It All Comes Down to This: The Final Round of The Super Dimensional Robot Tournament SAI MECHA 2011

June 13, 2011


No surprises and incredible surprises. The finalists are some of the most recognizable robots in anime and merchandising history. On the one hand you have the Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type, a unit that toy line after toy line are still making versions of several times a year to this day, on the other hand you have the Principality of Zeon’s Zaku II, the ‘monster of the week’ that never was, and changed the game of anime merchandising forever.

Again we have a super-prototype vs. a mass produced unit, a unit unique to its pilot, against a unit who’s had countless nameless pilots. The power levels are comically lopsided, though the function and purpose of each unit are radically different. The Test Type was there for defense against god-like monsters; the Zaku II was for busting up capitol ships in close range, and then invading the Earth.

The Evangelion Unit-01 is the face of its franchise. The Zaku is not; it is the survivor of a grueling field of tournament combatants which included immensely popular Gundam units. It prevailed by pluck, and moé. The Test Type prevailed by the strength of being the standard of its franchise.


It has been for some time, but it merits mentioning anyway: fans of each franchise will vote like a bloc. It can’t be helped. This final should be decided by the neutrals and/or casuals. Which robot should be the winner? I am a big-time fan of the Evangelion anime, but I am a big-time fan of the Gundam franchise. My vote is not as clear-cut and predictable as with previous rounds when the Macross units still fought.

How you vote, and I repeat, I am no longer speaking to you partisans, depends on what you value in a mecha: design? power levels? history? awesome things it did/could do? Figure it out.

Polls open until 23:59 EST on 16 June.


Bonus Round


60 Responses to “It All Comes Down to This: The Final Round of The Super Dimensional Robot Tournament SAI MECHA 2011”

  1. Stormshrug said

    This was going to be easy. And then you HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD to drop the Ranka/Sheryl Bomb…

  2. JoeQ said


    Also, Sheryl. Lolis can gtfo.

  3. cepech said

    The saku, eva 01 isn’t even a mecha, is a big dude inside an armor.

  4. ToastCrust said

    Zaku II and Klan (moral vote).

  5. Reid said

    Zaku II is gonna wipe the floor with that sad trash. Fighting dirty, getting bloody with your brothers down in the gutters and trenches like a real man and dying for your country > whining about how nobody loves you and yet rejecting the people you should be reaching out to then turning the world into Tang soup just to spite yourself. This tournament stopped being about who would win in a fight a long time ago. Now it’s about personal beliefs and I believe in the Zaku II. Glory to the Principality of Zeon. Glory to real robots, and I don’t mean “real robots” as opposed to super robots either. I mean things that are actually machines and not gigantic walking mommy fixations.

    • Lowki said

      In my eye’s it’s a battle between a being with what can only be described as ‘god-like’ powers and an ‘AT-field’ (not exactly sure what it is but i’m pretty sure Zaku can’t do shit about it) VS. a traditional mass produced mecha with it’s only remarkable ability being the tenacity of it’s pilot.

      If i were voting for the pilot i’d vote zaku but as i’m voting for the ‘suit’ or w/e Eva 01 has to get my vote. I know which one i’d rather pilot, i’m not gonna get all head fucked and pussy up like shinji did in that thing, Zaku would be getting eaten whole, and i wouldn’t fancy any other mecha against the Eva 01 with a capable pilot

      • Reid said

        You may want to reconsider your desire to pilot the Eva. For one, your mom would have to be dead, you’d have to be mentally unstable and a middle school kid. The Evas were meant to perform a very specific task and after that task was completed for good or ill you’d be discarded or maybe even killed by the people who “employed” you. Sounds great…

      • Lowki said

        in Reply to Reid :

        yeah, i didn’t realise there was hidden stipulations to this contest, as a stated my vote has been cast on the basis of the capability of the unit itself NOTHING to do with the pilot as i’m considering which i would prefer to be pilot in.

        Now all things said, if you feel that being farted on by a gundam is a glorious way to go then you picked the right machine…..i don’t know how i would pass as a ‘middle school’ student and i’m quite sure that if the fate of humanity lay in MY hands then my mother would give her life for the cause, as would i….so even given the new stipulations you have set me for this contest my vote remains unchanged. I’m not some feeble little child who can’t handle his emotions there would be no tantrums and whatever job my ’employers’ asked me to do i’d get the damn job done so no worrys there either 😀

        IF and only IF i did have to be some mentally unstable middle school kid then bring me Zaku chuck me in and i’d politely ask the gundam pilots to make it quick (i have some dignity you know!) but i am not said child nor will i ever be so your argument is invalid sir.

      • Reid said

        It’s all good, dude. I’m sorry I got a little snappy. It’s been a heck of a past couple of days. At this point everyone’s going to vote their way so there’s little point to arguing one way or the other. Thanks for calling me out on my needlessly nit-picky BS. Seriously, I’ve been pissing people off left and right today.

  6. Reid said

    Also, Sheryl is the obvious choice. Ranka just wanted someone to give her life the meaning she couldn’t find for or in herself.

  7. How could anyone not vote Zaku. I can see how people would hate Ranka and I can see how people could hate Sheryl. But personally I have nothing but love for Ranka.

    • Reid said

      I felt sorry for Ranka more than anything. But honestly, I think she’d be a better person without Alto.

      But I’ll tell you how someone could not vote for the Zaku II. The fundamental difference is that people who vote Zaku love their family and their country and their high school sweet heart and their friends, etc. People who vote Eva-01 don’t believe in anything. Those on the fence should just withhold a vote.

  8. Aftershok said


    (oh, and Ranka)

  9. kadian1364 said

    Sheryl by a landslide.

  10. Kherubim said

    Between a giant biomechanical shell housing the soul of the protagonist’s dead mother versus a workhorse underdog on the wrong side of history, I choose the Zaku II…


  11. PP said

    ZAKU! ZAKU! *chants nonstop*

  12. Kuro said

    GO EVA-01 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

    (Sheryl Nome FTW)

  13. Shinmaru said

    Holy shit, where can I vote for Zeon!Asuka??

  14. taka said

    Fuck you for forcing me to choose between Ranka and Sheryl again.
    When the series began I was hardcore Ranka.
    When the series ended I leaned more toward Sheryl
    When the movies began it balanced out a little more.
    So now I can’t choose.

    As for Zaku II and EVA. It was also a tough decision. I’m a big fan of EVA. I mean it’s a total boss in terms of design, powers, etc. However history wins me out on this one. Zaku II is iconic not to any individual series but the Gundam franchise as a whole. Battle scarred and rugged it truly deserves to win. Unit-01 won’t be going down in popularity anytime soon especially with more movies. It will have it’s heyday time and again. This is Zaku II’s big shot to get the recognition it deserves.

  15. WhatSht said

    Voted for Zaku II, never watched evangelion.
    (and the Zaku sort of reminds me of the Krishnan Golems in Broken/Break Blade)
    Had a little difficulty choosing between Ranka and Sheryl, after thinking for a while, i had to go with Sheryl, Alto needs someone mature enough to accept his love for the sky.

  16. Turambar said

    I fucking hate this final match and all its contenders. But if I had to choose, FUCK YOU ZAKU YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!! GO GET EATEN BY THE MOMMY BOT!

    Also Sheryl.

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  18. Scamp said

    I never got the all Gainax Unit 01 vs Gurren Lagann final I was hoping for 😦

    Oh, and Sheryl obviously

  19. Voted for Evangelion UNIT 01. I Never watched Mobile Suit Gundam.
    GO UNIT 01!!

  20. I vote CHARSUKA AZNABLE SORYU in her red mobile armor production type.

    Also, Minmay.

    My real vote I’ll endorse in my campaign post.

  21. jGLZa said

    I swayed almost to vote for EVA-01 as every fucking thing I vote for seems to loose. Come on Zaku win this sh1t!

    Sheryl, n0m n0m n0m

  22. mshaydown said

    Also, I would have voted ranka if I didn’t get to see the ginga yousei (may’n) in person performing live. Sheryl all the way~

  23. Lowki said

    My last comment was removed (for use of colourful language i guess) so i’ll try tone it down a little 😀

    My vote has been cast with one consideration – Which unit would i prefer to pilot myslef. In my eyes it’s a battle between a unit with god-like powers and an AT-field (whatever it is Zaku can’t do much about it) VS. a mass produced mecha whose greatest attribute is the tenacity of it’s pilot.

    Now if this is a ‘fight’ chuck me in unit 01 please so i can eat Zaku whole, and lets think of the eva’s ‘finishing move’……if things get on-top i’ma make you all TRIP-BALLS then just as you think you think your getting over your ‘episode’ BAM your tango!! – “Fatality” – I resepect the Zaku’s history but c’mon i can’t see the pilots putting up much resistance as they a dribbling their way to the nearest reservoir/lake/puddle-of-tango. FIGHT!!!!

  24. Matt Wells said

    I just want to say this to my fellow sai-mecha voters: fuck you for forcing me to choose between Space Nazis and a Freudian Ultraman Cyborg. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE PROPER FINALISTS eg. ONES I WANT!!! WAAAHHH!!!!

    Ahem. Bitching over, I’m sort of partisan by how I’ve yet to watch either series, so I only have half-baked preconceptions regarding each finalist. And while I’m a natural Supers guy, I love real robots that are inherently shitty as a design feature, so I went with the Zaku II (though the Scopeog is three times as moe as the Zaku could ever hope to be). Hooray for oldfaggotry!

    And to seal the deal, have you ever seen the Zaku II double teamed by Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger? No, because Captain Zaku is a paragon of Space Aryanism, and Shinji’s mom is a total whorebag.

  25. Leehar said

    I didn’t like evangelion 😉

  26. […] It is by those particular standards that I evaluate the merit of a particular robot.  Give me a mech with a backstory, with a pilot with character depth, and with a uniqueness that cannot be recreated within its cannonical universe, and I will vote for it.  In this case, Sai Mecha. […]

  27. Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

    I voted for the Zaku. I just like it better. Additionally a beat-up Zaku totalled a Gundam…a near broken grunt MS taking down a Super-Prototype Gundam just proves its awesomeness and the same thing will happen against this super prototype

  28. […] fanbase/casualfags aside, the Test Type should win this tournament over the Zaku II. In the end, the reasons to not vote for it amount to sour-graping, pretentious […]

  29. Emperor J said

    There’s only one real mecha in the final, so that vote is obviously going to the Zaku. Sheryl gets the other vote on purely aesthetic terms.

  30. Jellyfish Marine said

    Sheryl vs Ranka is an easy vote for me, but EVA 01 vs Zaku on the other hand…/me face palm…

  31. schneider said

    Bernard Wiseman needs all the supplies he could get in order to defeat the rampaging Test Type.

    Would you like to eat burgers, with a glass of Tang™ to wash it down? If so, vote Eva!

    Would you like to continue living, and put that hideous purple-green hunchbacked beast out of its misery? If so, vote Zaku!

    Oh, and Sheryl plz

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  33. IAmZim said

    I voted for the Zaku II based on the strength of its design. It’s the epitome of everything I want from mecha, the fat armoured look, militaristic colours, the distinctive moneye.

  34. SquareSphere said

    ZAKU! It is a suit BLESS BY ZEUS! It is the work horse that propelled the spacenoids (*cough space nazis*) to GRASP their future in their own hands and bring down terrible vengeance on their enemies.

    Unit 1? Zeus sneers in disdain at the sacrifices needed to BIRTH such an abomination. Ultimately it is NOT a tool used to PROTECT others but a NIHILISTIC weapon used by who would only seek power for their greediness without understanding what they have wrought!


    oh and Sheryl cause she’s awesome and not another fawking moe blob that will send swarms of aliens monsters after you when she has PMS.

  35. Xard said

    Eva-01 – By the end of the series permanently God Mode Momma with actually cool looking, awesome design and true power vs. fugly, weak toilet-head cyclope that mainly gets used by space nazis as oppression machine and when not doing that it gets mauled as Gundam fodder. Eva-01 comes from much better series anyway to boot.

    Easy vote and the first one I gave to Eva-01 in this tournament. As funny as it is if Zaku II wins this it doesn’t deserve to thriumph over Eva on any sensible scale I can think of except “piloting it sucks less” scale. Not going to rage if it wins though because that would be lulzy event truly worth celebrating 😀


    re:bonus round

    oh screw you EO, really smooth man. Not a wound I’d prefer to open… 😛 Anyway, I’d like to cry foul and point out this vote is completely rigged by the way 99% of voters haven’t even got a chance to see Sayonara yet while Sheryl already has tons of holyshitwtf awesome she did in Utahime as a bonus to tv series going for her. Tsk!

    But I won’t do that because Sheryl is going to curbstomp this anyway, knowing the leanings of core voter base for Sai Mecha. Oh well…

    Nevertheless Ranka gets my vote without slightest hesitation

    • abitidi said

      If everybody here had also seen the second movie, this contest wouldn’t even be happening. Sheryl just wins.

      • Xard said

        Oh yes, Sheryl would definetly win the vote nonetheless (said as much). I just mean the margin might not be as wide as it will be, given how I’ve seen many people in japanese blogosphere who disliked or even hated Ranka really like her in the film – and for Ranka fan like me it was constant awesomeness.

        And I respectfully disagree. I really like (esp. film) Sheryl too but not as much as Ranka. Of course, I also found Sheryl annoying and arrogant character for the entirety of series first half so chances are we wouldn’t’ see eye to eye about this thing anyway. 😛

  36. […] sure to have your say, the polls close 23:59 EST on 16 […]

  37. drmchsr0 said



    Also where’s my Bobby Margot vote. Or Klan. Or… … … BRERA STERN.

    • Xard said

      >implying Yui Ikari is some sort of dead projection instead of one of the most cunning master trolls coupled with undying maternal love
      >implying she didn’t keikaku doori the shit out of SEELE, Gendo and the rest like only a real character could
      >implying Captain Zaku has ever done anything as awesome as ripping Zeruel to shreds and proceeding to eat it

  38. Not /m/ said

    I voted Zaku II because it’s 100% mecha

  39. DonQuigleone said

    Seig Zeon! As others have said, the Eva is just one big mother fixation. The zaku is what the REAL man fighting on the ground use. They’re out there on the front lines, serving the cause of Zeon, are you? They may have gone down in huge numbers, but Zeon Pilots never run away!

    And that’s the problem with the Eva. The sort of guy who pilots it is a wimp that just want to run away. Zaku pilots wouldn’t even talk about the possibility of running away!

    Also, regarding Sheryl/Ranka, why don’t we get the chance to choose what Alto chose, the VF? In the end it was the VF that won the shipping battles of Macross F.

  40. JoeQ said

    About time to start getting ready to yell SIEG ZEON at the top of your lungs!

    • Dzus (yes it is my last name, DEAL WITH IT) said

      Still my heart goes out to the original gundam

  41. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU I had my exams and totally forgot to vote for Saimecha.
    Please make Zaku win please make Zaku win Please Make Zaku Win Please…

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