RaGARok Round 2 – Final Four

August 5, 2012

It’s time for the Final Four! This is ExecutiveOtaku, live from the Sai Mecha Arena. Tonight we have the semifinals, where the final four contestants from this year’s tournament face off for a spot in the championship. Only one of the Gods of GARhalla remains standing this year, the YF/VF-19 Excalibur. The soul of MidGAR was strong this year, so we have three mecha setting foot for the first time upon the sands of the semifinals. Who will survive the penultimate round and move forward? Only time and votes will tell!

Last round we had a surprise upset as the reigning Evangelion UNIT 01 was toppled by fellow GARhalla veteran, the YF/VF-19 Excalibur. Luck seems to be one of its many skills, as it would have seemed unlucky to go up against the reigning champion. But the VF did have something going for it to pull off the surprise: it never directly fought the UNIT 01 last year. In Sai Mecha 2011 the Zaku II knocked out the YF/VF-19, as they were both from the Colonies Side. The Evangelion was the Earth Side champion, so the two never met in direct competition until last round. It soars on now in the semifinals to challenge the Gunbuster. The Gunbuster has long been a favorite of both the Old School of the East and Gainax fans. The ‘King of Zakus’ won a close fight last round to secure its home lands of the Kingdom of Monoeye, and is now on a roll and ready for the next battle. It has power of galactic proportions, but it faces off against the embodiment of Macross spirit. The Killer of Kings YF/VF-19 now looks to claim another crowned head as it takes on the King of Zakus!

In the second round, the Turn A Gundam and Gurren Lagann face off. The Gurren Lagann made quick work of the VF-25 last round, and it was a strong contender all throughout Sai Mecha 2011 too. It lost last year to the YF/VF-19, so if it wins this round and its rival the other, it’ll get the chance at payback it no doubt is thirsting for. Its challenger also is a veteran VF fighter. The Turn A Gundam fought a much closer battle with the original VF-1 Valkyrie last round and emerged victorious. This is also a tale of revenge, as the VF-1 knocked out the Turn A Gundam in the very first round last year. After having served a cold dish to the Valkyrie, the Turn A now will show what it could have done last year if it hadn’t been eliminated so early. The White Doll now challenges the Spiral Monster for supremacy and a shot at the crown!





20 Responses to “RaGARok Round 2 – Final Four”

  1. Turambar said

    Tachikonata. That is the only answer.

    Gurren Lagann and VF-19 for the other two, as they are the only appropriate choices.

  2. schneider said

    Tachikonata’s appropriately lewd expression (and those outstretched arms) gets my vote.

    Turn A and Gunbuster!

  3. Kuro said


    TachiLuka gets my vote.

  4. SO HARD. YF-19 GOGOGO!!!

  5. Andaer said

    Gurren Lagann & Gunbuster – go for the final to end all finals!

  6. JoeQ said


  7. Turn A and YF-19.

  8. Matt Wells said

    Supers all the way. Fuck your Gundam, fuck your planes with legs, I choose to Pierce the Heavens with my HARD WORK and GUTS. And Bulbakoma because it’s the best starter pokemon that isn’t Squirtle.

    • Reid said

      I had to go with Turn A, man. I hope we can still be pals. It’s my favorite Gundam – what else COULD I do?

      And you’re dead wrong about Bulbasaur too. Charizard owns those games.

      • Matt Wells said

        Ahh, no sweat. It’s a damn fine machine after all, one of the handful in the tournament not yet ruined by overused memes or petty counter block voting. We are gonna have a parting of ways on Charmander though.

        That little fire lizard is useless for like the first five gyms in the game due to the whole elemental rock paper scissors thing, and Bulbasaur is conversely vastly overpowered. Fuck ’em both.

        Squirtle is the cutest of all three starters, the most well rounded, and it’s final evolution is FUCKING GAMERA WITH SHOULDER MOUNTED HYDRO CANNONS… and it wears Kamina’s sunglasses.

      • Reid said

        Call me stoopid, but I always wanted some wiseguy at Nintendo to make starters that were fighting/dark/psychic…and to pattern them after Gamera/Gyaos/Iris. If I could draw worth a day-um I would have already done this.

        And yes, Charmander is woefully under-prepared to deal with most of the first few gyms. HOWEVER – if you level grind like a madman to put his level way way up Charizard will probably be the fastest and one of the strongest animals available to the player, even by the time you’re able to catch Zapdos and others like that. Fire types get the shaft though. They pretty much suck compared to Water, which, along with Psychic, rapes every other type. That said, my favorite of the type is Arcanine, who really IS one of the fastest pokemon in the whole metagame. He also got a huge buff in Diamond/Pearl, being about to learn the impossibly strong physical fire-type move Flare Blitz.


    Didn’t remember both mecha had so much history with each other. RIVALS help bring out the best in mecha.

    Sorry Turn A, the power of RIVALS overcomes your fabulous mustache… this time.

  10. Turn A Gunbuster Luka. I’d pilot that.

  11. Reid said

    That’s all I’m going to say.

  12. ces06 said

    The Excalibur for sure, but oh man. Getter heritage versus moustache gundam. I just can’t choose.

  13. FIREEEEE said

    Aim for the heaven! With GUTS AND HARDWOOORKKK! All Gainax final is the one that can make my soul rest easy. I love Turn A and excalibur, but still, they are still not manly enough, nice stache’ there though, white doll.

  14. Earl Gunmetal Grey said

    I’m backing the YF-19 and the Bulbakoma. It’s not that I dislike the other choices, but we’re at the end game here; and between the YF-19 and the Gunbuster, I gotta go with what I think is the cooler machine. That being said, I’m fine with either of them making it to the next round because they’re both so damn stylish doing what they do.

  15. WL said

    >2011 tournament


  16. Anya said


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