Presenting the 2011 Sai Mecha Champion

June 23, 2011

It’s been a long and arduous season for our thirty-two contestants. Thirty-two worthy challengers were assembled and did battle for the glory of being proclaimed the first Sai Mecha. Voting has at times been fierce, and comments and campaigning fiercer. But in the end there can be only one…


Evangelion UNIT 01 – 2011 Sai Mecha Champion

The Evangelion UNIT 01 is the first ever Sai Mecha. Icon of the classic Gainax series, ultimate, barely controllable weapon, and a super robot with a hint of real, the UNIT 01 defeated its worthy rival in this final round. The Zaku II, another instantly recognizable icon of mechadom, took an early but short lead before things swung back in favor of the UNIT 01. With a final tally of 56.7% of the vote, it gathered a respectable majority of the vote to come in first place.

Bonus round victor and wife of Saotome Alto, Sheryl Nome was on hand to present the UNIT 01 with the Acguy Freedom Trophy. It was awarded as she was flown to the UNIT 01 via Valkyrie, and then the ceremony closed with the latest concert in Sheryl’s ‘Holographic Vampire Selfcest Tour 2011’ series and a multi-Valkyrie flyover.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in, voted in, discussed, campaigned for, and otherwise enjoyed this first annual Sai Mecha tournament. And a special thanks to Ghostlightning for his help in doing the pre-voting writeups for the site. It’s been a lot of fun, and many lessons have been learned for next time. And yes, there will be a next time. So until then, congratulations to the Evangelion UNIT 01, and thanks for voting. See you next time Sai Mecha fans! This is Duncan Fisher ExecutiveOtaku, signing off.


68 Responses to “Presenting the 2011 Sai Mecha Champion”

  1. Tronulax said


  2. I would’ve preferred a Variable Fighter to win it all, obviously. But between the Test Type and the Zaku II, Evangelion all the way! Suck it realfags!

  3. drmchsr0 said

    The only thing worse than Anno rubbing his dick all over us is that Acguy Freedom.


    (Also Saimecha should be changed to SAIACGUY)

  4. Aftershok said


    Now, let the Third Impact commence.

    For people who disagree with this outcome

  5. Kuro said


  6. Lowki said

    I kinda thought it was going to be Zaku who walked off with the crown by unifying all the Gundam fans who’s vote may of been split in previous rounds, and the stoic macross fans who i thought would do anything to avenge their favourite mech after defeat from the Eva in previous rounds.

    I’m happy to see uinit 01 win this campaign and i gotta say it’s been really fun to keep up with this throughout the finals. All thats left is a big thank you to the organisers for settin this campaign up and keeping it alive GJ 🙂

  7. Kherubim said

    WHAT IS THI-*gets turned into Morning Rescue*…

  8. cepech said

    FAIL, enjoy your not-mecha winning a mecha tournament

  9. […] now, I’ll let the Sai Mecha celebrate my anniversary belatedly with the victory of the Test Type, which is, awesomely, coincidentally, part of the first post I authored here on this blog. This I […]

  10. Reid said

    Sad day. But there will be a next year. Hopefully the robot that really should have won will be deservedly awarded the Acguy Freedom Trophy in the SaiMecha 2012 tournament. And that robot is, of course, MAZIN-F***IN’-KAISER SKL. Your body will never be prepared for the amount of METAL that gets rained from Valhalla when Skull takes the win next time ’round. Truly, I will campaign like you’ve never seen to make this happen. I will take my sorrow (EVA-01 victory is a pathetic statement about us as mecha fans, myself included) and turn it into anger.

    lol all things considered this whole tournament was great fun. I think it really made me assess what it is I love about the robots I love. It seems like everybody had a good time, so let’s be sure to do it again next year. Thanks for playing, everybody. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (Now I’m going to go continue crying since Sinanju didn’t win)

    Oh yeah, one last thing: Zeon Alive!

  11. Anya said

    That. Is one ugly motherfucking mecha.

  12. Unknown said

    So what? Is the devil mommy bot going to eat the Zaku or something now?

    Cause the rapture again?

    Mindrape us all for being immature enough to vote for this demonic monstrosity?

  13. Scamp said


  14. jGLZa said

    I should have seen this coming, from the moment I voted against it in the first round I knew EVA-01 would sh!t on my party at the end.

  15. Turambar said

    I personally wanted either a Valkyrie, Big O, or Gaogaigar to win it all. But making Zaku-fags suck it works for me too.

  16. schneider said

    Well-played! Haters should all melt into Morning Rescue, which would mean… everyone who participated!

    I’m genuinely surprised at the Eva winning all the way. I never really watched it for the mechs.

  17. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan said


  18. SquareSphere said

    While I completely disagree and feel disheartened that the Mommy bot won, it is what it is. A REAL mecha will win next year and thank Zeus we’ll never have to see that Test Type again in SaiMecha.

    As a consolation prize Sheryl winning and giving her show full of VF love is always a plus.

  19. Matt Wells said

    Thank you very much executiveotaku for your hard effort and dedication to this most manly and noble of tournaments. I prepare my war campaign for Saimecha 2 as we speak…Mark my words heretics, next year Shin Getter shall triumph!!! (By reaching the quarterfinals. Because I have quasi-realistic expectations, and everyone else clearly has no taste whatsoever).

    Congratulations to Eva-01, a fitting and worthy winner to this contest of kings. And since I’m nursing a dark grudge the size of Shinji’s fail levels, please accept this complimentary image of the the mommybot herself getting doubled teamed by the One True King of Super Robots and his Brother. Because I am a petty bitch who is incapable of losing with even a modicum of grace.

    See you again next year guys!

    • Reid said

      “Working for the people. Striving for change (get).”

      Shin Getter 2012

    • JoeQ said

      Go, Sweet Getter! INFINITE POWER

      • Matt Wells said

        Right now, I have that Ichiro Mizuki song from New Getter stuck in my head. Its on the last DVD in AMV form, called “Legends”, or something. Can’t find it on Youtube for some reason, the other image songs from New Getter are all there.

        Moving ballad to the Getter team, stuff on how they’ll live on forever as legends, friendship and courage never dies, all that Jazz. Our time shall come, my friends.

  20. Ressy said

    Remember, don’t get sad, or the Shinji’s win.
    Get mad like a real man, and vow to do better next time.

    • Reid said

      “…once again, our most cherished nation will flourish. Victory is the greatest tribute we can pay those who sacrifice their lives for us! Rise, our people, Rise! Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger! Zeon thirsts for the strength of its people! SEIG ZEON!”

    • thanks for your words, I needed them, now I’m burning with rage like a real woman intead of sobbing like a litle shinji

  21. DonQuigleone said

    We shall rise again!


  22. .the mental image of the concert was really nice, thanks

    at least sheryl won or this end would be too depressing for me,
    anyway I’m waiting for next year revenge

  23. Next year it will be all about the VF-25 Messiah, but the dragon of the tournament will be the return of the Zaku II, and perhaps the emergence of the RX-78-2 Gundam itself!

    All this is thanks to the availability of both Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye subs, and that of the Adaptation of The Origin of Gundam project. OH MY GOD.

    Meanwhile Rebuild 3.0 is still in pre-planning oh lols.

    • Reid said

      I’m actually baffled that the freakin’ Deathscythe got into the tourney but the RX-78 somehow didn’t. Doesn’t seem right at all.

      • You think W Gundam isn’t big? It’s more popular than the UC y’all. I don’t even think anyone nominated the RX-78-2. I certainly didn’t, having nominated both the Sinanju and Kshatriya. The Gundam I nominated is the GP03.

      • Reid said

        Yes, sir. And you were right to nominate all three of those fine machines. The only Gundam I threw in the mix was Epyon, which is from Wing, so I suppose I’ve defeated my own argument right there. However, I never really expected it would make it into the tournament, I just had to nominate it since it’s my favorite Gundam, as silly as it is (even within the context of its own show).

    • Xard said

      YF-29 was pretty fucking sweet in the movement (I wasn’t that sold on design before seeing film) though so I’m not sure how much to VF-25’s popularity the film is going to add…

      Personally speaking I’m definetly rooting for valks again, VF-25 in particular

  24. YEAH DOUBLE KILL! Congratulations to both winners… 🙂 Better luck next time for the others.

  25. Xard said

    Yeah congrats for righteous winner. I missed my Zaku winning lulz but it didn’t deserve to win this match, all things considered. 🙂

    Thanks EO and others for running this nice little tournament. It was good fun with all the trolling, bashing and ranting that came with it 😀

    Only ome complaint: no stats for last bonus round. So just with how large margin did Sheryl win? She was going to win in any case so I was just looking forward to knowing that, alas the information was denied from me… sadfrog.jpg

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