Sai Mecha 2012, Round 1 – Colonies Side

May 24, 2012

Sorry for the delay, apparently Ghostlightning is going through HELL MONTH and needs all his burning shounen spirit to concentrate on work lately. Since I haven’t heard back on his writeups this past week, I don’t want to delay things any longer so the voting will begin without comments. I could try, but I’m not nearly as well versed in the details of any and every mecha series out there, especially the super robot ones. So rather than not giving a fair chance to the mecha I’m not familiar with, I’ll open the polls and leave it to you to campaign and fight for your favorites. Voting will be open until 23:59 eastern time on the 28th (Monday.)



Bonus Round



44 Responses to “Sai Mecha 2012, Round 1 – Colonies Side”

  1. Anya said

    Ghost is probably playing a rock ballad to alien monsters, yup yup.


  2. The only thing I waffled on was the Gouf Custom match up versus the Gurren mk.II. So many good memories from both machines. Curse you randomized bracketry!!!

    Also Tauburn over silly mustache Gundam any day, all day.

  3. schneider said

    Ghostlightning is probably doing the second choice. I’ve seen him do it before.

    I went with Turn A. Most agonizing match for me, ever.

  4. fadeway said

    Tauburn. Both are supers, only one is fabulous.
    Not qualified to vote on second poll.
    Third was hard, in the end voted for Mk 2. I love arms of power, and my Zeon love will be focused on the Zaku.
    WHAT IS WITH THE FOURTH POLL? MONSTERS! Voted for the RX-78 just to spite the Tachikoma, although both should get disqualified as soon as humanly possible.
    Next vote withheld. Unicorn is rather generic, Gunbuster seems fun and I’d vote for it but I haven’t watched the show.
    Aquarion EVOL is inferior to the original, GaoGai I haven’t seen. Withholding.
    VOTOMS is fun, Escaflowne is not. Clear winner there.
    Kshatriya is probably the best machine on this side of space.

  5. 1: Tauburn, First matchup and its a headache.
    2: That, Didn’t know both, flipped a coin and choose Giant Robo
    4: Dendrobium, because giant MAs are awesome
    5: Unicorn Gundam, because… awesome design
    6: Aquarion Evol, because GGG will never be able to make its pilots orgasm
    7: Scopedog, great in SRW Z2
    8: YF-29, as much as I love designs from Unicorn, the Durandal is a sexy valkyrie

  6. JoeQ said

    1. Sai FABULOUS!
    2. Argh, this kills me… but still, this is Sai Getter!
    3. Fucking geasstards, this isn’t Sai T&A, this is Sai Pairotto!
    4. …or maybe Sai Moe.
    5. Sai ONEEE-SAMAAA!
    6. Gao Sai GAR!
    7. definetily Sai Moe.
    8. Sai Bell Pepper. Hey, at least they’re tasty.

  7. ces06 said

    4. Puny spider mech against crazy-ass Kawamori MA/MS awesomeness? Was there even a fight?
    7. Scopedog looks better.
    8. If you look closely, the Kshatriya has a pig’s face. The Durandal meanwhile, does not.

  8. Kraker2k said

    This round is too much, so many choices that I can’t decide between! I’m going to have to think hard on this one.

  9. 1. Turn A v Tauburn
    a. Tauburn – Fabulous mecha powered by magical transformations charged with protecting maidenhood. Weapons include, dual swords, rocket jumping, skirt funnels, and a energy teleport charge thingy that lets him extract pilots from their mecha.
    b. Turn A – MUSTACH OF DOOMS, while some say Tauburn has the edge in FAB! I disagree, this manly mech’s ultimate attack is !MOONLIGHT BUTTERFLY! While in addition to spreading technology stopping nanomachines, gives the mecha a set of FABOO butterfly wings. Oh yeah it has all the typical gundam weapons too. Functional and Fabulous.

    2. Black Getter v Giant Robo
    a. Ryoma built the Black Getter on the moon from the scraps of other getters. Why is it black? Doesn’t matter, this mecha is effectively the ironman/batman of mecha. Nothing really separates it from the normal Getter.
    b. Giant Robo, sorry not enough info on this big slow thing

    3. Gouf Custom v Gurren Mk2
    a. Gouf Custom was the platform that showed a finally tuned machine can overcome the latest models based on real pilot skills. Enemy has fighters in the air? Grapple shot to bring get elevated and wax his buddies, then throw him down as a shield against his mud stopmers. Outnumbered by gundams that have beam weaponry? Whatever, change elevations in an urban environment, but still use buildings as cover instead of flying out in the open sky like a moron. One on one dual with a Gundam leader, pssh noob please, shock the shit out it and make it black out from overload. Features great external speaker to throw epic lines of trash talk to demoralize the enemy.
    b. Gurren I’m sorry a motorcycle control system in a mecha is damn stupid. Thes train on the neck is ridiculous, even if it allows for posterior shots of your pilot. Oh it can fly, and is stupidly designed to have all its main weapons in one arm.

    4. Tachikoma v dedrobium
    a. Moe spider mech/tank with fully aware AI. Mech, I’m totally sure they wouldn’t turn on us :p
    b. Derobium… ok you might be a gundam at your core but this is a flying mobile armor period. Only works in space and was built by your crazy ass b!tch ex girlfriend whose former boyfriend she’s pinning over is the rival ace you’re trying to kill… No No I’m sure it’s totally safe.
    5. Gunbuster v unicorn gundam
    a. Gunbuster actually is ver meh in terms of super robot ability, but is based on a dual pilot system. Still has enough power to destroy an alien fleet with relative ease
    b. Bland hax bot is bland. Basically allows for, NO ONLY I GET SUPER POWAS! Syndrome.

    6. Aquarion evol v Gao Gai Gar
    a. Lulz gattai mech is lulz, sorry didn’t watch it.
    b. It’s the f’ing KING OF BRAVE POWERED BY THE ESSENSE OF COURAGE! That’s all you need to know.

    7. Scopedog v Escaflowne
    a. Scopedog is the standard issue of standard issues. It’ll get you from A to B but provides as much protection as a wet paper bag.
    b. Escaflowne the king’s mecha that turns into a dragon, sadly it didn’t spring for the dragon fire premium option, has a built in factory service feature but watch out, those repairs can be expensive (also may try to steal your soul if you get too emo)

    8. Kshatriya v YF 29
    a. Funnels in space, … yeah that’s about it
    b. YF-29 Love child of the VF-25 and the VF-27 has all the power of both but is bejazzled with fold quartz based equipment, built in fold speakers for maximum annoyance to the elderly/culture deprived aliens/insect hives looking for mates but keep getting blue balled, and a combination Gatling gun/beam weapons/itano circus missile packs load outs to keep the party going all night long.

    • Matt Wells said

      How the hell is Gunbuster underpowered by Super Robot standards?!! IT HAS TWO BLACK HOLE ENGINES! That’s some Neo-Granzon level shit right there. Plus the whole thing with it blowing up Jupiter and destroying the heart of the glaxy, surviving unbelievable atmospheric pressure, travelling at faster than light speeds AND it’s bigger than Tokyo Tower. At the time it rivalled even Ideon as a destroyer of worlds.

      Giant Robo is big and slow, but it hits like a runaway freight train. It doesn’t actually have a cockpit, the operator shouts commands into a wristwatch, and Robo follows them. He also has handles on the side of his face for his operator to cling to. He mostly just punches stuff, but he carrries a forcefield, tons of missiles and explosives, and a giant laser bazooka. Ryoma could still carve him up in seconds though with Black Getter.

  10. Chevalier said

    1. Turn A. You wouldn’t think so, considering how radical it was and how the change was first received, yet the Turn A’s design is still quite stylish.

    2. Giant Robo, though I wouldn’t choose it over Shin Getter.

    3. Guren Mk II. I really don’t care for having the Seiten shown in the picture, but since the actual nomination is for the Mark II I’ll overlook that. I also never thought the Gouf Custom design was that big of a deal, even compared to the Zaku.

    4. The Tachikoma. I don’t particularly care for the GP-03.

    5. Gunbuster, though Unicorn Gundam would also be a valid choice.

    6. Gao Gai Gar. While I’m not too fond of either design, in the grand scheme of things, this one has more iconic value.

    7. Escaflowne. I respect the Scopedog and wouldn’t complain if it wins, but Escaflowne is quite nice for pseudo-medieval fantasy robot.

    8. Durandal. The Kshatriya looked nice in the first episode or so, but I can’t really vote against the Durandal so early in the game.

  11. Matt Wells said

    1. I choose Mustache Ma-what do you mean it isn’t Soulgain? It has a stache doesn’t it? I’ll take the Wings that Blacked out History over Tauburn’s child bearing hips any day. TURN A TUUUURRRRRNNNN…

    2. OH GAWD SAI-MECHA IS SUFFERING. The title robot from my favourite ever anime (not to mention one of my top five mecha EVER) against Ryoma NaGARe incarnate. Either way I lose!!! Black Getter uses the awesome Getter 1 design with the beer belly and will fuck your shit up. It’s Mecha-Batman. I’m sorry Robo, but I pledged this year to the Getter. Even if it means your defeat, old friend.

    3. Despite Ramba Rall’s protests to the contrary, the Gouf is just a Zaku II recolour with a silly whip. If you tell yourself any different you are a goddamn lying space nazi.

    It took Norris Packard to make this machine more than the sum of its parts, and if we’re talking Sai-Pilot he beats out Kallen’s sweet ass by a country mile. The Guren II is neither Gurren Lagann, nor a Zaku II, nor is it Shining Gundam: a flagrant case of false advertising!

    4. If you vote for the Tachikoma, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS SITE? GTFO NOW. Leave the giant robots to the MEN, you moe-tanning little pseudo-intellectuals. Dendrobium all the way, even if it is a fucking Gundam designed by the Hippie King of Trolls, it’ still fucking gorgeous.

    5. HARD WORK AND GUTS!!! Gunbuster carries the hopes and desires of humanity on it’s shoulders, and the dreams of Coach Ohta!!! YOU THINK IT’LL LOSE TO A FACELESS DOLL WITH A VASTIGIAL HORN?!!! Plus you konw, Gunbuster’s all smooth an rounded, Unicorn in either mode looks too cluttered and model kit-esque.

    6. Aquarion punches things to the moon. GaoGaiGar atomises suns with the swing of it’s hammer. Aquarion runs on pilot orgasms. GGG runs on COURAGE. Aquarion is spindly, badly proportioned and lacks a distinctive headpiece. GaoGaiGar looks like the coolest Megazord EVER. Plus GGG has an entire STRONGEST ROBOT BRIGADE backing it up, Aquarion ain’t got shit.

    7. We should have got a Scopedog/Zaku II matchup last year, and I intend to see the battle of the cannon fodder this year. Escaflowne may have swag, but a Scopedog is little more than an FPS exploding barrel with arms, legs and roller skates. It has charm, adaptability and customisability, and so manly little design features that make it a joy to watch in action. Sorry Sky Dragon.

    8. I actually like the justified bulk of the Kshitrya, along with it’s emphasis on funnel spamming. Plus it looks like the result of a drunken liason between the Quin Matha and the humble Zaku.

    But the Durandal is a miracle of design and form, sleek death on Overtechnology powered wings. IT’S THE YF-19 AGAIN BUT WITHOUT ALL THE BLAND STUFF THAT MADE THAT MODEL SO FUCKING BORING AND SHITTY.

    One of the two GOOD Valkyrie designs in the tournament, and vastly more deserving of a place than it’s Earth Side counterpart. Those wings, that red, them lasers, those engines, MY DICK… If I could make any improvements I’d add more missiles, but that’s it. Sorrry Marida, you deserved better than ZZ Gundam.

    As for Ghost, my money’s on him selling plastic models with the Lolicon Trio to make ends meet.

    • JCG said

      @Matt Well:

      “It took Norris Packard to make this machine more than the sum of its parts, and if we’re talking Sai-Pilot he beats out Kallen’s sweet ass by a country mile. ”

      Oh please…let’s get real here. Norris himself and that entire Gouf Custom battle are incredibly overrated. I quote:

      “One of the major points of the Gouf Custom fight is to establish Norris as a cut above your average pilot. Since his previous encounters with Shiro were fleeting and frankly pointless (looking at you, Zaku fight) this is really the only moment he gets to shine. ”

      “So with Norris’s big debut, he makes a grand entrance by getting his squire to help him pretend he can voice control his MS to make it walk dramatically to the open air elevator, which always adds ten cool points to presentation. So now we’re in the classic escort mission where the three Gundams (because we can’t have any of the other teams do anything) have to protect a bunch of Guntanks. Now here’s one big problem. The Guntanks are never really seen being able to move much at all. In fact most of the time they seem to teleport around depending on where Norris needs them to be for some dramatic kill. They’re barely seen fighting back, running away, or even struggling to survive against this Gouf Imitate.”

      “Norris isn’t winning because he’s a better pilot, he is winning because everyone else is setup to fail against him.”

      • Matt Wells said

        Well argued points and a compelling argument, but a vote for the Gouf is still a vote for Norris Packard, no matter how you slice it. I don’t like either mech, so I went with Sai-Pilot. World War II ace in a giant robot trump’s Domon Kasshu’s xenophobic illegitimate daughter.

      • Evol CAN form a black hole
        And Evol goes berserk from love.
        So, are we gonna assume that the robots have all their abilities, even if the abilities are from different pilots?
        Emotions are powerful, whether they are negative or positive, if you only tap on the positive ones, you will never be able to tap on the power of “zero”(negative + positive = zero).

        Also, if the pilots are almost naked, Evol is more sensitive to its surrounding, any small movement can be detected, try to hit it when the pilots are almost naked.
        Any holes(gun barrels, exhaust ports, etc) WILL be filled in and GGG will be destroyed from the inside.
        Any moves that GGG tries would be seen by Evol, it can see a moment into the future.
        Try hitting Evol when its invisible.


      • Great… scrolled up too much and replied to the wrong person.

    • 6. Can GGG generate mass within itself and increase it’s size?
      Oh, a hammer that can smash suns? Can GGG increase the size of its fist to use it as a hammer?
      Can GGG sing when its pilots are singing?
      Can GGG punch an enemy, shoot another enemy and slash another enemy AT THE SAME TIME?
      Also, the orgasms are pretty much due to the pilots’ souls expanding and overlapping with each other, forming a real union between the pilots and the machine, does the gattai of GGG do that?
      In fact, we should vote for Aquarion so that we can see Aquarion up against Getter, the ultimate showdown.

      • Matt Wells said

        I’m sorry, did Aquarion actually destroy a sun? Ever? No? Why are we still arguing? Aren’t we done here? GGG also destroyed several moons of Jupiter, so it has a real head start in the celestial body destruction department.

        Didn’t the original Aquarion hammer things with it’s giant fist? This is EVOL remember, a completely different unit from the one you play with in SRW Z. Different attacks, different pilots, different rules.

        GGG is bros with a squadron of singing rock n’ roll robots that can deatomise your molecular structure with the power of rock. Keep singing giant titular robots where they belong, in Macross and RahXephon.

        No it cannot, I will grant you that. However, Cyborg Gai completely fuses with GGG, the robot is an extension of himself. That’s a true union in my book. He also doesn’t jizz in his pants whenever he combines, so his piloting style is a bit more professional.

        Getter Robo pilots unite their three souls as one when they combine, and they don’t blow their wad when they do it. While Aquarion’s pilots are enjoying a cigarette and the afterglow, GGG and Shin Getter are ready to slice them up.

        Aquarion VS. Getter would not be the ultimate showdown. It would be Getter fags VS. Anti-Getter fags, block voting and flame baiting galore. There’s nothing glorious in vented spleens and butthurt mechatards bitching about what makes the other sidde’s robot gayer than theirs.

      • The massive amount of homework I did probably messed up my mind when I was posting that.
        Even if GGG can smash the sun, Aquarion can form a black hole that could potentially destroy more than what GGG can destroy just from the despair of one of its pilots. In fact, the different combinations of the pilots makes Aquarion more dangerous than any other robot, and we aren’t even talking about the Aquarion going berserk yet.

      • Matt Wells said

        But can Aquarion EVOL turn into a black hole? Different units remember! Could GGG escape a black hole? According to Project Z it EVENTUALLY escaped the collapse of an entire pocket universe, not to mention the black hole caused by, ya know, the sun it destroyed. And Gai Shishioh does not give into despair. Ever. Full stop.

        The energy of the G-Stone powered by courage is potentially infinite, though throwing him into a black hole would certainly give him trouble. Different combinations of pilots and going berserk? SURE SOUNDS LIKE GETTER ROBO THERE, PERHAPS YOU MISTAKENLY VOTED FOR AQAURION WHEN YOUR BRAIN MEANT GETTER ROBO.

        And thank you very much for your polite responses, that’s rarer than gold dust during Sai-Mecha. Seeing as I’ve never watched an episode of Aqaurion, I appreciate the input and expertise of someone who has.

  12. Zhil said

    1. Turn A Tuuuurn
    2. Giant Robo
    3. Gouf Custom
    4. Tachikoma
    5. Gunbuster
    6. GaoGaiGar
    7. Scopedog
    8. Kshtariya

    The only hard decision was Giant Robo vs Black Getter.

  13. dliessmgg said

    1. Tauburn
    3. Guren Mk.2
    4. Tachikoma
    5. Gunbuster
    6. Aquarion Evol

  14. Andaer said

    1. Turn A
    2. Black Getter
    3. Gouf
    4. Dendrobium
    5. Gunbuster (although I’m considering to buy a Unicorn Banshee kit)
    6. GaoGaiGar
    7. – (seen neither)
    8. NZ-666 Kshatriya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing left but hamburger, sad story – oh wait, what did I have for dinner yesterday… shit =/

  15. 1/Turn A
    2/Didn’t vote (can’t choose)
    8/Didn’t vote (I don’t really like any)

  16. JoeQ said

    If you don’t vote for Gunbuster and GGG you can just gtfo. Your mechalicense has been revoked, clean out your desk by 5 PM.

  17. Reid said

    1. You must be out of your flipping mind if you voted for the Tauburn over the Turn A. Tauburn is pure avant-garde for the lulz, a hipster robot with, as my comrade Matt said, “child-bearing hips.” Turn A is the Gundam to end all Gundams; no, it’s the Gundam to end the whole world. And it did once before sealing itself away to save the world the next time around. Other Gundams might be supers-pretending-to-be-reals or reals-portrayed-as-supers but Turn A is the only unabashedly super robot Gundam and that’s why it’s awesome. Also, Yoko Kanno. Syd Mead. Yoshiyuki Tomino. Your pitiful arguments are invalid.

    2. I nominated both robots last year; much as I love Black Getter (pure hotblood rage), I had to vote for Giant Robo, not because I like it better, per se, but rather because I feel like this is the year for the truest expression of Getter Robo to (stoner sun-)shine, and that robot is Sh_n G_tt_er R_b_.

    3. Blue is my favorite color. I like swords and gatling guns. I like electrocuting things with Scorpion’s own harpoon writ large. I like customized grunt robots used by ace pilots. The fact that both are used by patriotic folks fighting for their homelands makes me pause, but only for a moment when I recall that Karen Kozuki is just eye candy on her motorcycle cockpit. She’s hotter than her robot. Norris Packard is ugly, just like his Gouf, and both are bred for war and service, not faptastic fanservice. ALL GLORY TO THE PRINCIPALITY OF ZEON!!!!

    4. Kawamori’s love letter to Gundam is so much better than that pathetic moeblob garbage from that one pretentious show that everyone seems to love for reasons I’ll never understand. I was a MAN OF DESTINY and voted as such.

    5. The God of All Zakus has to get my vote. Unicorn is a cool mech, no doubt, it’s far from my favorite Gundam and it’s far from my favorite Mobile Suit from Gundam Unicorn series…so yeah. HARD WORK AND GUTS AND ALL THAT.

    6. The True Shape of Courage/God of Destruction is so much better than an awkward Getter Robo ripoff powered by teen sex. Don’t be a pervert – Vote for GaoGaiGar. Also, Matt’s description of it as the coolest Megazord is 100 percent endorsed by me. I will co-sign that all day. No one can ever take [GGG] down. The POWER LIES ON [its] SI-I-I-I-IIIIIIIIIIIIDE.

    7. Escaflowne is a thing of beauty and also something of an anomaly: a super robot powered by magic that’s actually weaker than the grunt units of its own series. Hmm….about that….The Scopedog, on the other hand, not only has the coolest rap alias a robot could hope for is also exactly what it appears to be: the gruntiest grunt robot there ever ever was. I’m all about real robots, and my happiest times from childhood were elementary school trips to the skating rink, so I have to go with Chirico’s indispensable throwaway masterpiece.

    8. Durandal. It’s cooler than Kshatriya. After all, it’s the very last upgrade main pilot mecha of its series, whereas Kshatriya gets disposed of by a Gundam then replaced by one. hahahahaha FAILURE

    • Matt Wells said

      One clarification: Aquarion is powered by UNDERAGE teen sex. 14 year old Apollo is technically a registered sex offender. A vote for Aquarion is a vote for pedophilia and teenage pregnancy.


      P.S. Has the copy of SRW: OG 2 I mailed you arrived yet? I’m starting to get worried. If it hasn’t I can try and sort things out at my end with Royal Mail, but they have been known to make the occasional screw up.

      • Reid said

        YES IT IS HERE AND IT IS MARVELOUS. I’ve been busy playing it all last week and into the wee hours of this morning. I’m stuck on mission 13 I think…it’s the one where you have to defend Lee’s punk a$$ when the Shirogane’s engines are broken and he only has something like 1320 hp…and the attacking units are Sorpresa fighters, which are riotously hard to hit and have a surprising amount of hp. Just as I suspected, BEOWULF IS MA FAVORITE. There is no armor he can’t break through! lol too bad I chose the moon route and don’t have him…

        But seriously, thank you so much. I really do appreciate it.

      • Matt Wells said

        Ah finally! Glad you like it buddy, I’m just happy you can finally enjoy the series. As for Lee, I’d suggest using support spells or repair modules to keep him alive, the Shirogane’s EN shield should keep him covered for a while. Never underestimate support characters like Ibis, at higher levels they can rape maps single handedly.

        And if it gets really annoying, just tell yourself that you’ll be able to drill in his smug face about twenty stages from now. Seriously, what a prick. “You’re the heroes who defended humanity from aliens two years ago? YOU SUCK, WHAT ABOUT MY DEAD FIANCEE?! If you were any good you would have saved a single person and not billions of people!!!”

        Moon route? Have you fought the Inspectors on the White Star yet? Eesh, good luck with that man. If you beat them you get a ton of great items, the downside being it takes 200 turns and twice as many quit-resets.

      • Reid said

        ouch….naw I haven’t gotten that far. The storyline puts the con in convoluted. I seriously have little idea what’s going on. Is there any benefit at all to getting the battle mastery on each stage? I think I have 10 of the possible 12 at this point. The hardest thing for me to get used to is the inability to replay stages I’ve completed in order to beef up my units and get more money. It really sucks not being able to do that. UNLESS! the battle mastery doesn’t mean anything, in which case I will just continually let Lee get his arse smoked while I kill fighter jets and such to earn exp and money.

      • Reid said

        lol and one reason why I’m in this pickle wherein my units don’t have strong attacks is because I had no idea that I could ever be separated from Kyosuke and uh…I spent just about all my money beefing up the Alt Eisen to godlike levels. I mean, by mission 5 I had the Revolver Stake doing 4300 damage points lol

      • Matt Wells said

        Yeah, compared to OG 1, this game’s storyline is a damn mess. Comes with mashing toigether six storylines from five seperate games. I can only reassure you that it all comes together beautifuly by the end.

        Battle Mastery’s usually determine what secret units and weapons you can get. In SRW: OG 1 they’re almost pointless, but 2 has a lot more on offer. You can easily miss a few or ignore them outright on your first playthrough, all you’re really missing out on is a secret boss stage at the end of the game.

        You can build up your financial resources by using the game over trick, but it doesn’t let you keep kills or exp, more’s the pity. It also prevents you from gaining the stage’s skill point,. and in New Game plus it wipes out a returning character’s pilot points if you try it on their debut stage!

        Just keep playing the stage, but don’t spend your money until you have enough to meet your needs. When you have have enough cash, upgrade like crazy and beat the stage on your first attempt. You can keep your progress by using map save function, but remember to load your temporary file and not the actual save game file.

        When you upgrade weapons, prioritise two things: Boss Killing moves and grunt killing attacks. Like for Kyosuke, upgrade his machine gun for grunts and revolver stake for bosses. For Excellen, do beam cannon and D-Mode Oxtongue rifle. For Irm’s Grungust, do rocket punch and Darkness Slash, and so on.

        It can make the game pretty boring, but it’s the most cost effective way of beating some very hard stages. For unit stats, go EN, HP and Armour for Super Robots, and Agility, HP and EN for Reals, in that order. Abuse combo attacks for all they’re worth.

        A lot of secrets depend on pilot kill counts, so if you want cool toys like the Gespenst S, WildWurger L and the Ashsaber, ration out your kills. And most of all, TRY AND HAVE FUN. Don’t let my anal retentitive playatyle ruin your enjoyment of this game.

      • Reid said

        Thank you for the tips, good sir. I feel like those are all things I should have known or figured out by now, but something about this game and how little “spelled-out” everything is makes it simultaneously awesome and very frustrating. A crash course stage for SRW nubs like me would have been a good idea for these games, especially since OG1 and OG2 are the series’ debut in the West.

        At any rate, have you seen the new videos for 2nd Super Robot Wars OG?! AMAZING. Have a look:

        It’s fairly old, having come out 11 months ago, but there have been a slew of new informational tidbits about the game in the last few days, so it seems to me that the release is imminent. Something rather strange, though, is his half white/half black-colored thing that looks like a cross between Alt Eisen and Weiss Ritter…I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Matt Wells said

        Yeah, the OG games are pretty punishing on newcomers. It helps if you have the manual at hand, but even then the bullshit secret requirements usually mean you’ll just check gamefaqs at some point anyway.

        You mean the mech at 2:05, right? I think that one’s from a manga series they’re making canon inside the games themselves, about a group of Machine Children who survive OG 2 with seperate personalities and custom mechs. What I’m looking forward to most are messing around with Compatikaiser and the awesomely old school Garmraid (Dat themesong! Buzzsaw knees! Rocket punches with teeth!).

        Now all I have to do is get a PS3…

      • Reid said

        yeah that’s the one I mean. That thing looks pretty sick. Maybe an Alt Eisen MkII…after the death of Excellen 😦

  18. Turn A and Gundam Unicorn ftw ^^

  19. 1. Turn-A by a country mile. The young pretender may be glamourous, but you know what happened to the real Young Pretender? He failed, and had to live the rest of his life in France.

    2. Giant Robo is more boss than the Black Getter, but this wasn’t an easy choice.

    3. If you think the Gurren is better in any respect, you dun Goufed.

    4. One of these two is a legitimate competitor.

    5. I like me some strawberry-and-white-chocolate Gundam, but Gunbuster is a bigger deal.

    6. EVOL is great fun, but despite that it’s nowhere near as good as you people think it is. And, in any case, victory goes to those with COURAGE, and I see more COURAGE on one side of this match than on the other.

    7. Another hard choice, actually, but the Scopedawg has more pedigree.

    8. The Kshatriya was in a way the centrepiece and the central problem of the first ep of Unicorn, and it really made that ep tick. Macross Frontier, meanwhile, is too busy caring about music and love to pay sufficient attention to delicious robots.

  20. megaroad1 said

    Ghostie is definitely howling the blues at some hard hitting aliens out there.

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