Sai Mecha 2012 – Round 2, Earth Side

June 4, 2012

The second round of the Earth Side bracket continues tonight in the Sai Mecha arena. The contestants are primed and ready for combat this evening, and here to bring you the matchups is Ghostlightning’s ever-informative writeup. Voting takes place below, and polls will be open until 23:59 EST on 8 June (Friday.) Take it away, Ghosty!

Battle 1: Gurren Lagann vs. The Big O

We’re familiar between these two robots from their respective introductions in the first round. The key question in this matchup: Is the Big O’s purported coolness (well actually, it’s pilot’s borrowed from Batman) more valuable to robot fans than Gurren Lagann’s abilities and feats. After all, Gurren Lagann’s style is based on absurdity, and the design and animation is consistent with this — as opposed to the Art Deco-esque stylings of The Big O anime itself. If this were simply a question of who between the two would win in a fight, we wouldn’t have to vote.

Battle 2: Ingram vs. Zeta Gundam

The key question here: Is the novelty of a civilian, peacekeeping robot working in urban settings more valuable to fans than a fantastic, transforming Gundam designed by a civilian kid pressed into military service. In terms of what each robot is capable of doing, the features and designs of a transforming mobile suit that sees action in multiple environments seem overwhelming. But, the Ingram’s popularity runs on both novelty and charm — something the Z Gundam struggles with — its novelty is borrowed from Macross, and it doesn’t exist in the same galaxy as charm does.

Battle 3: Shin Getter Robo vs. Nirvash Type 0

The key question here is whether the purportedly best version of the original transforming and combining robot exceeds the value presented by the novelty of a sky surfing Evangelion unit. Shin Getter Robo represents the oldest school treated with newer production values. The Nirvash represents everything that’s new — though it can trace its developmental tradition way back to Getter Robo. The Nirvash is more Macross/Turn A Gundam/Evangelion… while Shin Getter Robo doesn’t directly influence robots after the turn of the millennium, though shows like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann went out of its way to pay tribute to it.

Battle 4: VF-25 Messiah vs. Mazinkaiser SKL

The Key question here is which modern update on the design created more value. The Variable Fighter design is largely influenced by real combat jet fighters. By the 1990s, the fighter designs in modern air forces fell in love with passive stealth and never looked back — the designs in Macross 7 reflected this. However, Macross being a space opera figured out that there is no passive stealth IN SPACE, which then led to a break between the flattened, geometric look of modern fighters and a return to the more romantic, rounded fuselages. In terms of the Battloid mode, the design was made for a faster space infantry unit that serves more like special forces than it does army infantry. Mazinkaiser, on the other hand is actually a newer design, already an upgrade of the original Mazinger Z design from the ’70s. SKL allows for a dual pilot scenario where the second pilot uses an entirely different fighting style. One uses a big sword, the other uses pistols that are also daggers. The difference in this fighting style is more dramatic compared to how the VF-25 is different from its predecessors. The other thing is whether all this gun-kata and swords carnage will be valued more than the fast-paced space dogfights VFs routinely find themselves in.




Bonus round


28 Responses to “Sai Mecha 2012 – Round 2, Earth Side”

  1. Shinmaru said

    VOTE (Dorothy) OR DIE

  2. Kuro said

    No love for KOs-MOS? I’m disappoint.

    • Reid said

      I voted for Kos-Mos too. She has her own giant robot that she can control as an extension of her nervous system. Forget about those others.

    • Matt Wells said

      Saw her in SRW: OG Endless Frontier Exceed, still not a clue who she is.

  3. 1. Gurren Lagann, never watched Big O
    2. Zeta Gundam, because its the only gundam in Earth side round 2, and I never watched Patlabor
    3. Shin Getter, well, it is quite hilarious in Saisei-Hen.
    4. VF-25, never watched Mazinkaiser
    Bonus: KOS-MOS because she has a soul.

  4. Scamp said

    1: Big O. As much as I love Gurren Lagann, Big O is my SaiMecha bot. I watched the show because of the first SaiMecha. I’d be happy with either advancing though

    2: Ingram. Police bots are cool. Also anti-Gundam

    3: Nirvash. Because I have to get away from Sai pilot and admit that surfing robots are still fucking awesome anyway.

    4: VF-25. I may not be the biggest fan of the Macross bots, but SKL is an embarrassment to good mecha design

  5. JoeQ said

    1. THE HEAVEN PIERCING CRIMSON FACE. Sorry Big O, you effortlessly tanked Exia’s puny blades and punched that Gundam piece of crap into pieces of scrap, but now your showtime is over.

    2. THE ALPHONSE. Because it’s actually cool and not some ugly Gundam/melon slice thing.

    3. THE WILL OF EVOLUTION. Smoke this, you lazy hippie bums! STONAAAH SUUUUNSHIIIINE!

    4. THE SKULL. Only one of Kawamori’s ugly CGI monstrosities remains. Avenge the Mazin legacy, KAAAAIIISEEERRR!

  6. 1. Big O here, I think.

    2. Now the tough decisions start coming out of the woodwork! I really like both of these. In the end the Zeta’s odd, menacing, bird-skull-shaped face, unusual for a Gundam, swung me towards voting for it. Now, if it was Alphonse vs. the Zeta, that might be a different question.

    3. I’m not convinced that E7, in either of its incarnations, really loves robots enough. Shin Getter it is.

    4. WE ARE HELL.

  7. Reid said

    This may have been the easiest round of voting I’ve ever encountered in my life.

    1. TTGL has to take the win here. Who the hell does Big O think it is? My argument is Ghost’s in this case: if this was a question of who wins in a fight, then we don’t have to vote. There’s no way ANY other robot except maybe GGG that can stand up to TTGL, and it just doesn’t get much more fun than that. Big O is cool an all, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as TTGL (even though I’m more of a Lord Genome/Lazengan fan)
    2. I want to have a pure time, so I voted for Zeta Gundam. I like the Alphonse, but that’s mainly because I think wheel guns are real guns. However, any mecha that has an open cockpit and a head has no use existing in the same meta-universe as one of the deadliest Mobile Suits we’ve yet seen. Zeta Gundam is like a femme fatale; the Ingram is a widow-maker.
    3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. The True Lord of Evolution has no use for your Trapar-surfing and your alternative lifestyles. Bow before INOCHI NO CHIKARA and perish in the light of the Stoner Sunshin. SH_N G_TT_R R_B_ is too much high power for this whole tournament anyway.
    4. Once again, ahahahahahahahahaha you have to be kidding. VF-25 is a pretty plane, but let’s be honest with ourselves here. If you’re going to like giant robots it better be HEAVIER THAN METAL. The real difference here is that, as a pilot of a Variable Fighter, one could presumably listen to some rock n roll while on a mission (maybe) or could be cheered on by rock n roll (the whole premise of Macross 7) OR! one could, by piloting the SKL actually harness the power of METAL in a tangible form. At the controls of the Mazinkaiser SKL you and a buddy are literally driving HEAVY METAL, and that’s better than any airplane with legs.

    Kos-Mos is the best android. She has blue hair, high heels, swords for arms, a Gatling gun made out of three other Gatling guns, and her very own giant robot. All those others can gtfo.

    • Because I’m a horrible pedant I’m going to pick up on a couple of things:

      1. Someone was going to say this, so: Demonbane.

      2. Everyone who says the Ingram has an open cockpit didn’t pay enough attention when they watched Patlabor: Ingram pilots can fight instruments-and-monitors-only, and they frequently do when it’s dangerous (or just night-time, IIRC). The seat lowers down and the cockpit can completely close.

      • Reid said

        Then why doesn’t Noa do that when she’s getting owned by the the evil AI controlled Type Zero in the first movie? I never saw the tv show, but I don’t recall if they ever drove the labors with just instruments in the OVA and I’m almost positive they never did this in the movies.

        And Demonbane smokes a whole stack of rods. Eroge robots don’t count in a real man’s robot competition.

        lol I can’t do this right. You’re probably right on all counts, man. I’m no good at being a real hater.

  8. I’m just going to hide my votes and then rage after the results come out =/

  9. r042 said

    Voted GL (but not for flaming skull power of will final GL, for the chunky broken head-crest, drill punching glasses throwing GL from the start of the series).

    Also voted Zeta because I love the design.

    My other votes are… not relevant.

  10. Battle 1: Gurren Lagann vs. The Big O
    – Man F you tournament runners, this is HARD! Fawk, I’ll go with Big O for maximum nostalgia

    Battle 2: Ingram vs. Zeta Gundam
    – eazy for me since I haven’t watched PlatBORE i’ll go with the Gundam

    Battle 3: Shin Getter Robo vs. Nirvash Type 0
    – CHANGE GETTA ONNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE111111! scram you hippies

    Battle 4: VF-25 Messiah vs. Mazinkaiser SKL
    -… FAWK! I cannot betry the Messiah even if the GAWD OF MECHA DEATH METAL calls to me.

  11. Gurren Laggan.
    Zeta Gundam
    Shin Getter
    Mazinkaiser SKL

    Voted for Alpha. I like them all anyway , dunno that girl from Outlaw Star though, never watched it.

  12. Zhil said

    1. Big O
    2. Ingram
    3. Shin Getter Robo
    4. Mazinkaiser SKL

  13. Andaer said

    1. Gurren Lagann
    2. Never liked the Zeta’s face. So, Ingram.
    3. SaiMecha is the ultimate battle between Getterfags and Kawamorifags. And it is SUFFERING! As much I want the Getter to rock this tournament it would be a fake vote. The Nirvash is on of the best machines ever, his single flaw is that he has been created by a very silly man. 😦
    4. No false metal!

  14. Gunzstray said

    GL. Die you over-rated antique!
    Alphonse. Again, I ask, why is powered by dead-people-Chinese-macross knock off still in this contest?
    SHIN GETTAR!! Now die you surfing hippie son of a bitch!

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