Super Dimensional Robot Tournament Sai Mecha: The 1337 8

May 10, 2011


NOT EVERYBODY HURTS, in fact only a few really do. Those are the fans who have the misfortune of caring more about this tournament, those who take it a little more seriously, than perhaps those who are playing along, throwing neighborly support, or were just bored enough to give a flying vote.

THE RESULTS ARE VALID anyway. The voters have spoken. If your favorite robot didn’t make it this far, well it’s because you’re weak. You’re weak and lazy. By now it’s clear what kind of voters this tournament has. If you want things to change, YOU MUST DO MORE THAN WHINE.

WHERE IS YOUR CAMPAIGN? How many like-minded fans have you brought over to vote for your precious robots? Do you think the anime blogosphere is filled with mecha anime fans? HOW MANY MECHA ANIME BLOGS DO YOU SEE? ZERO. Yes, a big fat ZERO (actually, Mecha  Pot is nice but not exactly contributing hordes of voters). No, Mecha Guignol is not a mecha anime blog. No, Continuing World is not a mecha anime blog. No, Colony Drop is not a mecha anime blog. No, The Mistakes of Youth is not a mecha anime blog. No, We Remember Love is not a mecha anime blog. I just happen to be mecha anime fan.

But yes, mecha fans exist, but they don’t venture out of their scrapyards and warrens (or if they prefer, production facilities and hangars). But this isn’t the only kind of fan that hasn’t shown up in the polls. Where are the Code Geass fans? Nobody got to them. Where are the AU Gundam fans? {on facebook (online), in Indonesia (in meatspace)} It’s rather telling that the Strike Freedom never made it to the Tournament.

Oldfags? Newfags? EVERYBODY GOT SHAFTED. The thing is, the tournament isn’t over. There are eight robots here that ARE worthy. The kind of voting that got them here may be questioned, but not the robots themselves. Sure, the Tachikoma have been propelled by the casualfag moe vote, or the anti-oldfag hate vote, BUT NONE OF THAT SAI FANBASE NONSENSE invalidates how the Tachikoma is a triumph of not only mechanical design, but of a kind of science fiction that enriches anime. AND NO, I DID NOT VOTE FOR TACHIKOMA so I won’t hear of any electioneering accusations.

So, you want your favored mecha to win? CAMPAIGN. You want the final matchups be populated by the worthiest? CAMPAIGN. You want the kind of voting to be done with your particular kind of geekery? CAMPAIGN. And FFS, don’t campaign here. Flame each other here, hate on each other’s votes here, all is fair in war. But if you really want to get votes (which is what actually you know, COUNTS in a poll), GO TO WHERE THE FANS ARE. The voters here already know what they’re voting for.


The Evangelion Test Type vs. The Tachikoma


The Unit-01 is (I won’t spoil you, the anime gets too good) a beast. In the super robot tradition you find beastly robots, or even robots that are combinations of beasts. Very few of them got to act as beastly as the Test Type. The feral intensity displayed by this mecha is staggering, and makes for an amazing contrast with the real robot backdrop it has… limited power source, projectile and melee based armaments, non-flying, etc. This Ultraman throwback monster fighting combined with the science fiction aspirations of Gundam makes Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Test Type itself an achievement in mecha.

The Tachikoma takes the gritty combat consequences that is idealized by the fans of real robot anime like Armored Trooper VOTOMS, plausibility and verisimilitude in design seldom matched in mecha anime, and a poignant character arc that stands among the best in many anime traditions (at the very least the relevant real and super robot ones) to become a truly remarkable example of what anime is capable of accomplishing.

The Variable Fighter vs. The Mobile Suit


Here you have it, a stunningly elite matchup. An early-tech mass production unit vs. a late-model prototype, each robot backed by large and loyal fandoms; a hero unit vs. a villain unit. It seldom gets better than this.

The VF has participated in battles of such scale that no MS could ever hope to be part of. It’s accomplished feats of piloting that no MS could ever attempt. The VF could never hope to approach the mythic iconoclasm of the mobile suits. The VF could seldom hope to routinely engage units of the same technological class or better like MS almost always do.

The VF-1 is an originator of a great tradition.

The Sinanju is the latest representative of a great tradition.

The Zaku II vs. The Escaflowne


The Zaku II did something unprecedented: it made the enemy grunt mech into a superstar. For over thirty years it became the standard bearer of the tradition of enemy mecha that’s worth collecting. Prior to the Zaku the enemy mecha were one-and-done monsters of the week, or simply too unremarkable to be worth anything. It gave enemy robots a style and character that balanced the impulse to make garish monstrosities. It made villains look pro. And if you find a show with a villain mecha that appeals to your sensibilities, you have the Zaku II to thank.

The Escaflowne reminded viewers that while the robot anime is on the surface a science fiction tradition, it is filled with much fantasy elements… and then such elements can be explored in a grand and expansive way. This is achieved when the eponymous mecha itself is a physical sword-wielding armored knight that transforms into a dragon. It is different from a robot that turns into a monster of destruction. It aimed for nobility and grace, and aimed well. So much of robot anime in their heart of hearts see their robot heroes as giant suits of armor, sticking swords into terrible beasts, fighting other armored warriors. Escaflowne does away with the disguises and flies in a world of knights and magic.

The YF-19 vs, The Gurren Lagann


The real vs. super robot showdown of the quarterfinals has arrived. Haters stupidly refer to Gurren Lagann as gigantic, failing to distinguish that the Gurren Lagann in this tournament does not refer to the Choginga or Tengen Toppa versions [Edit: actually, it refers to all versions since Sai Mecha policy is to lump all versions of a mecha that aren’t significantly different in design into one entry. This also applied to the Gurren, Deathscythe, etc. -EO] . The Gurren Lagann is no taller than a Gundam at around 18 meters, making it not overwhelmingly bigger than the Alpha One (YF-19)’s 15 meters.

Both are superb examples of their kind.

The YF-19 is innovatively designed and plausibly armed – one interesting thing is how kept its missile payload within the silhouette of the mecha and not beneath the wings or under the fuselage as was customary for VFs prior. It was prepared for the rare close combat situations by arming its “pinpoint barrier punch.” Otherwise it performs with amazing agility and speed while remaining a machine that depends on the pilot’s skill to get the best out of it. It then gets to do heroic things that very few other singular real robots do, but well within the rules of verisimilitude that make real robot anime the compelling thing that it is.

The Gurren Lagann is a machine of destiny. The Lagann chose its pilot, the destined Spiral Champion which plays out the mechanism set out by the anti-spirals to maintain their status quo stasis of the universe. As such the Gurren Lagann possesses unreasonable amounts of power, bending reality casually to produce spectacular weapons and attacks. It takes the conceits of super robot anime and drugs it into a hyperactive beast which renders its combinations, sunglasses, drills into absurd proportions. Its enemies and viewers are manipulated to manifest similar reactions: “No it can’t possibly do that… OH SHIT IT FUCKING DID!!!”

Both are from shows that do their part to characterize their respective eras or generation of viewers.

These are your worthy combatants. They deserve not only your votes, but the votes of everyone who doesn’t know that their favored units are in a desperate fight. You want your robots to advance. YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE without a corresponding effort to campaign. So campaign hard and well. Only then you can celebrate the robots’ victories as your own, or rue their loss as if your efforts and spirit disappear like so much ash in the winds of the battlefield.


Earth Side

Colonies Side



118 Responses to “Super Dimensional Robot Tournament Sai Mecha: The 1337 8”

  1. Emperor J said

    I’m going to have to continue to ride the VF-19 as it is my only nomination left. I couldn’t legitimately vote in the other ones. The way things are turning out this could be the last one I vote in. I just have to say that South Burning is an awesome name, I personally went with any Innovator in that poll.

    • “Legitimate?”

      Oh come off it. If you like how it looks, vote for it. If not, vote for the other robot. It’s not some kind of fanboy litmus test.

      • Emperor J said

        I’m not going to put myself in the position of potential spoiler if one of the other votes is close. I also care more about performance than mere appearance. The best looking mecha in history would probably break down in the middle of its first battle experience. Why would I vote for it without knowing?

  2. Soulstrider said

    1-Tachikoma, I like Eva 1 but c’mon who doesn’t love Tachikoma’s. Fun fact the voice actress who voices them his the wife of the voice actor who voices Char Aznable.

    2-Sinanju, gorgeous design is gorgeous.

    3-MS-06 Zaku II, forward Zaku, avenge Zeta Gundam.

    4-Gurren Lagann, tbh I can see Gurren Lagann easily winning this tournament.

    Bonus Round: Gundam as been known by it’s silly names, but seriously Mr Bushido?

    • 1. Both are great, even though I want neither to win. I voted for the Test Type.



      4. YF-19, LOVERS GOTTA LOVE.


  3. Shinmaru said

    1) Eva 01. Tachikomas are cute and all, but come on.
    2) VF, because I am riding high on Macross right now.
    3) Zaku, because voting Escaflowne in the last round made me feel dirty.
    4) Gurren Lagann.

    Bonus: The Innovators, clearly.

  4. Aftershok said

    I voted against both the Macross units, if only to give Unit-01 a better shot.

    Oh, and they’re all AWESOME names, except for the Innovators. Where’s that “best mask in mecha” bonus round?!

  5. schneider said

    Anale Kant is the worst Gundam na– ohwait

    Mister Bushido ain’t so bad. The South is Burning Red is p. awesome too.

    • OH COME ON






      • Matt Wells said

        I wouldn’t mind calling my children Mister. Granted it wouldn’t be my first choice, but its a hell of a lot better than Full. Reminds me of a kid I knew called Favourite, and his sister, called Fortunate, I shit you not. Poor bastards.

  6. Kuro said

    Let the fucking war begin. Voted Full Frontal for Bonus round but I’m pretty sure the innovators will win it.

  7. Tetho said

    >the Gurren Lagann in this tournament does not
    >refer to the Choginga or Tengen Toppa versions.
    Vote picture is the Tengen-Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

    • Bit of a lack of coordination between Ghosty and I there. At the start of the tournament I said that anything that had multiple forms that don’t significantly differ in design get lumped together. It’s that way for the Gurren Lagann, as it was for the Gurren from Code Geass with it’s normal, Mark II, and Gurren Seitan versions.

      • drmchsr0 said

        So the YF-19F and the Fire Bomber variants (which are part of the YF-19 family, but have… significant differences in design. I mean, SPEAKER PODS.)are considered YF-19 for the contest?

      • Matt Wells said

        I’m guessing no. YF-19 was the prototype model so it therefore had an overall more advanced and different design to its mass produced successor. They’re just about different enough to count as seperate units, or at least I think so.

  8. drmchsr0 said


    1. Tachikoma. Shut up man these things are cute and functional and I’m voting them in only to see it get crushed in the finals

    2. Only because that coloration. VF-1S Forever.

    3. Never watched Escaflone 😦 So IT’S CAPTAIN ZAKUTIME (Captain Zaku being the titular character from a series of comics from Gundam-san by Hideki Owada. Yes, he is a Zaku, yes he is an actual character, and yes, SaiMangaka is the cancer that is killing SaiMecha :3c)

    4. Irony being that it’s not the YF-19F or any of the Fire Bomber variants :3c Also, the YF-19 is a pretty sweet ride. Personally I prefer the F117-inspired YF-17 or the YF-21/23. They looked cooler. And as much as I love the supers, GaoGaiGar was the last great Super Robot and NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT ROUND 2 😦


      Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to Twitter and blogs then 😛

      • drmchsr0 said


    • drmchsr0 said

      Bonus Round: Kira Yamato. Those are really bad names, but “Full Frontal” is hilarious, as is “MISTER BUSHIDOOOOOO” and “South Burning”. Never really watched Gundam 00 so…

      Yeah. Kira Yamato is the most awful name in Gundam.

      Also my vote for the YF-19 is NOT for the Fire Bomber Variants in Macross 7, but for the version that appeared in Plus.

      • Turambar said

        That’s not a choice and a horribly character aside, the name Kira Yamato is a pretty normal sounding.

      • stop being such an idiot

        Kira Yamato is not a horrible name.


      • Matt Wells said

        Kira Yamato is tantemount to calling your child “KILLER JAPAN”. Which in English sounds admittedly awesome, but the name itslf is irreperably tainted by its owner.

      • drmchsr0 said

        gl: U MAD, BRAH? (Also I can no has daughter, or a marriage, I sad 😦 )

  9. chronolynx22 said

    I will vote against Eva until the bitter end. And while it was tough to decide between Gurren Lagann and the YF-19, I had to go with the latter. Long live Macross!

  10. Bonesy! said

    Zaku II

  11. Turambar said

    1. Eva-01: There are some things Moe can’t win against.

    2. VF-1: Because I am still a Valkyrie fag.

    3. Escaflowne: Because regal and fucking classy looking is still better

    4. I abstain. YF-19 is my favorite Valkyrie of all times. But there was something about watching Gurren Lagann in action that made me feel oh so fucking good. Some would say that came more from the hot blooded screams of Simon, Kamina, and the rest of the Gurren Brigade. They might be right. I also don’t give a fuck.

    5. Mr. Bushido, easy. None of the innovators were worthwhile characters to begin with. Full Frontal, while having a somewhat silly name, is not a one line joke of a character. South Burning is a fucking great name and I’ll punch anyone that disagrees. Mr. Bushido took a pretty likable character (sans his random appearance in the final episode) and turned him in to a literal japanophile joke.


      Yes, his first name is Mister.

      • Turambar said

        Oh fine. GL vote made. On a related note, finally finished watching Getter Robo Armageddon. What the fuck happened at the end there?

      • Matt Wells said

        The two Getter teams warped into a great apocalyptic dimension, a “Getter Valhalla”, if you will. There, alongside the combined teams of the Getter multiverse, they fought an endless war with those who opposed the ultimately destructive force of the Getter rays.

        The youngsters returned to our dimension, while the old team stayed to fight, led by a Ryoma piloting the peerless Getter Emperor aka. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Daddy. The same Ryoma and this dimension appear again at the end of 2004’s New Getter Robo.

        Both tie into Ken Ishikawa’s intended outcome for his Getter saga, with GE destroying the universe, but he died before he could complete it. On a related note, after 15 years, GR: Armageddon still makes absolutely no fucking sense.

  12. d3v said

    Voting for the VFs, for great justice (The VF-25 shall be avenged!)

    Also, Full Frontal for silliest name. South Burning’s name was at least appropriate seeing as how hot blooded and GAR he turned out to be.

  13. Scamp said

    1: Unit 01: EVA units eat spider tanks for breakfast.
    2: Sinanju: Pretty indifferent here, but I prefer Gundam robot designs to Macross
    3: Zaku: Because I like the story of the grunt robot rising up against the regal machine
    4: Gurren Lagann: I will accept nothing other than a Gaianx final

  14. JoeQ said

    1. EVA-01, because fucking scary and demonic > moe.

    2. VF-1, because when it comes to real robots mass produced grunts are always better than Super Robot wannabe prototypes or ace customs. Also, Sai Stupidest Name.

    3. Escaflowne, because Dragons > Nazis. SO WHAT DOES THAT SAY OF YOU, ZAKU II VOTERS?

    4. HEAVEN PIERCING CRIMSON FACE, because it is AWESOME and LOVE and the symbol for everything that is good and just in this world or any other.

    BONUS: Full Frontal, because he is Char, which makes this already awesomely stupid name 3X stupider.

  15. Reid said

    I fear that whichever side wins the first matchup will go on to the final round of the tournament. Therefore, I am torn whether I should vote for the EVA-01 (which I actually respect but which I would not like to see win the whole shebang) or the Tachikoma (which I disrespect but which I also feel CANNOT win against the Gurren Laggan/YF-19/VF-1/Sinanju). That said…

    2. I’m so sorry VF-1. I really do love you since you’re a legit plane (and I’ve loved aircraft since WAY before I ever got into mecha anime) and a cool robot as well, but I had to go with Sinanju because it’s my favorite robot in my favorite anime series. I just had to. Please forgive me. If it had been any other way I would have voted for you to the end. Sinanju is the best-looking Zeon design ever, as we’ve already established earlier in the tournament. However, I don’t feel like that’s the only reason it deserves to progress – Sinanju represents a shift in thinking for the “enemy rival” trope. Sazabi (and Nightengale) were HUGELY complicated pieces of machinery armed to the gills with every kind of newtype psuedoscience and very much highlighted the “we’re spacenoids, we’re newtypes, we’re the next step in human evolution” elitism that the “old” Zeon mentality pushed. Sinanju (thought it does have a psychoframe to speed up pilot reaction times) is very much a throw-back to the simply-armed, fast yet demanding, high-performance of Char’s original custom mobile suits. It’s not the grunt unit a Geara Zulu is, but consider this: the reason it can stand toe-to-toe with the super-robot-powerful Unicorn Gundam is because it’s got no fancy newtype weapons to be taken over and used against it. Sinanju depends on the pilot’s skills, not just his desire to live. Sinanju is an instrument of the people’s right to individual sovereignty.

    3. I’m so sorry, Zaku II. You’re my hero, but you’ll probably fall. The every-man who rises up to prove himself in the world, much like the spacenoid rebellion you represent. As a man from the American South I have an abiding love for lost causes and a hate for the tyranny of bullies (which I realize is difficult to rationalize in light of both the real world CSA’s policy of slave-holding and the Zeon’s incredibly evil autocratic rulers. What it comes down to is this: the Zaku is every common man who loves his homeland in spite of her problems and I respect that a lot. Escaflowne will likely win this round, and it too deserves to go as far as it can. I nominated it, after all, so I have a stake in this as well. I’m torn on this one for the simple reason that I respect what each robot brings to the table.

    4. I voted for the YF-19 out of being duty-bound to support Macross in some way. A Variable Fighter deserves to make it a long way into this tournament. While the Alpha-One isn’t my favorite representative of that proud heritage, I prefer it to the band-wagon jumping of the Gurren Lagann, which, while outrageous, is not nearly as meaningful to me as, say, Gunbuster or Ideon. And besides, Mazinkaiser SKL and GaoGaiGar were way more awesome in their audacity than Gurren Lagann. At least that’s how it seems to me. The YF-19 is probably the best-animated fighter jet ever put to film, and has a lot of good things going for it, but I won’t pretend my vote in its favor is anything more than a sense of obligation to support a great franchise rather than a johnny-come-lately that everyone seems enthralled with.

  16. Matt Wells said

    The Quickening approaches! Loved this tournament, and thank you so much for doing it, executiveotaku, you are the bee’s knees, mutt’s nuts, and other animal organ metaphors for greatness. Thank you to Ghostlightning for teaching me the capacity of hatred for my fellow man, (I aim to be a worthy apprentice in evil) and for your glorious write ups.

    1. Eva-01. I don’t even like Evas, but I don’t like Tachikomas either, so I flipped for it. Fate itself conspired to maintain my Supers bias, it seems. Also, MOE IS THE CANCER IN THE HEART OF SAIMECHA etc.

    2. VF-1. Cause Char got about three spots to himself in this tournament, so like Hell am I gonna let the laziest Char knock-off yet take the top spot, epsecially in an anorexic Sazabi. VF-1, because Macross is awesome, sexy planes are awesome, slim humanoids are awesome, and ugly as shit planes with legs and arms make me laugh.

    3. Escaflowne. Supers again, and if I hear one more person call a magical robot powered by the heart of a slain dragon, dragon transforming, cape wearing, sword weilding mecha “Real Robot” again, I may have to seriously attempt to murder them. Because they are WRONG. And though I like the Zaku II, if I can’t have my dream Zaku VS. Scopedog match-up, NO ONE CAN!!!

    4. Gurren Lagann. Zambot 3 head crest and cool jetpack aside, from a pure design point of view, Gurren Lagann doesn’t do much for me. On the other hand, YF-19 is the most vanilla Valkyrie I’ve ever seen, cool plane mode, but little else to recommend it. More than anything else, it’s BLAND. And blandness is a sin I cannot forgive. Had I seen Macross Plus before the tournament started, I would have elected its brother-in-arms, the YF-21.

    Worst Name: Full Frontal. Yes, while the others are ridiculous (and not the GOOD kind of Gundam ridiculous, like Ramaba Rall), Full Frontal functions not only as the name of a pornographic trope, but also a deviant sex act, AND it sounds like the name of a 70’s Prog Rock band.

    It also continues the laughable tradition of a Char alias being vaguely sexual: Casval DIKEKUM, Char ASSNIPPLE, Quattro VAGINA.

    • drmchsr0 said

      Casval is actually Char’s real name. So yeah…

      He desperately wants to be sexy to da ladies.


      • Matt Wells said

        AHA, but is our Char really Casval, or is he Char pretending to be Casval, PRETENDING TO BE CHAR?!

        Those Gundam novels shake my very knowledge of mechadom to the core. AMURO IS DEAD AND ZETA IS FANFICTION, LOL TOMINO.

        Plus I would argue that the man has been the character of Char so long, what little of Casval Daikun there is left he no longer considers to be his true identity.

  17. Asraful said

    Zaku II
    Gurren Lagann
    Innovators. Even just for this name, regardless of their random shit they’re actually called.

    Scopedog, I shall avenge thee. Also South Burning is awesome.

  18. Fadeway said

    Eva 01 – while the tachikoma are a strong rival to even the gorgeous berserking antics, I had to go with a humongous mecha.
    Sinanju. Still working my way through UC and thus haven’t reached Unicorn, and haven’t even started Macross, so went with looks. Though the Valkyrie is probably gimped with that half-transformed picture.
    Zaku. Would be hilarious if it won though.
    Excalibur. Haven’t watched Macross, but I am not really fond of the galaxy-throwing and other stuff going on in TTGL, and neither of the titular mech, and the macross mechas do look interesting. Gotta rewatch TTGL some day with the proper mentality, I wasn’t prepared for it to be that ridiculous.

  19. Caraniel said

    1. EVA-01: Much as I love the moe little spider tanks, the EVA is a fucking beast.
    2. VF-1: Love the Sinanju’s design, but the Macross unit is iconic.
    3. Escaflowne: It hurt a bit to vote against the awesome Zaku II, but come on! Escaflowne transforms into a fecking dragon!!
    4. Gurren-Lagann: Its Gurren-Lagann (& I’d already given one of the Macross units a vote XD)
    5. Full Frontal……..never fails to make me laugh, although the Innovators are probably going to sweep the board with their stupid names. Mr Bushido & South Burning are actually pretty cool XD

  20. Xard said

    1. Tachikoma. They’re moe, likeable, well animated and…well really, Eva 01 I actually like better, but no way in hell I’m voting for the bastard who eliminated VF-25. Sorry mommy, I would’ve voted for you if you hadn’t done that way back in first round.

    2. VF-1 of course! Sinanju *is* the coolest looking Zeon mech I’ve ever seen, but VF is a VF.

    3. Escaflowne. I rather like Zaku but dragon is a dragon. And it looks just awesome with cape and in swordfights.

    4. YF-19. My favourite of the ones who still fight on. And I need to remember love for Macross. And Gurren Lagann’s design never did anything to me anyway, it’s just another super robot. It ain’t no Gunbuster for sure.

    Bonus round: Full Frontal because I can’t take villain who sounds like title of porn video seriously.

  21. Damn Gainaxfags, voting last round for Unit 01 instead of Gunbuster. You should know clearly Gunbuster is superior. Like GL said I could as well pass the word and tell friends to vote instead of complaining about this OBVIOUS mistake, but they’re mostly Evafags so I cannot do that.
    YES I MAD.

    1/Tachikoma. Even if I only like them a bit and hate their high pitched voices, I simply Cannot vote for Eva for the reasons stated above.

    2/VF-01 Valkyrie. Just how could GGG loose to the Sinanju?

    3/ Escaflwone , my only big favorite left in the tournament. I like Zaku too but gotta make F***** CHOICES.

    4/ Gurren Lagann I like it more than the VF, but I know I’ll regret voting for it because he’ll get to the finals. Arbalest should’ve crushed it. Stupid Gainaxfags.

    Bonus/ Innomorons. ANEW RETURNER. nuff said. Mister Bushido contributed a lot too to the unintentional hilariousness of 00. But ANEW RETURNER tops it. INB4 I HOPE YOUR DAUGHTER’S NAME IS MISTER.

    In another note, how come there’s no sexy friggin Cybuster in this tournament? If only I had not missed the nominations…

    Third time’s a charm, Stupid Gainaxfags.

    • Matt Wells said

      I just got Original Generation 1 in the mail a week ago, and I’ve been playing it non-stop. Not a bad introduction to SRW. And for next years tournament, Cybuster is going on my nomination list. Its like Escaflowne crossed over with Dunbine, plus 100+ SEXY.

      I just love how that mech is essentially Banpresto going “OK guys, we couldn’t get the rights to Aura Battler Dunbine, so how about WE MAKE A BETTER ONE. Thus, Cybuster was born. 🙂

      • Cool story, don’t forget to play Original Generation 2 too. And yeah Banpresto is amazing, they rip off designs but make them even more awesome and badass.

      • drmchsr0 said

        Seconding OG2 as well. Also look out for Lord of the Elemental for the DS (essentially a remake of the SNES Lord of the Elemental, which is technically part of OG.) Also NEPPU, SHIPPU, CYBASUTAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a pretty rockin’ BGM :3c

        Nominations sorely missed in this SaiMecha: BOTH Dynamic General Guardians, FUUN SAIKI GUNDAM (IT’S A HORSE GUNDAM WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S NOT AWESOME, King Gainer, The Entire Robot Cast of GaoGaiGar (Or just CHORYUJIN and Volfogg, they’ll do), Xabungle/Walker Galliar, BRAIGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Daitarn 3/Zambot 3, the YF-23…

        There’s a lot missing 😦

      • Matt Wells said

        In all fairness I voted for Daitarn 3, and I thought Saimecha only covered PILOTED mechs, so I didn’t nominate MIC SOUNDERS ZA SURTEENTHU! Both are going on my list next year. Maybe Volfogg too, ’cause he is A NINJA ROBOT COP CAR. AND SOUNDS LIKE KAMINA.

        I ordered OG 1 and OG 2 at the same time, and I’m still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Just beat Sanger on Ryusei’s route, and I’m still laughing at how Gundam the SRX robots are. Every time I use Aya I shout “IKE! FIN FUNNEL!”

      • JoeQ said

        Be sure to play Kyosuke route before moving on to OG2. It’s different enough and has plenty more foreshadowing. Also, Alteisen > SRX

      • Matt Wells said

        I will! If only for getting Sanger Zanvolt from the start…don’t get me wrong, even a novice like me was well aware of Sanger’s badassery. Its just a completely different thing to play it for yourself than just watching an awesome attack animation on youtube.

        Kyosuke seems surprisingly likable for such a genericaly designed character, and any mech that has a revolver powered impaling spike as its main weapon automatically has my attention. Cybuster is still my favourite mech so far though. AKASHICCU BUSTERRRRR! 🙂

    • drmchsr0 said

      THAT’S IT.


  22. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    1. Tachikoma…I don’t want EVA 1 to win…
    2. Sinanju, anywayswhy should I answer when a CERTAIN SOMEONE DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO WRITE A PARAGRAPH ABOUT IT!!!!!
    3. Zaku, nuff said
    4. YF-19, I like it better than gurren lagaan.
    -And the Innovaters…

  23. Zhil said

    1. Tachikoma
    2. Valk
    3. Zaku
    4. Valk
    5. Quatro Vagina

  24. […] While never failing to acknowledge the merits of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and the Sinanju, if you’re a Gundam fan who wants Gundam to achieve what it set out to do – to put the war stories in the hands of the common soldier and their standard-issue mobile suits (and less in the hands of caricatures like Full Frontal, or teenagers like Banagher Links). If you want your standard issue Gundam mecha to be given the utmost creative powers that otherwise go into designing units like the Sinanju, then vote for the VF-1 in Sai Mecha. […]


  26. […] VOTE NOW! Round 3 polls are open until 23:59 EST on14 May (Saturday.) This entry was posted in Editorial, Gundam, Macross Frontier, Macross Plus, Neon Genesis Evangelion, SDF Macross. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Nichijou 05-06 – The many faces of Yukko… and everyone else… […]

  27. Taka said

    I think the silliest name vote is rigged.

    See JP’s list of ridiculous Gundam names:

    All the same I voted for Full Frontal because it’s basically a porn name. Mister Bushido could be too…but only fetish porn. And being from the South, South Burning just sounds like a description of what we do every summer.

  28. Landon said

    1: Unit 01. Down with self-awareness! Up with mechacannibalism!

    2: VF-1. That other thing doesn’t even look like a Gundam. It looks like a Michael Bay Transformer. That’s even worse than a Gundam.

    3: Escaflowne. Grunts are grunts because they belong on the bottom. That’s their lot in life. Keep the Zaku in their dirty little place as the scum of the universe!

    4: YF-19. The Gurren Lagann is a false idol worshiped by the unclean masses. It must be purged!

  29. How is South Burning a bad name or worse for that matter?

    1.Fuck Evanglions
    2.Fuck the red communist
    3.Zaku rode along with Escaflowne to the path of victory
    4.FUCK Both

    • Matt Wells said

      It sounds like an American Civil War re-enactment group. But that name still has nothing on Full Frontal; I can’t believe Bandai USA stepped in and told Sunrise “Hey guys, about the name of the villain you’re using, Full Frontal? Let me tell you what it means in English, and why you should never, EVER use it…”

      • Reid said

        Surely they knew what “full frontal” means. However, if it has some kind of deeper symbolic meaning beyond the literal Char-clone being the front of the organization, it eludes me.

  30. WhatSht said

    1. Tachikoma(ehh….my mouse slipped)
    2. VF-1(Macross Fag inside me shouting “VF-1!VF-1!VF-1!VF-1!”)
    3. Zaku II(Gundam Fag in me “ZAKU ZAKU ZAKU”)
    4. YF-19(took on the Macross on its own and Basara pilots the descendant of this)

  31. JoeQ said

    Also, why didn’t anyone nominate that drill mecha? Clearly the best that Macross has to offer!

    • Matt Wells said

      We need a list of best construction robots ever. I nominate like, 80% of the mechs in Patlabor, that one mech in the first episode of Gundam Unicorn, and this Macross drill mech. And GUNLEON. The winner? BOSS BOROT.

  32. SquareSphere said

    1) Tachikoma, cause F bio mecha (THEY’RE NOT MECHANICAL!)
    2)VF-1 easy choice, hell the Sinanju is no Sazabi!
    3)Escaflowne, cause it uses swords in a setting where it makes sense to use swords! Also 1 to 1 motion controls make more sense than two joysticks that let mecha pull off kung fu moves :p
    4)YF-19, I was leaning towards GL, but after watching Shin Mazinger Z and Shin Getter Robo, I don’t have as much love for it any more.

    Bonus: Mister Bushido… freaking weeaboo

    • JoeQ said

      1. acceptable, if misguided

      2. eh, whatever

      3. Fight the nazi regime, brother!


  33. Vendredi said

    Getting harder to choose now.

    Mr. Bushido is fairly ridiculous… but the entire character was ridiculous in any case; I can`t really fault the choice of name… and regardless, just one name out of many is not too bad.

    The Innovators, on the other hand, are not just ridiculous, but consistently so. Bring Stabity, Regene Regetta…

  34. […] is down to its Elite Eight now, and the most exciting match, IMO, is VF-1 versus Sinanju. It’s a match between old and […]

  35. drmchsr0 said


    The Adventure Of The Bear

    ghostlightning and ExectutiveOtaku were out for a OH, THE PERSONAL DATA, IT’S LEAKING OUT~ Valentine’s walk THIS IS SPARTA. As they went, ExectutiveOtaku rested his hand on ghostlightning’s right butt cheek. It was the most romantic walk ever. But even though the day was so cockroach, ghostlightning was filled with VF-1S dread.

    “Do you suppose it’s white here?” he asked revoltingly.

    “You black silly,” ExectutiveOtaku said, tickling ghostlightning with his JunichiHeart. “It’s completely yellow.”

    Just then, a lovingly Bear leapt out from behind a swimsuit and Sinaju’d ExectutiveOtaku in the left nostril. “Aaargh!” ExectutiveOtaku screamed.

    Things looked Carl Gustaf. But ghostlightning, although he was red, knew he had to save his love. He grabbed a shinn87 and, as if a duck puked all over the canvas, sold it for mad cash and proceeded to hire an army of gay hookers to violate his ass, beat the Bear dirtily until it ran off. “That will teach you to Sinaju innocent people.”

    Then he clasped ExectutiveOtaku close. ExectutiveOtaku was bleeding rambunctiously. “My darling,” ghostlightning said, and pressed his lips to ExectutiveOtaku’s armpit.

    “I love you,” ExectutiveOtaku said ANAL PENETRATION, and expired in ghostlightning’s arms.

    ghostlightning never loved again.

    • Matt Wells said

      Needs moar Giant Robo and Big O sucking each others BALLZ.

    • Add Zeorymer to the mix and MAKE DEM BALLZ TOUCH.

      • Matt Wells said

        Just remember! When those golden balls touch each other, they reach critical mass and the universe explodes!…In a shower of rivets and OILED, muscular mechanisms. Cause remember kids: its never gay until the balls touch.

        And while I’m at it, thank you Ghostlightning. I will never be able to picture either GR or Big O in my head without imagining them frenching each other. Thank you and fuck you to Hell.

      • drmchsr0 said


  36. A Concerned Child said

    Tachikoma: mostly because they would come up with a plan to beat EVA01 and be all happy and cheerful about it despite the odds not being in their favour whilst shinji would just run off to cry in a corner at the prospect of doing something for once.

    Sinaju: It’s red and pretty.
    ZAKU II of bloody course as if I could vote for anything else. Unlike many others it actually looks like its built for war.
    Gurren Lagann I dont really know the other.. but this one was damn cool.
    Any innovator: Those names sounded like they just picked random words out of a hat

  37. otou-san said

    What a ripoff, where’s JAMITOV HYMEN?

  38. Had to make some hard choices this round. I actually voted AGAINST the Tachikoma for the first time in the tournament. And I actually voted FOR a Valkyrie. Oh the twisted world we live in today. Zaku II got my vote. Turning into a dragon for flight is bad ass, but it was never enough to make me love the series, nor the mech. And there’s no chance I even consider voting against Gurren Lagann …unless it and Unit 01 meet. Then we got a problem.

    All those HORRIBLE Gundam names & I have to choose one?! Like I said on Twitter, “picking the worst Gundam name is like picking the worst serial killer or rapist in a line up. There are no winners.”

    Then again, when I saw the name Bring Stabity (or Stability?) & Anew Returner I just knew we had a collection of true sh*t on our hands.

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