MidGAR Finals – Results

June 30, 2012

Your votes have selected the four Champions of MidGAR, and here’s the results! ExecutiveOtaku here to reveal the winners of the MidGAR phase of the tournament. These four exemplify the best in mecha as chosen by you, the voters. They’ve fought to make it to RaGARok, where they and the four who ascended to GARhalla last year will mix it up. Here they are, the four that have earned the right to fight for a spot in GARhalla.



Gurren Lagann vs Zeta Gundam BY ONE VOTE! (50.47% vs 49.53%)

Nirvash vs VF-25 Messiah (41.35% vs 58.65%)

Turn A Gundam vs Gouf Custom (51.49% vs 48.61%)

Gunbuster vs Kshatriya (64.76% vs 35.24%)

BONUS ROUND: Classic Battletech Favorites

Timber Wolf/Mad Cat (44.57%) vs Axman (25%) vs Dire Wolf/Daishi (16.3%) vs Atlas (14.13%)


A couple of close ones in this round, as to be expected of the matches between these popular and iconic mecha. The Gurren Lagann bested the Zeta Gundam by just one vote, with Spiral Power only just able to overcome the souls of the dead-powered monstrosity of a Gundam. The match was nearly set to enter the time-honored (since last week) DotWar sudden death round until some last minute votes the night the polls closed changed it at the last minute. The Gurren Lagann moves on to RaGARok having overcome one tenacious opponent here today!

Meanwhile, the VF-25 Messiah’s win over the Nirvash means that THREE variable fighters will be mixing it up in RaGARok, making the Macross block the best represented group of fans in the final rounds. The VF-25 had an early exit last year, facing the eventual champion Eva UNIT 01 in the very first round. But this year it’s shown what it can do, scoring a comfortable win over the Nirvash.

Next, the Turn A Gundam overcame the survivor of the first ever tied-match, the Gouf Custom. The culmination of all Tomino Gundams was up against the final evolution of the One Year War ground combat units, a fitting clash of mecha that embody the spirits of Gundam. The Gouf Custom has shown a lot of guts in this tournament, earning every one of its wins. You’ve got to respect that, but in the end, the Turn A had so many series and universes to draw from in its fight, and the End of Gundam mobile suit won the day.

The final match saw the biggest margin this round, as the Gunbuster handily defeated the Kshatriya. There are a lot of Kshatriya fans, but I think it’s just too new to go all the way in Sai Mecha. It’s certainly innovative and destructive in its battles against the Federation, but I just don’t think it’s become as iconic as other Zeonic mecha just yet. Still, an impressive showing this year for the Kshatriya, ensuring it will be a contender for some time.

In the bonus round, we got to see a fight the likes of which we haven’t since Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries as four classic mechs did battle in the Sai Mecha Arena. My personal favorite, the Mad Cat took the trophy, having the long-range punch to take down the Axman before it could close, and the mobility to run circles around the Daishi and Atlas while pummeling them with ER lasers. I spent tough missions in a Mad Cat in my days as a mercenary, and it never let me down. Back when I was with an independent company during the Clan Invasion I was fortunate enough to salvage one on Wolcott after its pilot ejected. Which was fortunate, because it had beaten up my Flashman so badly the thing would never run again after that day! It turned out to be an A-variant, the one with those twin PPCs, and let me tell you, I never looked back. That thing was with me all the way through the FedCom Civil War, and you’ll never find a sweeter mech than that. I hope that young hotshot I sold it to when I retired is still racking up the kills with the old gal.

So there you have it, mecha fans! RaGARok is about to begin, and the bracket will be up soon once the randomized bracket is generated. Get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride! That’s it for now. This is ExecutiveOtaku, signing off.




29 Responses to “MidGAR Finals – Results”

  1. -chii- said


    • It was tied for the longest time, even as more and more votes came in. Five more people voted in the last hour and a half of voting after I tweeted about it, and that odd number was what tipped it to +1 in favor of the Gurren Lagann.




  3. Gurren Lagann
    I don’t mind
    Turn A Gundam
    I don’t mind

  4. Matt Wells said

    One vote?! Jesus, finally I have proof that Sai-Mecha voters have no fucking taste. Blocky Gundam that turns into the world’s shittiest plane apparently equals good design.

    Otherwise I’m glad at these results, but the Messiah is a horribly overrated machine unworthy of the company of the VF-1 or even the YF-19. 2-D ANIMATION FAGS REPRESENT.

      • Reid said

        I thought you said once that the VF-25 was the most beautiful Macross robot ever, or something like that. And Zeta Gundam isn’t supposed to be a “pretty plane” or even a plane at all. It’s supposed to be a robot that turns into a re-entry device. Unlike every variable fighter ever, which all want to be Decepticons, the transformable robots of the Gundam series are supposed to be robot that change into slightly different shapes to do different things. Those shapes are ugly, but at least the transformations are more or less plausible given the eventual humanoid robot shape.

      • Matt Wells said

        Did I? That doesn’t sound like me… I think I conceded to ghost that Valkyries were the apothesis of Real Robot design, being untouchable military spec machines suited to any combat enviroment, arguably able to outperform any physics breaking Super Robots. I (grudgingly) stand by this statement. My favourite Reals are still crappy cannon fodder units like the Scopedog, or ones crippled by the sheer realism of their universe (Ingrams).

        But I’ve never liked the Messiah. Ever. I can’t quite articulate it, but the the double whammy of CG-rendering next to 2-D animated characters and the way it adds very little to the Macross design pantheon other than being a crappy remake of the VF-1 kills it for me. The twirling engines are perfect for dogfights in the vaccum, but they just look absurd in action. Kills whatever boner I might have the sleek (if dull) plane mode. Battroid mode is actually one of my favourites in the Macross universe, but the plane mode is just “meh” to me, an UNPARDONABLE sin for a Veritech machine.

        While I may have my problems with the YF-19 and subsequent Valkyrie designs; at least they TRIED to be different, with stealth bombers, Soviet Migs and the like. The Messiah was too content to rest on the laurels of it’s forebearers without adding anything of discernible value, which has been Kawamori’s fatal flaw as a designer for a decade now. His Valkyries only echo past glories and his Super Robts all follow the pattern set down by Nirvash, which was no great shakes to begin with. I really miss the Kawamori that gave us Dangaioh. 😦

        I don’t know man, transforming Gundams… you make a damn fine point, but to me they’re definitely the mecha equivalent of forcing a square peg into round hole. That dog don’t hunt! As shallow as it is of me, if your mech transforms it better look damn good doing it or it holds no interest to me. No reason to split focus from the design of the actual mecha unless it’s alternate mode matches the standards set by its predecessor.

        Braiger, for instance, has three transformations but all of them are as ugly as sin. Zeta’s an OK Gundam as they go, but it’s vaunted transformation is bereft of any aesthetic beauty. Delta Plus proved that the two were not mutually exclusive in a Gundam show! Not to mention how the introduction of transforming mobile suits ended the use of fighter planes and tanks in the Universal Century…

        And I say all this not just as a bitter Getter fag, but someone who genuinely prefers Gurren Lagann’s design to Zeta Gundam. The Zambot 3-esque head crest, the rounded proportions, emotional faceplate, hot rod red colour scheme and those FINE cylindrical legs. I know GL doesn’t push your buttons as a pure design, but for me I’ll take it over Zeta anyday.

      • Reid said

        Matt…you’ll have to forgive me: I thought it was Ghost who made the comment you wrote. I can’t even begin to explain how or why I thought so, but I did. You’re right on all accounts. My apologies.

  5. JoeQ said


    But seriously, how could that match have been so close? I mean, who the fuck even likes Zeta Gundam (aside from deluded gundamfags)? Especially when the far superior Double Zeta didn’t even make it into the tournament…

  6. schneider said

    Holy shit Turn A, it’s all up to you now to prevent the Black History from happening again!

  7. Turambar said

    Clean sweep for me. Excellent.

  8. ces06 said



    I knew the Turn A’d win, but I didn’t think the Gouf would have done so well. Well done, old soldier. Well done.



    • Matt Wells said


  9. Andaer said

    The voter who decided Gurren Lagann’s victory shall be praised forever!

    Kshtriya was my favourite in this tournament, but Gunbuster is worthy to enter RaGARok.

    Apart from that, what about those stupid Variable Fighters? Fuck Macrossfags.

  10. Reid said

    I guess I’ll have to concede the Gurren Lagann does indeed carry on the spirit of Getter Robo. I don’t have animosity for you anymore, buddy. Good show to the Zeta Gundam though. It’s never been my favorite Gundam, mobile suit or transforming mobile suit, but it is a cool one and I’m glad it had such a good run in this tournament (typical butthurt Gundam fan/Getterfag response)

    This was my only myeh contest of this week. On the one hand you’ve got the Nirvash (wimpy, cutesy, half-retarded design) and the VF-25 (what a Sukhoi Su-32 would look like if it suddenly became capable of turning into a robot aka next-gen Starscream with a pilot). Airplanes are cooler than surfboards.

    Turn A has long been among my favorite robots so I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that it made it to the RaGARock round. That said, the Gouf Custom had probably what amounts to the best run of any mech in this whole competition by soldiering it out against far tougher opponents. That’s the meaning of hard work and guts. Go to your well-deserved rest, old friend.

    The God of Zakus. How can anybody f*** with that? A space artichoke certainly can’t.

    • Reid said

      And yes yes yes for the MadCat’s win. In MechWarrior 4 I always preferred the MadCat Mk. II due to the twin gauss rifles and jump jets, but the original is an incredible decent design and in many ways it’s the “face” of the whole Battletech franchise. That said, my favorite ‘mech is the Shadowcat. It looks like Metal Gear Rex.

    • Matt Wells said

      A Getter fag AND a Gundam fag? Jeez buddy, no wonder you had it rough this year. And Kamina and Ryoma had a massive Bromance in SRW Z2, how could GL fail to inherit the Will of the Getter Rays?

      After the glorious showing it’s had this year and the last I’d be content to let the Gouf retire to Garhalla in glory with its brother the Zaku II, the littlest-Spacenoid-machine-that-could. Somebody smelt a bronze statue of Norris Packard and Ramba Rall in it’s honour!

      Team Gainax VS. Team Valkyrie, that’s what this year’s finals boils down to. Choose one and be submitted to endless J-Pop and Space Hippy creator trolling. Choose the other and suffer under bitter otaku self-loathing turned pandering, shitty endings and God Tier creator trolling. Either way, it’s a no-win.

      This year’s Sai-Mecha has been such a cancer ridden fail train (just as planned…) that I’m going anime mountain training – I’m gonna do nothing for the next few week but marathon MANime like Golgo 13 and Fist of the North Star. It’s akin to a fat person drowning their sorrows in Hagen Daaz tubs, only much more cathartic and mysoginistic.

      • Reid said

        I love how there are a select few people, you and I included, who actually see what a rigged mess this whole tournament is. It really is Kawamori-dick-riders vs the folks who want to get turned into Tang for loving robots.

        And there is nothing better in life than catharsis and misogyny. Enjoy it. ATATATATATATATATATATTATATAAT OMAE WA MO AND ALL THAT

      • Matt Wells said


      • Reid said

        You aren’t even close to prepared.

  11. How did I completely miss these results! also


    I guess he found the battlefield where he was destined to die. He’ll rise again (next year)

  12. Jexams said

    Dang it, all my votes lost. Not too heartbroken by the Nirvash or gouf losing but damn it, Zeta Gundam and Kshatriya ; A;

    I guess it is true that the Kshatriya is still new but I would like to see it really make it all the way to the final match some day. As for the Zeta Gundam, I think I’m seeing the tears of time right now.

  13. Kuro said


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