.
    1: Gunbuster
    2: Giant Robo
    3: VF-01 Valkyrie
    4: GaoGaiGar
    5: Zaku
    6: Excaflowne. FUCKIN ESCAFLOWNE . It’ll probably never be in a SRW ever again ;_;
    7: YF-19 Excalibur
    Bonus : THE CHAR, The one, the only.

  34. Kuro said

    I’d shit brix if Guren Lagann loses its match.

    Also, epic sunglasses is epic. Kamina all the way.

  35. Emperor J said

    Down to just the YF-19 already in my initial nominations. I think I voted Gurren Lagann and Gunbuster in my voting and abstained on the others as I normally did. By the end, I probably won’t be voting on anything.

  36. vendredi said

    I think this set of matches is really gonna expose the super/real bias here, with a lot of these matchups cleaving right along the common shows grouped into each.

    Also, it’s got to be either Harry Ord or Kamina… Bajeena and Baldr *wear* them really well, yes, but they’re just regular sunglasses. Ord and Kamina though, now they represent the future of optical accessories.

  37. Ryan said

    Fuck Yea Evas! Anyway, Quattro’s glasses with added tequila-boosters made me forget what I voted for, but it was all Gainax.

  38. schneider said

    Not very hard for me:

    Giant Robo
    Zaku II
    Zeta Gundam
    Gurren Lagann

    [insert obligatory Arbalest hate spiel here]

  39. […] the important poll in the current SaiMecha round is not about robots, but the best sunglasses in mecha. While Kamina will probably win with his […]

  40. Jellyfish Marine said

    1. Unit-01: I just really love how it move, esp. how it runs. Gunbuster is not bad but too big for my taste OwO.
    2. Tachikoma: I’m torn btw. the two choices but technology-wise and FEELINGS-wise -> Tachikoma. Damn, I cried a lot when they sacrificed themselves…
    3.Valkyrie: Just because I don’t like 02 at all.
    4.Gao Gai Gar: I actually like Sinanju’s design better but…DIVINDINGGGGG DRIVERRRR
    5. Big O: I do love Zaku…but…but ;_;
    6. Escaflowne: DRAGON
    7-8. No vote. Don’t know much about them. I’ll feel very guilty if one of them win by 1 vote because of my stupidity.

    Kamina’s sunglasses may be EPIC but Char’s is CLASSIC. For me it’s always CLASSIC>EPIC.

  41. jdmflcl said

    Zeon Fanboy checking in

    1.) Unit 01
    2.) Tachikoma
    3.) Valkyrie
    4.) Sinanju
    5.) MS-06
    6.) Zeta Gundam
    7.) YF-19
    8.) TTGL
    9.) Kamina’s Sunglasses (It was a close call between his and ord’s)

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