Colonies Side, Round 1 Results

May 30, 2012

The dust has settled over the Sai Mecha arena, and here are the results for the first Colonies Side match! This is ExecutiveOtaku, bringing you all the details. Some matches ran close, while others were routes. Read on to see how it went down.



Turn A Gundam vs Tauburn (72.3% vs  27.7%)

Kshatriya vs YF-29 Durandal (61.84% vs 38.16%)

Scopedog vs Escaflowne (47.18% vs 52.82%)

Aquarion EVOL vs Gao Gai Gar (25.74% vs 74.26%)

Gunbuster vs Unicorn Gundam (63.76% vs 36.24%)

Tachikoma vs GP-03 Dendrobium (38.73% vs 61.27%)

Gouf Custom vs Gurren Mk. II (65.33% vs 34.67%)

Black Getter vs Giant Robo (55.73% vs 44.27%)

BONUS ROUND: Where is Ghostlightning?

Stuck in a training montage loop (10.64%) vs Playing rock ballads to hostile aliens (30.85%) vs Became one with a super robot (24.47%) vs Nothing left but hamburger (34.04%)



In the opening Colonies Side match, the veteran Turn A Gundam sent the newcomer Tauburn packing. While the green mecha dazzled the stage, and the audience, it’s feathers and hipshake failed to bring all the votes to the yard. Better luck next time, Tauburn, your antics certainly brought some flair to this year’s competition. Next up, another veteran vs newbie fight, but with a closer outcome. The YF-29 certainly captured the hearts of those Macross fans that remember the YF-19 well. I too have a fond place in my heart for those forward swept wings. But it hasn’t been around long, and it’s up against the powerhouse Kshatriya. The Kshatriya isn’t the oldest mecha, but it’s been around the block a few times and really earned the adoration of new and old UC Gundam fans.

The next fight, oh boy, was that a close one! Two veterans squared off against each other, each with very different designs. The soldier’s choice Scopedog, cheap, simple, and deadly, fought tooth and nail with the god-like Escaflowne. This match went back and worth all during the voting period. For a while it stayed a tie as the Scopedog displayed a lot of moxy. In the end the Escaflowne’s reality-altering powers won it the match, and a tough victory was earned in the first battle of the veterans in Colonies Side. The next matchup had a new contender, the Aquarion EVOL, against veteran Gao Gai Gar. A matchup between two combining super robots, but it seems the Aquarion EVOL just wasn’t quite ready to compete in the big leagues. Gao Gai Gar won this match by the largest margin this round and advances, but we hope to see you again, EVOL, you certainly have heart.

The Gunbuster took the next match from the Unicorn Gundam, in another contest of veterans. And the Tachikoma, the moe dark knight of last year’s tournament, fell early to the GP-03 Dendrobium. I guess Goliath wins sometimes, though I doubt this is the last we’ll see of the mecha David. The next fight saw another matchup of equals like the EVOL/GGG matchup, when two close combat powerhouses rocked the arena. The Gurren Mk. II with it’s annihilating arm and fanservice cockpit design fought brave and well against the high mobility, armed-to-the-teeth Gouf Custom in a knockout round. The lack of ranged weapons seemed to hurt the Gurren though, as the Gouf was able to score some early hits before moving in for the kill, faking out that death hand by sacrificing its gattling shield. Finally, the hope of the Getter fanboys eaked out a win over veteran Giant Robo in a closely fought battle. The Getter is carrying a lot of hopes on its shoulders, and for now its fanatical fanboys can rest easy.

That’s it for now, mecha fans! Earth Side, Round 2 will be coming up by the weekend. Until next time, this is ExecutiveOtaku, signing off.


30 Responses to “Colonies Side, Round 1 Results”

  1. Decent results all around.

    Some just made me throw this dog that was on my lap out of the room. and now it’s just staring at me like it wants to kill me in my sleep

  2. Anya said

    Kshatriya and Dendrobium made it! YESSSSSSSSS I was so scared the moebots would interfere. Shame about the Unicorn though.

  3. BURGER TIME reporting.

    1. YESS
    2. AUUUUGHHHHHFFFF I love the Kshatriya, but FUCK
    3. ok

    It’s sai fake oldfags up here.

    • Matt Wells said

      As a fake oldfag, I take exception to this. GGG is championed chiefly by NOSTALGIA fags who hate Evangelion and anything made after 1999. Oldfags would vote Giant Robo, Getter fags vote Black Getter. /m/ ‘tards who think all real robot anime should be band of brothers with mechs voted for the Gouf, along with sai pilot fags/white supremeacists.

      • Reid said

        As a white supremacist I take…wait…how can I be a white supremacist if I voted AGAINST the so-white-it’s-painful Unicorn Gundam and voted FOR the extreme-hood-shiiiiiii-repping Black Getter? Wait…I voted for Giant Robo against the Black Getter…I’m all confused. It’s so hard to deal with all the white guilt, you know? The real story here is that I’m actually a butthurt Sinanjufag who hates the fact that two other robots from Gundam UC made it into this bracket but Sinanju, the prettiest MS evar and a quarterfinalist last year, did not. I voted against Kshatriya and the Unicorn, just ’cause, cuz.

      • Matt Wells said

        THIS IS SAI MECHA WE ARE ALL THE RACIST. Zeon sends out a Mobile Armour and who gets iced first? THE BLACKS AND THE MEXICANS THAT’S WHO (Lalah and Marida count as ethnic minorities, right?). Duchy of Zeon? MOAR LIKE ARYAN WHITE BROTHERHOOD, AMIRITE?

        But yeah, the Kshatriya, Unicorn, and VF-25 all getting in over the Durandal and the Sinaju is total bullshit. Some people have no fucking taste, I swear… voting for not one, but TWO moe spider tanks, (grumble grumble)…

  4. schneider said



  5. Shinmaru said


  6. JoeQ said

    1. Eeeeeh, acceptable.
    2. yum
    3. Guess it was a coffin after all…
    4. HAHAHAHA! Victory went to those… with COURAGE!
    5. …also HARD WORK and GUTS!
    6. Why must you hate on moe 😦
    7. Sieg Zeon!
    8. Guts! Guts! Gettaah Guts!

    Only 5/8 this round, but I won all the matches that mattered.

  7. Looks like the old robots are winning.

  8. Matt Wells said

    RETURN TO LIGHT YOU POSER GETTER RIPOFF MECHA ONNA HOLE. These results please me immensely. Pretty much my only complaint is that the Durandal should still be in the running, and it’s VASTLY inferior predecessor the VF-25 should not. Swept back Wings of Goodbye over bullshit twirling jet engines anyday. Bring on Round 2!

  9. Turn A Gundam vs Tauburn (72.3% vs 27.7%) – Most excellent, Tauburn is nice and all but better luck next year. Just had bad luck being put against the ‘stache of power

    Kshatriya vs YF-29 Durandal (61.84% vs 38.16%) – … THE FAWK? “The Kshatriya isn’t the oldest mecha, but it’s been around the block a few times ” Oh like it’s most recent pilot? saipilot zing!

    Scopedog vs Escaflowne (47.18% vs 52.82%) – hard fought battle, but Esca’s cape gave it +2 to awesome.

    Aquarion EVOL vs Gao Gai Gar (25.74% vs 74.26%) – AWHAHAHA Nice try but not event teenager orgies can over the KING OF BRAVES!!!

    Gunbuster vs Unicorn Gundam (63.76% vs 36.24%) – sure why not, God of Zaku’s versus the most vanilla of gundams that has performances issues that doesn’t let it be a gundam all the time. RX 78 is rolling in it’s grave. So much so he might come out of retirement to show this upstart how a TRUE gundam acts.

    Tachikoma vs GP-03 Dendrobium (38.73% vs 61.27%) – Damn straight, keep that moe spider outta here!

    Gouf Custom vs Gurren Mk. II (65.33% vs 34.67%) FOR GREAT JUSTICE! I see the Gurren cockpit shots that featured a male pilot made it out to the public. Yeah, all of a sudden everyone agrees it’s a pretty stupid cockpit design.

    Black Getter vs Giant Robo (55.73% vs 44.27%) – Hard fought battle, but the power of the Getter is strong this year!

    6/8 for me, brings me to 12/16 for all of round 1! BRING ON ROUND 2!

  10. Andaer said

    OH YESSSSSSS! All my votes won!

  11. dliessmgg said

    All my favourites out? FUCK THAT SHIT

  12. JCG said

    Average results all around, I’d say.

    I’m not too surprised by the Gouf Custom winning though, precisely because of just how incredibly overrated both it and Norris himself continue to be in certain circles, but I definitely can’t believe some people would seriously pick Escaflowne over the Scopedog, nor the horrible mess that is the GP-03 Dendrobium over the Tachikoma. Definitely a lot of nostalgia coming into play, Iguess.

    • Turambar said

      I’m sorry we have superior tastes 😀

    • Matt Wells said

      Scopedog is ten times as moe as the tachikoma, and it’s an actual robot without a soul. You know what I call a robot with a soul and a girlish enthusiasm for Thomas Aquinas? CANNON FODDER. And the GP-03 is perhaps a mess, but it’s a GLORIOUS SEXY mess, just like GaoGaiGar.

      • JCG said

        @Matt Well:

        If it had been Scopedog vs. Tachikoma, maybe I’d agree.

        And nope. I don’t mind the GaoGaiGar, but I’m afraid there was no love lost between me and the GP-03.

  13. Turambar said

    1. Yes.
    3. Excellent
    4. Doubly excellent
    5. Regrettable, but I’m ok with it.
    6. Tripply excellent.
    7. A fine cockpit camera angle only carries you so far.
    8. No comment

  14. Reid said

    Turn A, thou art going all the way. Fear the White Mustache, Moonrace jerkoffs.

    Big dumb ugly thing beats that beautiful plane? Myeh, whatever.

    Poor leedle Scopedog. Your dreams are over my airspace. I love Escaflowne though, so I can’t hate. Blame it on the unfortunate circumstances of your birth, Scopey, and return to us next year.

    Victory goes to the one with COURAGE, indeed.

    SUUUUUUPA INAZUMAAAAAAA KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK’d that joker in his pink-psychoframed nancy arse. Gunbuster got dat ACTIVE HEART, yo.

    Real Robots are for real men. Fake cutesy non-piloted bug drones are for non-mecha fans. Death to False Metal.

    Miss Aina, I think I’ve found the place where I am to die…SIIIIIIKE. Not today, suckers.

    I didn’t vote for this…but I won’t complain. The Black Getter is a real man’s machine, whereas Giant Robo never really deserved anything as sorry as Daisaku. Now, if it was Alberto the Impact or the Chief shouting orders into the wristwatch…this is a different story. Big Fire never would have lasted through the first episode.

    • Matt Wells said

      Dude have you seen Tetsujin 28? Shotaro Kaneda is a fucking BADASS, he makes Daisaku look like an utter pussy. He could take Big Fire easily. “My dad’s a war criminal and he built me an insane robo-brother? No time for that, I’ve cases to solve and bitches to fuck!”

      Seriously, a ten year old boy detective who goes on dates with 25 year old women, drives a convertible and busts Nazi spy rings?! And unlike Daisaku, it only took one heroic sacrifice to strengthen his resolve, and not that of every single adult he knew and loved.

  15. Zhil said

    1. Tauburn’s fabulosity is no match for a manly mustache.
    2. Yep.
    3. Damn Escaflowne’s yaoi fangirl pandering caped ass straight into the third circle of mecha hell. I shake my fist at thee.
    4. Duh. Remembering love always trumps silly orgasm combiners.
    5. Not even a contest.
    6. Inevitable, but still sad.
    7. Gouf Custom may be overrated, but it’s still better than that motorcycle cockpit Shining Gundam ripoff.
    8. Well, both are fine. Will the final turn out to be Getter vs Getter? That would cause so many delicious tears~

  16. megaroad1 said

    Giant Robo lost?!! WTF. Oh well, at least Gunbuster and the great moustached one are through…

  17. […] Hey there ladies and gentleman, Laevatein and I here to give our reactions to Sai Mecha Colony Side, Round 1 just like we did for the Earth Side, Round 1. To get things kicked off, any initial thoughts about […]

  18. Kuro said

    Giant Robo lost. I am disappoint mecha fans.

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