Sai Mecha Round 3: Results

May 17, 2011

The Elite Eight round fiercely contested and now the results are in. All the contestants are immensely popular among the fans and things will only get tougher from here on out. Read on for the results, and get ready for the semi-finals.


Voting Results

Earth Side

Evangelion UNIT 01 vs Tachikoma (53.28% vs 46.72%)

VF-1 Valkyrie vs Sinanju (63.18% vs 36.82%)

Colonies Side

YF-19 Excalibur vs Gurren Lagann (53.26% vs 46.74%)

Zaku II vs Escaflowne (58.24% vs 41.76%)

Bonus Round

Any given Innovator vs Full Frontal vs Mister Bushido vs South Burning (36.8% vs 31.2% vs 23.6% vs 8.4%)


This round saw its highest level of voting yet and had two very close matchups. The Evangelion UNIT 01 was boosted by both super robot fans and had the sponsorship of the famous Team Gainax behind it. The Tachikoma came into this match with momentum far outweighing its small size. It was close, but in the end the icon of 1990s anime came away with the win. And speaking of icons, the VF-1 Valkyrie beat its Zeonic rival by the largest margin this round. Though to say that that result was the biggest is a testament to how tough the competition can be. The Earth Side now comes down to two icons, giants in the genre of anime, overwhelming in the influence the shows they represent exert on all of anime and fandom. That’ll be quite the matchup.

Over on the colonies side we have something of an upset. This is why I love Sai Mecha, ladies and gentlemen, seeing fans rally against the odds like this. The Gurren Lagann is a fine super robot from an amazing series. It had so much lined up behind it this match: it’s from a recent series, an amazingly good one, a catchphrase that’s heard everywhere, and the Team Gainax supporters. The YF-19 on the other hand is a bit more humble. Macross Plus is well loved by fans of the franchise and of real robots generally. It has an innovative and unique design, but you get the sense that it wouldn’t get the attention that the Gurren Lagann gets. But here it is, just making it over the top to beat the super robot of super robots. It will face the Zaku II to compete for the Colonies Side Shield. The grunt mecha that spawned so many designs won out against the Escaflowne in the voting arena. The dragon-knight mecha roared in the competition, frankly doing better than I thought it would. It’s one of those mecha that looks damn cool but at first glance you wouldn’t think it could go this far. So my hat is off to the Escaflowne for its impressive run, and glory to the victorious Zaku II! That’s it for now, Sai Mecha fans. See you at the semi-finals!

Earth Side Shield Contenders

Evangelion UNIT o1 vs VF-1 Valkyrie

Colonies Side Shield Contenders

YF-19 Excalibur vs Zaku II


60 Responses to “Sai Mecha Round 3: Results”

  1. Kuro said


  2. drmchsr0 said


    Dude the YF-19 is totally a super robot I mean MUSIC BEEEEEEEEEEEAMS.


    • Matt Wells said

      This YF-19 is the PROTOTYPE model from Plus, the mass produced version in Macross 7 is a completely seperate design, with completely different specs. Basara’s Valkyrie, however, is a total Super Robot. SPEAKER POD MISSILES BABY!

  3. Turambar said

    I almost feel good that the YF-19 won despite me voting for GL.

    Also fuck all you Zaku voters. Fuck all of you. Forever. In the penis.

  4. foshizzel said

    NOoooooooooooooooooo Gurren Lagann!! T________T

    Wooot eva unit πŸ˜€

  5. pp said

    T3T GO GO Unit-01 & ZAKU II!

  6. Anya said

    Usually my choices are shot down, but ALL OF MY SELECTIONS MADE IT THROUGH THIS ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  7. chii said

    YES! This is a good result! πŸ˜€

  8. megaroad1 said

    First time ever that all the ones I voted for got through!

  9. WhatSht said

    HOLY ****! if this goes on, the VF-1 will have to fight the YF-19, Tachikoma got shot down, i voted it to seek revenge for the Vf-25, NOOOOOO!

  10. JoeQ said


    I hope all you goddamn realfags are reeeal proud of what you have wrought. Now we’ll all end up bowing down to fucking Gundam cannonfodder! MAY YOU ALL GET A GIGA DRILL BREAK UP THE ASS, SMASHED INTO ATOMS, TURNED INTO LIGHT AND FINALLY EATEN BY THE HORRIBLE MOMMYBOT!!!

  11. Matt Wells said

    Nice going guys. Just like that, you got rid of all the COOL super robots. What does that leave us with? One GOOD Valkyrie, a psychologist’s wet dream in mecha form, and the poster boy for all you closet space Nazis. HATEEEEE. 😦

    The Zaku I can understand, there are afterall, far more Gundam fans out there than Escaflowne fans. But voting against one of the greatest super robots of all time for the most VANILLA Valkyrie of all time?! Remember Macross fans, the Gainax series you were SUPPOSED to vote against in revenge for the VF-25 was Eva, NOT GURREN LAGANN!

    If you voted for the YF-19, do you know what your favourite food is? WHITE BREAD WITH NOTHING ON IT. Your favourite drink? PLAIN WATER. Your favourite musical genre? ELEVATOR MUSIC. If you voted for YF-19, you are either a Macross fag (acceptable) or THE BLANDEST MECHA FAN IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER (unacceptable!).

    • drmchsr0 said

      Actually, GaoGaiGar was the greatest Super Robot Ever.

      Gurren Lagann may have size on it;s side, but IT NEVER HAD COURAGE.

      • Matt Wells said

        I did say ONE of. That implies it isn’t the greatest, merely very great. I prefer GGG over Gurren Lagann from a robot perspective, but greatest…I dunno. I’m torn between Genesic GGG, Gunbuster and Getter Emperor.

    • Vanilla my ass. You just revealed your utter lack of VF knowledge.

      The YF-19 is what any Mobile Suit prototype in the UC should aspire to be.

      • Matt Wells said

        True! But we are celebrating design here…and the YF-19, while a perfect blend of form and function, is visually unappealing. Its a non-descript Valkyrie; by-the numbers paint job, humble and uncluttered Battroid mode, dull gerwalk setting. Sexy plane mode, but show me one Valkyrie that isn’t a sexy plane.

        From a pure design aesthetic view, the YF-21 blows it out of the water. Real robots should be realistic, but that doesn’t mean they should be boring. That’s how I take the YF-19 anyway. This is coming from a guy who’s only watched Plus, and a superfag to boot. When it comes down to it,though I’d vote for VF-1 over the Eva 01 anyday. Again, my own weird taste.

  12. schneider said

    Well played, guys!

    That said, I’m probably supporting a VF-1 vs Zaku II matchup. Which one of them I’ll vote when the time comes, I DUNNO LOL

  13. Reid said

    Well, I fought the good fight. I campaigned hard on facebook and in person to many of my online friends and actual friends and even some family members who couldn’t care less about SaiMecha, all in efforts to get Sinanju to beat the VF-1. However, it appears as though the people have spoken. I will say that I love the Sinanju more than all the others in the whole competition for reasons that I’ve hashed out on this blog and several others, so there’s no need to continue with that. All that said, I don’t think a worthier opponent existed in this competition than the venerated VF-1, and for that reason I humbly concede defeat. The better robot won, and I can accept it.

    Now, on to this round of competition. I feel like this one is the easiest yet! I have absolutely no equivocation about throwing support behind the MS-06 and VF-1, so at least that’s resolved. Whichever wins in their face-off will be my choice for the championship because I CANNOT TOLERATE AN EVA-01 VICTORY.

    • JoeQ said

      Screw you, EVA-01 is the only halfway decent candidate left in this miserable trainwreck of a tournament!

      • Reid said

        I’m going to try not to laugh about that. EVA-01= Ultraman, dumb rubber suits and zippers and all + pseudo-religious mumbo-jumbo + Mardi Gras colors
        VF-1 = timeless classic
        YF-19 = interesting deviation from a timeless classic
        MS-06 Zaku II = timeless classic

      • JoeQ said


        VF-1 = shit
        Zaku II = shit
        yiff = double shit
        EVA-01 = okay, I guess?

        Alright, I’m done.

      • Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

        EVA-01<VF-1<VF-19<MS-06 Zaku II
        ZAKU WINS!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Caraniel said

    Wow I failed at the Colonies Side ;A; Pretty gutted for Gurren-Lagann & Escaflowne, but I do like the YF-01 & Zaku II so not a massive blow.

    Very pleased with the Earth Side results though πŸ˜€

  15. Rockmanshii said

    I actually voted for GL as I don’t know shit about the VF-19 and haven’t saw Macross plus yet but damn I’m actually happy GL lost. But Fuckin Zaku won over Escaflowne ;_; He should just stay a grunt who gets crushed over forever.
    I’m happy VF-01 won and now he’s against Eva shit so I’m so gonna vote for him next round.

  16. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    SINANJU, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At least the Zaku is still in, GO ZAKU, PULL OFF AN UPSET!!!!!!!









  18. d3v said

    Come on Macross lifers! Let’s make this an all VF final!

  19. Xard said

    I’m a bit miffed by Zaku II winning over lovely Escaflowne but if I think of it was the one piloted by Bernard Wiseman…I’m ok with it. Still, next round is as far as grunt unit should go in name of common decency. That it goes against YF-19 seals the deal.

    Not surprised about Eva-01 continuing though it’s a pity tachikomas didn’t quite manage to pull this through. Still, brave fight from the little ones and at least this means we get a dream match that will surely overshadow the finale (at least for me), VF-1 vs Eva-01…

    YF-19 beating Gurren Lagann was something I didn’t believe in but I exploded from joy when I realized it had actually happened! YESSSSS!

  20. SquareSphere said

    Damn it, i wanted Eva to lose so it could go cry in a corner. No matter, it will be crushed next round.

    I gotta say I’m impressed that the Zaku won, it was a good fight and the Esca can bow out knowing it lost to a worthy opponent.

    Not gonna lie, I’m surprised as hell that the YF-19 pulled this out even though i voted for it.


  21. The Zaku II better win the whole damn thing 😑

  22. Bonesy! said

    gurren lagann is okay but the hell with the fanbase

  23. […] not that I don’t like you, Sinanju. It’s the very fact that I think you’re tops that makes this victory ever so sweeter. This entry was posted in Editorials and tagged Gundam, macross, Sai Mecha, […]

  24. NyankoDevice said

    is it just me, or is the EVA units not just a biological lifeform with sofisticated armor!
    mostly braindead, thus the need for a pilot..

    anyway Variable Fighters FTW πŸ˜€

    want to see a capital ship tournament (Vajra Flagship FTW)

  25. JoeQ said

    C’mon mans, let’s do this thing!

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