Sai Mecha Round 2: Results

May 9, 2011

The first unified Earth-Colonies round of Sai Mecha is over and the results are in! No surprise upsets this time with the eventual winners quickly taking the lead and never giving it up. With the exception of one match, most winning contestants received a healthy margin of victory.


Voting Results

Earth Side

Evangelion UNIT 01 vs Gunbuster (61.13% vs 38.87%)

Tachikoma vs Giant Robo (63.64% vs 36.36%)

VF-1 Valkyrie vs Evangelion UNIT 02 (56.7% vs 43.4%)

Gao Gai Gar vs Sinanju (40.96% vs 59.04%)

Colonies Side

Big O vs Zaku II (45.98% vs 54.02%)

Zeta Gundam vs Escaflowne (42.22% vs 57.78%)

YF-19 Excalibur vs Scopedog (73.56% vs 26.44)

Gurren Lagann vs Arbalest (67.37% vs 32.63%)


Kamina vs Quattro Bajeena/Char Aznable vs Harry Ord vs General Baldr (38.1% vs 35.45% vs 17.46% vs 8.99%)


Now we’re down to the final eight, Sai Mecha fans! This is ExecutiveOtaku and we’re getting closer and closer to deciding who will win the first annual Sai Mecha ‘Acguy Freedom’ Trophy. This round was a big win for the Real Robots with four out of six real-vs-super matchups going their way (if you count the Escaflowne as a super robot.) The powerhouse EVA UNIT 01 scored a decisive win over its fellow Gainax super, Gunbuster. This paves the way for UNIT 01 to move on and I’ve said it before, but do expect to see that one in the semi-finals at least. But it will have a powerful challenger next round because the little Tachikoma continues to steamroll the opposition with a strength many times its size. It beat the Giant Robo in a moe David vs (fake) Egyptian Goliath fight by an even better margin than the UNIT 01 took down the Gunbuster. Elsewhere in Earth Side, the VF-1 Valkyrie narrowly took the edge over the other Evangelion contender, UNIT 02 which now makes Macross and Gundam tied for the franchises with the most contestants remaining. First among the two Gundam contenders is the Sinanju in a respectable win over the old school Gao Gai Gar.

Over in the Colonies Side the humble Zaku II secures the other Gundam spot by taking out the Big O. I’ll lay my bias out on the table and I have to say that I love to see a mass-produced workhorse like the Zaku II take down a unique, superpowerful unit like that, even if I am quite the fan of the Big O’s styling. Up next the Escaflowne showed that transforming into a dragon wins out over transforming into an awkward glider. The biggest win of this round was in the real-vs-real matchup between the YF-19 and the Scopedog. With nearly 3/4 of the vote the YF-19’s win means that Macross also has a viable contestant on each side of the bracket. Bringing the round to a close, the Arbalest couldn’t summon up another surprise upset this time and the Gurren Lagann won by a sizable margin. I expect this super to go far.

Then in the bonus round, Kamina’s sharp-edged, gravity-defying glasses narrowly won out over Quattro/Char’s thin disguise, while Harry Ord’s bug eyes style made a respectable showing and General Baldr’s votes were as narrow as his shades.

Next Round

The crudely drawn bracket, now updated.

Earth Side

Evangelion UNIT 01 vs Tachikoma

VF-1 Valkyrie vs Sinanju

Colonies Side

Zaku II vs Escaflowne

YF-19 Excalibur vs Gurren Lagann


49 Responses to “Sai Mecha Round 2: Results”

  1. Soulstrider said

    Zeta Gundam and Scopedog lost…..

    I am sad, at least I still have you Zaku

  2. chii said

    i dunno how the YF-19 is gonna beat Gurren Lagann…. but well…. it could happen!!

  3. pp said

    what gunbuster lost? T__T

    but am glad Zaku won!

  4. Matt Wells said

    Pretty much everything I voted for lost…that’s pretty sobering. Pretty much the only unit left I have any investment in is Gurren Lagann, and not much at that. So cold and alone (Don’t cry. Don’t cry. DON’T YOU DARE CRY IN FRONT OF THESE NICE PEOPLE!).

    GGG falling was an upset, but I suppose sleek wins out over boxy and clunky any day. GR went further than it had any right too, and that fills my heart with warmth. Moe is the cancer killing Saimecha etc.

    …And Gunbuster SHOULD have beaten Eva 01, but hey, I’m a fan of proper supers myself, not bio-mechanical divine agents into bondage and with eating disorders (NOM NOM)…and Daddy/Mommy issues…

    • Reid said

      Matt, old boy, I’m with you 100 percent on the “cancer killing sai mecha”. Those tachikomas are sickening to me. I never liked GiTS for nothing. Also, Gunbuster’s failure to beat EVA-01 is a disappointment, but I kinda saw it coming, what with the bracket being what it was. I would have liked to have seen both advance.

  5. Scamp said

    The world is a good place full of wonderful people who vote for the right robots

  6. Xard said

    All I voted for won expect Gunbuster and bonus round. Hell yeah!

    I pray for YF-19 prevailing over that shitty GL, but that might be vain hope.

    VF-1S dropping Eva-02 also satisfied my lust for revenge. Great.

  7. JoeQ said

    Well, I have to say that this is just pretty fucking horrible. A pox on all of you!

    Still slim hope for an EVA-01 vs. Gurren Lagann ending, though I very much fear that the combined might of the horrenduously misguided macross/real/anti-Gainax-fags will score yet another undeserved bullshit victory for the YF-19.

    • Xard said

      GAINAXfag whose favourite animu is Evangelion reporting in. Definetly not voting for either Eva-01 or Gurren Lagann unless I absolutely have to (eg. they go against Zaku, lol). So what am I, a misguided GAINAX fan voting for Valkyries? ๐Ÿ˜›

      Eva-01 I like, but GL is only good within the series and judged on its own its design is just boring super shit. YF-19 is light years ahead of it in design and Isamu > Simon

      Unfortunately infusion of GAINAX fags who have never seen non-GAINAX mecha anime probably means GL is going to win. Feh

      • JoeQ said

        Dabbling in macrossfaggotry has obviously clouded your mind, you poor fool. Stay pure, stay Super!

        VF-1 and VF-25 (RIP) are nice, sure, but I’m just not feeling the YF-19 at all. It has gone up against far better and more iconic designs twice already and come out top, and I just can’t fathom why. All power to GL, deliver Zeus’ long overdue revenge!

        Also, you’re kidding yourself if you think the Tachikomas will a chance against EVA-01. I love those guys, but this’ll be the end of the road for them and rightly so.

      • Xard said

        Mazinger Z is by Go Nagai. I’m not fan of him at all so I was very happy when YF-19 unexpectedly won that round. Scopedog being better than any Valkyrie is of course a joke. All Scopedog had going for it was moe which is not enough when going against the most macho Valkyrie of them all ๐Ÿ˜›

        and I don’t think Tachikomas stand a chance against Eva-01, unfortunately. Still, only way I end up voting for Eva-01 is if Sinanju ends up winning VF-1 (I doubt that) and/or (even worse) it ends up in finale with pig disgusting Gurren Lagann. In that case I’d much rather let Eva win the whole thing. Kamina winning the shades competition was bad enough.

    • Aftershok said

      “…yet another undeserved bullshit victory for the YF-19.”

      I’m Aftershok, and I approve this message.

      • Matt Wells said

        Lets get this straight Macross fans…if you HAVE to vote for a Valkyrie from Plus, it should be the YF-21. You know, the cool, non-generic and awesome one. And that one isn’t in this contest.


      • Xard said

        VF-21 looks way too much like Queadluun-Rau to my liking, not to mention the lolbrainwaves method of piloting just does not cut it for me.

        Plus it can’t rotate from waist, which limits battroidโ€™s maneuverability and fire arc.

        It’s still ok in my eyes but I’d never choose it over YF-19. And it isn’t exactly generic either with its forward-swept wings and all.

        Meh, all in all I’d pick any Valkyrie over most options here so if VF-21 was running I’d probably vote for it. Even if it doesn’t approach the Holy Trinity of VF-1/YF-19/VF-25…

        (I must admit YF-29 from Sayonara no Tsubasa looked pretty damn good in movement on big screen too, despite my initial skepticism over its design)

        Anyway, even if YF-19 doesn’t exactly suit one’s taste with Valkyries I hope people with taste know to vote it since it’s going against something pig disgusting like Gurren Lagann~ ๐Ÿ˜€

        yeah, a vain hope… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Turambar said

        You mean the one that doesn’t actually take piloting skills and looks like some alien bullshit instead of a real plane? No thank you.

  8. Caraniel said

    Wow – everything I voted for went through! Thrilled~!

  9. So my precious Zeta unit has finally fallen, curse you Escaflowne!! Your run ends here! And two damn Macross units continue to keep marching up the ranks. Like little indestructible transforming cockroaches. The Excalibur is doomed now though. It’s not beating Gurren Lagann. And I’m not at all surprised the Tachikomas trampled Giant Robo. But now I’m conflicted by loyalty to my favorite series and the undeniable cuteness of it’s foe. I fear the Tachikomas can beat anything now.

  10. Looks like the percentages on the Gurren Lagann vs Arbalest match got reversed. Easy enough to fix though, right? Right?!?!

  11. Revolver Durash said


    Big O and Giant Robo should not have lost to crappy real robots (no offense to Zaku) and to make matters worse the coolest real here Scopediggitydogs lost to Macross yiff crap(That’s what YF stands for BTW) Also Unit 02 losing to Yiffs is souring as well. At least Escaflowne and Unit 01 are still in the game (though personally I would have been pretty satisfied if Gunbuster had won). Gurren Lagann’s cool an all but seriously that thing is such an obvious winner I don’t even care.
    (I am never ever going to stop being unnecessarily butthurt about this)

  12. Aftershok said

    The big purple mommy-robot prevails again!

    And looks like showtime’s over for Big O… He got beat by… Gundam cannon fodder?! Unthinkable!

  13. I can’t be too upset, The Unit-01 will end the Tachikoma’s improbable run.

    The VF-01 vs. Sinanju matchup is delicious. I obviously favor the VF, but it’s damned awesome to imagine them fighting.

    The Zaku II vs. the Escaflowne matchup is rather uninteresting, as is the YF-19 vs. Gurren Lagann. I expect the super robot to clean up that matchup. As much as it pains me as a Macross fan, I think GL will power through.

    I think the Evangelion Unit-01 will take it all. While Neon Genesis Evangelion is my second most favorite anime of all time, I’m not as big a fan of the mecha… which is excellent in its niche as a throwback to Ultraman and that particular tradition of shows, just not my ideal of robot anime; real or super.

    • Reid said

      Don’t lose heart, Ghost. VF-1 is at least the more iconic mecha from Macross. And, sadly, the next round will end my voting for it. I gotta go with Sinanju since I’ve been a Gundam fan for too long to turn my back on my favorite “red rival.” In fact, our situations are pretty much reversed: I got into Macross long after I’d already solidly seated myself in the Gundam camp. I do love both robots though, and a titanic clash between them would indeed be an unrivaled spectacle. Here’s a concept: Max and Milia in blue and red Sinanjus cleaning house! In all reality, I’d love it if either one of these two mechs was our winner.

  14. Kuro said

    EVA-01 and Guren Lagann winning their matches. That’s all that matters.

    Also, Kamina’s epic eyewear for sure win. Fuck yeah.

  15. schneider said

    Now I seriously want the Sinanju to win!

    Hope to see a great bonus round coming up, too!

    • Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said


      • Reid said

        we can do it if we try. Listening to alternating Bubblegum Crisis and Anthem to get pumped for the coming battle.

  16. drmchsr0 said



  17. Reid said

    What an absolute load of crap this mess is! I fault the bracket more than the voting, though. Tachikoma is a blight on this tournament. I’ve never gotten into the trolling or flaming thing, but this junk is driving me up the wall. Seriously, how could ANYONE even so much as nominate the Tachikoma? Even though my beloved Sinanju is still in this thang, I really feel like we all did ourselves a disservice by eliminating the Master Gundam and/or Mazinkaiser SKL so early. Those two deserve to here, not these little cutesy robot spider things.

  18. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    YES!!!!!!! GO Sinanju GO Sinanju GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. All is fine, until The mighty king of braves have fallen to the red communist!

    Damn Zekes!

    Oh well, Im looking forward to Escaflowne kicking Gurren Lagann’s ass

  20. WhatSht said

    I certainly hope it doesn’t lead to VF-1 vs YF-19

  21. Turambar said

    The king of braves lost to an over weight space nazi. This is a sad day for us all.

    Also not too surprised the Big O lost. Was honestly surprised it made it this far.

  22. JoeQ said

    If there’s some good in these results, it’s that the Gundams have finally fallen and good riddance! At least the space nazis have some eye for design…

  23. SquareSphere said

    Earth Side
    Evangelion UNIT 01 vs Gunbuster (61.13% vs 38.87%)
    – Guess folks like riding their mom more than a REAL mecha
    Tachikoma vs Giant Robo (63.64% vs 36.36%)
    – gah! stupid cute AI. THEY’RE KILLING MACHINES, you guys voted for the terminator.
    VF-1 Valkyrie vs Evangelion UNIT 02 (56.7% vs 43.4%)
    – YUS, for great justice!
    Gao Gai Gar vs Sinanju (40.96% vs 59.04%)
    – O_O W T F!
    Big O vs Zaku II (45.98% vs 54.02%)
    -Figures, damn Zeeks!
    Zeta Gundam vs Escaflowne (42.22% vs 57.78%)
    – Yes Esca took it handily
    YF-19 Excalibur vs Scopedog (73.56% vs 26.44)
    – Hah, figure, Scopedogs were made to be destroyed
    Gurren Lagann vs Arbalest (67.37% vs 32.63%)
    – People are just mad, the Lambda driver wasn’t cooler.

  24. anon said

    Go forth Gurren Lagann! Kick their ass!

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