Sai Mecha Semi-Finals: Results

June 5, 2011

And then there were two. Here are the results of the Sai Mecha 2011 Semi-Finals! Two mecha chosen by the people will advance into the first ever Sai Mecha Championship. Thank you for all your votes, enthusiasm, and interest thus far. We salute all four contestants that made it this far. To the winners, congratulations. And to the two defeated, good luck next year. And now the results…



Earth Side Championship Match

Evangelion UNIT 01 vs VF-1 Valkyrie (54.51% vs 45.49%)

Colonies Side Championship Match

YF-19 Excalibur vs MS-06 Zaku II (47.48% vs 52.52%)

Bonus Round

Strike Freedom (just because) vs Getterfags vs Drmchsr0 vs Sai Pilot (48.62% vs 18.78% vs 17.68% vs 14.92%)


Close matches, back and forth the whole time, now that’s a competition! Welcome back, Sai Mecha fans, this is your host, ExecutiveOtaku. We had ourselves quite a battle here, the only question is where to start? In the Earth Side Championship match the VF-1 Valkyrie came strong out of the gate, gathering an early and persistent lead over the UNIT 01 until halfway through the match. Both mecha fought with guts and determination, and the voting totals went back and forth several times. But eventually the Evangelion UNIT 01 came through and managed to hold onto enough votes for the win. It was then presented with the Earth Side Champion’s trophy, the Acgao Gai Gar Trophy. Which it proceeded to eat.

On the other side of the Sai Mecha Battlegrounds, the Colonies Side contenders fought for their trophy. This match also changed hands a few times, though not as dramatically as the Earth Side. The YF-19 got off to an early, but small lead. The Zaku II managed to hold the votes close and eventually overpowered the other Macross contender in the tournament. While the Earth Side has been marked by loud, angry competition between fans of the VF-1 and UNIT 01, on the Colonies Side the contestants came in with much more dignified fan appeals. I have to think that this has something to do with both contestants being real robots. When you don’t have the real vs super conflict in the room, you get a much more civilized contest. After the match the Zaku II was presented with the Acguy Scopedog Trophy and crowned Champion of the Colonies Side. This has to be a big day for the Colonists. I don’t agree with their politics, but it has to feel good for their home team mecha to take home the Colonies trophy. Fans then rushed the stadium and proceeded to paint their champion red! You see some crazy things in Sai Mecha, but this has to be right up there with the big moments.

There you have it, Sai Mecha fans! Get ready for the first ever Sai Mecha Championship Match!


66 Responses to “Sai Mecha Semi-Finals: Results”

  1. Kuro said

    MACROSS LOSE. Variable Fail.

    ECA-01 vs. Captain Zaku. This will be a glorious finals for the 1st Saimecha

  2. Aftershok said


    Brothers, let us be silent for a moment out of respect for our fellow mechas that hail from Macross. For we are here to commemorate, not the death of Macross in this tournament, but the LIFE of Macross in this tournament… and how it was abruptly ended here by Unit-01 and some monocle’d grunt!! Ha!


  3. drmchsr0 said


    How did EVA-01 win that it is impossible Oh noes Anno is going to assrape us all D:


  4. Fucking Dungam fans :,’,'(

  5. ToastCrust said

    Wow, a very sudden turn away from the SaiMacross everyone was afraid of.

    I was hoping for a VF-1 vs. MS-06 personally, but ah well. At least I know who to vote for now.

  6. Anya said


  7. *swirls evil wine, then sips it*

    Nice try Macross. Nice try.

    *take another sip*

  8. drmchsr0 said

    Waitwhat how did Strike Freedom and the Getterfags become the cancer of Saimecha


  9. Ressy said

    well I know where my votes are going.
    To the robot that’s not just an oedipal plot device for the pilot we love to hate.

  10. Xard said

    Wow. Fugly mommybot vs space nazi finale

    You guys are fucking disgusting

  11. Scamp said

    I think having 2 Macross bots in the semis worked against them. At a guess, there may have been people who didn’t want an all Macross final and deliberately voted against them for that reason. The margins were small enough that something as simple as that could have made all that difference.

    And now…


    • Kuro said

      It will be a glorious Sai Mecha finals

      • JoeQ said

        Indeed, Super vs. Real will make for most fitting finals. The ultimate god-like (literally) prototype versus the ultimate mass-producent grunt!

        (Though I’d have preferred to have either Gunbuster or THE KING OF BRAVES as the Super representative. VF-1 vs. Mazinger Z or Gurren Lagann would have also been acceptable. Oh well, have to take what you can get…)

    • Xard said

      Probably, but I give more props to really active campaigning Eva fans did for this round. Zaku YF-19 was going to be close call anyway (if it had been VF-1 vs Zaku things would’ve probably turned out other way around) but I’m surprised 01 actually overcame the anti-Eva pro-real bias the voters have so far shown.

      Though I preferred YF-19 I don’t mind Zaku II in finale much, at least it was revolutionary design in anime history. What gets me is people voting a bloody Nausicaa’s God Warrior ripoff in Ultraman rubber suit over revolutionary and original creation like VF-1.

      I hate my fellow EVA/GAINAX fags. >=(

      • JoeQ said

        Your tears, so delicious.

      • Ted said

        Almost as original as a fighter jet with legs tapped to it.

      • Matt Wells said

        Hey that comparison is valid! What was Anno’s first professional animation job? Animating the God Warrior in the Nausicaa movie. So yeah, Eva-01 is Miyazaki’s Nuclear Weapon analog zipped up in a kinky Ultraman rubber Gimp suit.

        NO GUNBUSTER/GURREN LAGANN FINALE? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! You couldn’t even give us a Zaku VS. Valkyrie match up!

      • Xard said

        I didn’t even come up with the idea. It isn’t so obvious from film version but Nausicaa manga had huge influence on Evangelion. In early 90s Anno in fact wanted to adapt as a film the final Nausicaä volume but nothing came out of it. All stuff about Eva’s “godhood” etc. is pretty much straight out of Nausicaä vol. 7 – and Anno has even admitted the influence ages ago.

        Anno being huge Ultraman nerd and it playing a big part in Eva should go without saying.

        So all in all calling Eva God Warrior ripoff in Ultraman rubber suit is pretty darn accurate. It only lacks the oedipal bullshit aspect of the “mecha”

  12. jGLZa said

    Avenge the VF-1 Zakku! Avenge!!

  13. JoeQ said

    You know, even though I voted against it, it’s kinda shame that the yiff lost to Captain Nazi. The Mommybot could have gone for the hat-trick!

  14. All hail Zaku! Don’t let that plague known as Eva-01 win!!

  15. Reid said

    What a sad day for real mecha fans everywhere. I weep for the VF-1. EVA-01 must not win this fight. However, out of all our competitors, I can’t be happier that it’s the Zaku II that survived to face the ultimate evil that is the Johnny-come-lately/pseudo-intellectual/whiney-apocalyptic-emo/Oedipus-complex-ridden Evangelion.

    Paint that Zaku’s shoulder red! And give it a proper commander’s horn and golden sleeves! And emblazon a Jolly Roger on the shield! Zaku II, hero of the real robots, will destroy the abomination that blights the whole scenery of mecha anime. Zaku II, you are our last hope. Your moment of glory has come.



    I accept the loss and my own failure to affect the outcome.

  17. Come on Zaku take that pansy down!

  18. SquareSphere said

    WTF!!! Just… man … words escape me. Zaku over YF-19? Ok I can take that like a man. Zaku is the every man (space nazi’s) mecha suit.

    But Eva?… EVA!!! The unit where your mom has to, at best, DIE in order for it to work?!?!? It doesn’t deserve to be be considered mecha, it’s a gawd damn alien cyborg clone!

    It’s very existence is the anti-hotblooded-Courage!-It’s Showtime!-pierce the heavens-Rocket PUNCH!-GETTER BEAM! super robot!


  19. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    Zaku: This is no Angel, NO ANGEL!!!!! 🙂
    With that reference out of the way, I say that the Zaku does deserve the win in the finals. It was the first real robot grunt (not the monster of the week, but used from day 1 to the end) and even today it is a favorite among many. GOOOOO ZAKU!!!!!!!!!
    -P.S. I love the photos in this tournament, they are so funny

  20. The results were quite surprising; perhaps it’s because Gundam and Eva were more accessible sagas and thus easily recognized.

    Ah, well… UNIT-01, LAUNCH!

  21. foshizzel said

    Thanks for setting all this up everyone! Great fun even thou everyone’s favorite Mecha might not have won still all in good fun ❤

    with that WOOOT EVA! ❤

  22. d3v said

    And then Saimecha lost all credibility.

  23. Matt Wells said

    Since I’m not too fond of either finalist, and still bitter over every single of my nominations being knocked out, I have resolved to take the dignified path like my mentor Ghostlightning, and troll the shit out of both representatives.

    Ahem. If you vote for the Zaku, you splice together footage of Ghiren Zabi and Hitler’s speeches. And then you masterbate to them. You also wear a paper-mache Char mask when you think no-one is watching you, and jerk off to the thought of your sister.

    If you vote for Eva-01, you pretend to understand Kabbalah, which puts you on equal moral footing with Madonna. You like Ultraman more than you do genuine mecha, and you vigorously masterbate to the thought of being back in your mother’s womb. You also want to kill your Father, but in your defence, the bastard deserves it.

  24. Caraniel said

    Oh wow. Both Valkyries went out!? I am sort of shocked, but also kind of pleased……why does SaiMecha make me so conflicted!? ;A;

    Have no idea who I’m going to vote for in the finale – serious thought needs to go into this (or coin flippage, either or really).

  25. Turambar said

    Fuck you guys you fucking space nazi mono-eyephiles.

  26. WhatSht said

    Both Valkyries down….
    Nevermind, I still have something to vote for.

  27. pp said

    so when the finals come. I doubt zaku stand a chance. But even still! GO GO ZAKU!

    • Kuro said

      TRAITOR, you will taste defeat alongside that Gundam fodder.

    • Xard said

      In a fight between walking plot device and fugly weak space nazi mecha at least the walking plot device looks kinda cool though – and has events of NGE ep 19 going for it.

      It WOULD be hilarious if Zaku won this though

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