Sai Mecha 2012 – Round 2, Colonies Side

June 14, 2012

It’s time, mecha fans! This is ExecutiveOtaku, here at the opening of the Colonies Side, Round 2 matches. The tournament is moving on, and the Colonies Side is up next. Four more matches await below. Voting is open until 23:59 eastern time on the 18th (Monday.) Take it away, Ghostlightning… [EDIT: There was a mix-up in the writeup and I had to quickly try and edit it into something that works. Apologies for it being less elegant than usual -EO]

Turn A Gundam vs. Black Getter

The Turn A Gundam is notable for being designed by Syd Mead known primarily for his work in Bladerunner. It doesn’t look like any Gundam, and while it loosely behaves like a real-robot, it’s a “god machine” that has apocalyptic powers. The Black Getter is a modification/iteration of the Getter Robo, the forerunner of combining and transforming robots. It’s color is black.

Gouf Custom vs. GP-03 Dendrobium

The Gouf Custom is a modification of the Gouf Ground and Flight types that gives Zeon pilots the best option for urban warfare (Zakus are for forests, and Doms are for plains). It is the pinnacle of the OYW “infantry” MS designs from the Zeon (notwithstanding the special forces Kampfer unit). The GP03-Dendrobium is a machine for extermination — as one could design a Gundam. It is a mobile suit that “rides” a mobile armor/weapons platform. Within the context of Gundam, it’s a machine that one sends by itself to take on entire attack groups (which could mean a small fleet).

Gunbuster vs. Gao Gai Gar

The Gunbuster is an interesting exercise of concept and design in that it took what would be “hard” science fiction elements in a real-robot context and executed it in the most super robot of ways, not the least notable is its immense size. It is less a robot for fighting, but for extermination. Gao Gai Gar follows a long tradition of combining robots and escalates the hyperbole involved as only a successor should. It’s combining sequence represents the highest standard of its kind and as such was a tough act to follow, that none in fact did.

Escaflowne vs Kshatriya

The transforming dragon fantasy medieval robot Escaflowne stands very unique in the world of robot anime. It seemed a tough act to follow and it wasn’t. It’s the kind of machine that one would expect apocalyptic or god-like powers but instead remains rather grounded in real-robot aesthetics despite its fantasy core. The Kshatriya, also known as the Quad-wing represents the latest and perhaps last design featuring funnels (remote psycommu beam weapons) and perhaps represents the upper limits of fantasy while remaining the most grounded in the real-robot ideal initially inspired by the Gundam franchise itself.




31 Responses to “Sai Mecha 2012 – Round 2, Colonies Side”

  1. Anya said

    Kshatriya (fuck laundry machines), Escaflowne (fuck weird train combinations), DENDROBIUM FUCK YEAHHHHHH, and Gouf Custom (fuck getter). And MECHA-SAMA IS STALKING/WATCHING US!

  2. Fadeway said

    Kshatriya = awesome machine. Turn is some weird mustache gundam. All other matchups are just varying degrees of irrelevant.

  3. Zhil said

    1. Black Getter
    2. Dendrobium
    4. Kshatriya

    Relatively easy round except for fucking 3.

  4. 1. Turn A, never was I a getterfag
    2. Dendrobium,
    3. Gunbuster, DAMN YOU GGG
    4. Kshatriya

  5. JoeQ said

    1. Duh. Fuck Gundams.
    2. Sieg Zeon. Also, see above.
    3. AAAARGH, THE WORST MATCHUP EVER FROM HELL! Gotta go with Gao Gai Gar, it has more Gs.
    4. Escaflowne.

  6. r042 said

    2) GP03 > Zaku
    3) Gunbuster > Everything
    4) Flying Pepper > weird fantasy shit, galient’s better anyway


    Given K-00n exists in the form of AKB0048 and on the other hand Ace Wo Nerae inspired Gunbuster the answer is Prince of Tennis.

  7. Matt Wells said


    1. Black Getter. Last throw of the dice for us Getter fags, but it’s not like we’ll beat a stupid fucking Gundam is it?

    2. Sorry Norris, but I choose the Ultimate Gundam for Oldtypes, the Mobile Armour that makes Fireworks of Death bloom like Flowers on the Battlefield. Still, olbigatory fuck-you-Kawamori-fags.

    3. OH GAWD MY FUCKIN’ HEART IT FEELS LIKE I’M FUCKING DYING HERE! This match PAINS me. It’s like watching your parents fight. I went with my gut and chose GGG, but this is a match with no winners, only broken hearts and hollow victory.

    4. FUCK YOU KAWAMORI FAGS vote. Escaflowne is a lousy design and Kawamori hasn’t designed a truly cool looking Super Robot since Dangaioh. The Kyshtriya is ugly in that endearing way Zeon suits often are, and the sequences depicted it’s combat blows anything Escaflowne has to offer out of the water.

    • Turambar said

      You should be praying that the mustached one wins. If Black Getter wins against the legitimately great Turn A when Shin Getter lost to the Nirvash(still lawling at this), your voting bloc will be forever marked as an irredeemable fractured mess incapable of taste.

      All mocking placed against the divine Kawamori voting bloc for winning the Messiah fight but not the Durandal one will be reflected 1000 times.

      • Matt Wells said

        After Shin Getter lost to Nirvash, Kawamori fags lost all their credibility. The only thing that unifies them is their utter blindness to proper mechanical design, even in their own incredibly narrow and blinkered beliefs.

        Turn A deserves to win over Black Getter, this much is true. BUT NIRVASH DID NOT DESERVE TO WIN OVER THE GOD OF GETTERS. If Gundam fags must pay the price for our vengence, then so it be it. I no longer care.


      • reidjou4342 said

        I still can’t believe the malicious trolling of the people who, for whatever reason, hate Getter Robo. They hate one of the godfathers of the super robot tradition so much that they’ll vote for Nirvash on the grounds that it has a surfboard and can turn into a car, a plane and a robot? If the thing can FLY IN THE SKY AS A ROBOT WHY IN THE BURNING PIT OF HELL DOES IT NEED TO TURN INTO A PLANE? Only people riding Kawamori’s balls can appreciate that kind of abject stupidity. It’s not even stupid-awesome like why Getter-1 needs Mario’s cape to fly.

        Black Getter is nowhere near the brilliant machine that Turn A is, but this year’s tourney has already lost all pretense of credibility or rationality, so now it’s time to do what the scumbags wanted us to do all along: vote for a robot just cuz. It’s really sad. But I’m for taking my sorrow and turning in into anger.

  8. Andaer said

    1. Black Getter
    2. Gouf
    3. Gunbuster
    4. Kshatriya

  9. 1/ Black Getter (I pretty much like both the same but yeah)
    3/Gunbuster ( Same as 1/)

    Hmm, K-on would still be the same good voice actors-good visuals-good animation-boring anime, Kimi ni Todoke would still be full of misunderstandings-Kazehaya-you-made-Sawako-cry-again-you-bastard, and PoT would be pretty much the same, Never watched Maria sama ga miteiru. So I guess Hidamari Sketch. They’d draw on giant space canvas specific drawings to activate warp gates and their mecha would have eraser bread activation keys. That would be awesome yeah.

  10. Turambar said

    Turn-A TURNNNNN. I’d vote for Black Getter if I believed in pity votes. But I don’t.

    GP-03. Still my favorite Gundam design out of the entire franchise.

    GaoGaiGar. This was a literal coin flip done with a JFK 50 cent coin I had around randomly.

    Escaflowne. It has a cape. It has a regal as hell design. It turns into a dragon.

  11. Myssa Rei said

    I admitted to voting for the Black Getter. I blame it on watching Armageddon again recently, heh.

    My next bets were the Orchis, the Gunbuster (need I explain this?) and Ple 12’s funnel spam machine.

    Also Marimite with Mecha. Because lesbians in humanoid mecha needs to happen.

  12. ces06 said

    1. The Turn A is the better machine. While I love the Black Getter, is it not evolution’s finest son. BUT BY GO NAGAI’S EYEBROWS, THERE IS NOTHING MORE I WISH RIGHT NOW THAT THE DELICIOUS TEARS OF GETTER HATERS ON THE ROCKS. SAIREVENGE WILL BE OH SO SWEET.



    4. The Kshatriya’s face, man. It’s a face only a mother could love.



  13. Shinmaru said

    A Marimite super robot should would be amazing. “Transforming slowly is preferred here …”

  14. Aaaa, the hard matches, the hard matches.

    1. With regret, voting for the Turn A.

    2. The Gouf is cooler, by a whisker.

    3. What a choice. Voted for the King of Braves eventually, because Gunbuster is just a little too parodic for my taste. GGG is the culmination of a long-running franchise which gave us a lot of good things.

    4. The Kshatriya for making Unicorn episode 1.

    5. I don’t understand this question. Everything that does not feature mecha would be better with mecha.

  15. schneider said

    Voted Marimite just for the title alone. I, too, would want Mecha-sama watching over me.

    No-brainer choices here:

    1. Turn-A
    2. Dendrobium
    3. GaoGaiGar
    4. Kshatriya

  16. reidjou4342 said

    Shigata ga nai! You…you…BASUTAHHRDOSSU! This junk of tournament is more fixed than the Pacquiao/Bradley fight! However, it is a man’s duty to endure whatever suffering life can mete out and face it with courage, hence I will proceed, though I do not relish the decisions I’ve been forced to make. Too many brave souls have been lost to the sea of stars for me to forgo the privelege of suferage.

    1. Black Getter – I hate this most of all. I nominated both of these titans last year and the Turn A is my very favorite Gundam ever. However, since some misguided fools can’t see what a masterpiece Shin Getter Robo is, I’m left with no other alternative, “getterfag” that I am, but to vote for the last remaining successor of the Getter Rays. Please forgive me, White Doll.
    2. Gouf Custom – If one had enough money in the years immediately following the One Year War, one could probably find a lightly used Gouf lying about somewhere and have it modified into one of these. Nobody is getting ahold of the Dendrobium Orchis, much less the Stamen. Gouf Custom = late model 370z with a few thousand miles on the odometer. GP03 = all original, numbers matching Skyline R34 GTR Spec. Nur.
    3. GagagaogagagaoGAOGAIGAR! – The God of all Zakus is a formidable machine, no doubt, and I hate voting against it, BUT a bond sworn in courage cannot be broken – I voted for The King of Braves. An actual Zaku is waiting in GARhalla to have revenge anyway. GGG must carry the torch for brave men…and besides, it wins in a fight every time against Gunbuster.
    4. Escaflowne – Kshatriya isn’t a thing of terrible beauty like the Sinanju; it looks like an big dumb artichoke. Escaflowne is pure class and it’s a class above most other robots in this so-called tournament.

    • Matt Wells said

      “Men don’t show their tears…they don’t cry… just live for tomorroooowww… for tomorroooooowww… FOR FOREVEEERRRRRR!!!!!” Sai-Mecha has shown us all the tears of time. Coincidentally, they are indistinguishable from the tears of Getter fags.

      You gotta stand by your fandoms man. Kawamori fags had their fun at our expense, and now we must all reap the bitter harvest of their hate. From what I recall of SRW Z2, Ryoma and Loran are on good terms, so I think they wouldn’t mind.

      Love your analogy for the Gouf Custom! Which is a more “realistic” robot; a thoroughbred machine you can pick up at your nearby Zeonic dealership, or a top secret military prototype you can futilely wank to in an issue of Top Gear? I went with the Kshatriya for the FUCK KAWAMORI vote, and for the closest I could get to the Sinaju.

      • reidjou4342 said

        I decided on some level to rise above the gut-reaction to blast anything Kawamori-drawn when I chose Escaflowne. No matter who designed that robot it’s beautiful and filled with class in an elegant, regal sort of way. I just can’t get into Kshatriya, for whatever reason. However, without shoulder binders it bears a passing resemblance to a Alteisen (just imagine it PAINTED RED with a revolver stake), which is always a good thing. Overall I’d say this year’s tournament has not lived up to the terrific fun of last year’s. I’m actually filled with bitterness this time round.

  17. 1. Black Getter. It’s not a Gundam and thus not pretending to be a serious ‘realistic’ thing.

    2. GP-03 Dendrobium. If I have to vote for a Gundam, I am going to vote for the EPIC one.

    3. Gunbuster. I did after all nominate it, and I was never sure if GGG was supposed to be serious or a straight-face over the top parody. (Final Fusion Approved! So yes, I have seen some.)

    4.Escaflowne, since I have to pick one. Also, not a Gundam (see above).

    Bonus question: I decided that K-On with mecha would be the most interesting so that’s what I voted for.

  18. Kuro said

    Other matches didn’t matter, only the votes for Turn A and Gunbuster counts.

  19. 1. Damn it! I must give my soul to the Getter!
    2. F you mobile armor, GOUF!!!!!!!
    3. If you’re going to go super go all the way GGG!!!
    4. Gah, Esca is an easy choice here. Funnel spam was so 80’s

  20. snakechimera said

    I have doujin of K-00N…so…..

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