Sai Mecha 2012 Round 1 – Earth Side

May 6, 2012

Hello, mecha fans! This is ExecutiveOtaku here at the opening round of the season. Things are about to begin here in the Sai Mecha arena. Ghostlightning has been down in the hangars getting the scoop on the Earth Side contestants, so go check out his report before heading to the polls. Polls are open from now until 23:59 EST on 10 May. The game is on, mecha fans!


The Arbalest is a humanoid armored weapon in the real robot tradition called an Arm Slave. It is a modestly sized, infantry unit that for all intents and purposes fights like a giant infantryman. This is true until it starts using its special power source called the Lambda Driver which turns willpower into physical force and turns the Arbalest into, for all intents and purposes, a super robot the way Gao Gaigar or even Gurren Lagann is a super robot, and perhaps just as powerful if not more so.

It is a sterling example of super robots (usually the main unit) in otherwise real robot shows, mass produced and broadcast by Sunrise/Bandai from the 90s onward starting with Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Gurren Lagann in its many escalating forms is the embodiment of humanity’s will to freedom. If limitations to freedom can be represented by walls, then the Gurren Lagann has the drill to break through it. It is designed to be the ultimate robot to end all robots in robot anime history; not only in terms of universe-breaking ridiculousness, but also in terms of possessing design tropes to encompass the entirety of robot anime tradition:


Powered by will

Super prototype (from which mass production units are built on)



GN-001 Exia is the first Gundam exclusively designed for dueling. It is designed to be agile, to maximize a variety of bladed weapons and attacks when it reaches close quarters. It is aided by GN Particle shielding and stealth to dash into melee range. It is also able to use long range weapons such as the GN Arms before dashing into its customary melee range. As Gundam designs go, it is of the tradition of narrow-waist and slim designs, evoking the silhouette of a tall and slender bishounen — a tradition that perhaps began with, but definitely was popularized by, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


The Big O is a super robot, called a megadeus, of mysterious origin. This particular unit is very slow and fights primarily if not exclusively on the ground. It relies on incredibly tough armor and a large variety of armaments to fight, but ultimately in inexorably advances towards its opponent to deliver devastating physical attacks. To achieve this, The Big O is capable of running.

The Ingram is a civilian peace-keeping mecha, called a labor. Particularly it is a police unit patrol labor, from which the title of the show Patlabor comes from. The design actually includes an open cockpit wherein the pilot is actually visible from underneath the head unit and directly above the torso of the humanoid form. The unit was designed to apprehend rogue civilian labors, not so much for militarized combat.


RahXephon is one of the first post-millennium super robot designs. In terms of power, attacks, size and dimensions, it is very much a super robot. Its origins are mysterious, and it behaves like, and is regarded as, some kind of God. The unique aspect of this unit is its sonic attack. It “sings” a song that is very destructive, especially against its opponents called dolems, which are also super robots but influenced by the kaiju (monster) traditiion of Ultraman that was brought into robot anime via Evangelion.

The Takemikazuchi is a Vector Type Autonomous Tank Walker, which is the kind of mouthful one expects from a mech in the real robot tradition, only that it doesn’t come from a real robot anime. But like many supposed real robots, it uses a lot of super robot tropes such as:


Being a rare artifact from a mysterious past


Is made of mysterious technology


It runs on mysterious energy, potentially unlimited


Interestingly enough it is crewed by 5 people, making it closer to a capital ship (in the context of robot anime storytelling), allowing multiple cast members speak to each other and provide expositionary dialogue of what’s happening in the battle (while remaining female and cute, as with bridge bunnies).


The Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is the first titular Gundam to transform in the super robot tradition of Yuusha Reideen and Tossho Daimos, etc. but perhaps closer in terms of influence to the more recent Variable Fighters of Super Dimension Fortress Macross. It is also the first Gundam that had direct contribution from the lead pilot in terms of design prior to deployment. Also, unlike its predecessors, the Zeta Gundam is capable of performing attacks in the super robot tradition (Yuusha Reideen), but mostly aided by mysterious Newtype powers.

Shin Getter Robo is the third generation Getter Machine in a long tradition of Getter Robo super robot anime. It is said to be the most powerful, if unstable unit. Like the Getter Robos before it, it is formed by a combination of 3 Getter Machines into 3 distinct forms (Getter 1, 2, and 3). It fights other giant robots called mechasauruses [sic mechasauri] which are piloted by (evil) dinosaur people from within the Earth.



Zeorymer of the Heavens is a stupendously powerful super robot stolen from the Alien Hau Dragon (empire), and conscripted for use by the Japanese government. Zeorymer of the Heavens is able to hover, fly, teleport unspecified distances, and possesses an incredibly potent weapon known as the Hades Attack: when it lifts its arms in the air then lowers them across its chest, slamming its fists together or against the large golden orb on its chest, the robot releases a huge blast of golden energy that, at full power, can cause an explosion visible from space (inferring the power of several gigatons at least, though even on lower settings this final weapon seems equal to most nuclear weapons in scale). When this attack is activated, a mysterious voice, possibly Zeorymer’s itself, can be heard saying “Meiou,” the attack’s name.


Obscure anime, but popular robot due to being featured in Super Robot Wars MX, and Judgement, notably the easiest games in the franchise precisely because of Zeorymer, whose appearance makes the whole thing go on easy mode.

Dai Guard is a super robot design in a fully-realized real robot environment with a level of attention to detail that exceeds most real robot anime (as evidenced by many of the far more fanciful entries above). By this it means that the production, maintenance, expense, and operation of the Dai Guard involves a massive and complex bureaucracy that gives life to a very human story within the context of a “giant robot protects the Earth from alien monsters” (the kaiju tradition also shared by Evangelion and RahXephon). In terms of performance, it is even slower perhaps, than The Big O; painstakingly conceptualized to be as “realistic” as possibly science fiction can bear.

The Nirvash Type 0 is a mysterious, sentient, robot superprototype in the tradition of both Neon Genesis Evangelion (for the sentience and the design silhouette) and Super Dimension Fortress Macross for the transformation and aerial combat dynamics. What makes this unit incredibly unique is how it flies using “Trapar Waves” using what is, for all intents and purposes, a surfboard. It fights mostly in close quarters combat, preferring to evade opponents missile barrages to land strikes on its opponents. This is quite distinct from Gundam style close combat wherein the mobile suits can stand statically and duel with swords. The Nirvash behaves more like a jousting knight who lands strikes using a lot of forward momentum. It does pay homage to Gundam with its world-altering final attack powers similar in thematic effect and colorful style to Turn A Gundam.



The VF-25 Messiah is the 25th anniversary design of the Variable Fighter, a three form mechanized weapon popularized by Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The Messiah is an all-around performer that is suited for any combat mission. Beyond the three forms it can assume, it can be outfitted with particular service packs that suit the combat mission it performs. In design terms it moves away from the passive-stealth influenced designs of the ’90s and back into a more heroic look that features a long, slender silhouette that also features the fastest transformation times in VF (and real robot anime) history.


Mazinger Z is an invincible fortress of steel, defending the Earth against mechanical beasts designed by Dr. Hell and other remnants of the Mycenean civilization. It is the first ever super robot, taking the idea of the super hero and making it a lot better by making the human pilot super by virtue of the machine. This introduced size dynamics among other things in the super hero tradition. Like super heroes, it has an array of powerful attacks that dispatch enemies in various (cruel) ways, as Japanese style super heroes have no compunction destroying their opponents and portraying death of bad guys (en masse).


The Delphine is another of those mysterious ancient relics that saves the day, albeit its uniqueness comes within the context of its setting where robots (golems) are crystal quartz that can only be made to move by sorcerers (pilots). The Delphine precedes all of this and can only be piloted by an un-sorcerer, making it a very interesting faux-underdog kind of unit (it’s hard to call it an underdog when all the resources of a kingdom is backing its development/tuning). Lacking the ability to field the conventional weapons of its day, it relies on a wide variety of melee attacks. It is one of the rare units that fully embraces both science fiction and fantasy in its conceptualization and execution.


Mazinkaiser SKL is a variation of the 3rd generation Mazinger robot (Z, Great, Kaiser). What sets it apart from prior incarnations is how it is dual-piloted albeit only one pilot at a time assumes control. This allows SKL to perform radically different fighting styles: 1 is a more conventional giant sword wielding style, but the other is a close-combat pistol style that involves moves and techniques one expects more from say, the Gundam Exia. The styles themselves produce similar results (i.g. the battlefield is cleared of enemies) albeit the sword is still the likely weapon to dispatch final bosses.



Bonus Round: Best Use of Mecha in/by Moe

(Yeah, I know it’s not a comprehensive list. Come at me, mechaota!)


65 Responses to “Sai Mecha 2012 Round 1 – Earth Side”

  1. JoeQ said

    AT LAST!


    2. So, let’s have a repeat of last year’s performance, shall we? Big O! SHOWTIME!

    3. The Ingram. Eh, I’m just not that fond of RahZephon.

    4. Cheesus focking Christ, how the did either of these ugly things even get into the tournament?!

    5. Fuck your rapist balls. STONAAAH SUUUNSHINE!!!

    6. Baa, ba ba Baa, ba ba Baa, ba ba Bara rara rara ra

    7. THE FIST OF GOD >>>>> jetplane with legs taped on.


    Bonus: moeshit, all of them

  2. fadeway said

    Lagann – sorry Arbalest, I like FMP but you suck. Lagann at least looks cool and has some interesting ideas, instead of just having a godmode mysterious module.
    Big O..close match, I love the Exia, but the O comes out slightly on top. I really like designs with unconventional arms and weaponry, which both robots possess, among other things, but the O feels heavy, powerful, “real”, while the Exia runs on fairy dust and has a ton of swords that are more accurate than laser shots.
    Patlabor – a good machine and a joy to watch. That other thing is so bad its battles aren’t worth watching.
    Zeta – haven’t watched SnW, which impairs my ability to give a good vote, but I like my mechas humongous. Plus, while symbolizes the (good) decision to rip off Macross transformations, the Zeta was a good design fed by the powers of dead people.
    Getter/Zeorymer – no vote, gotta go increase my powerlevel.
    Dai Guard – haven’t watched the show, but the description sounds awesome, and I’m also spiting the Nirvash. Lolskateboards.
    Last two are the Messiah and Delphine. Haven’t watched the shows the opposing robots are from, but the machines I’m voting for are good/great and are also real robots. The opposition loses a point simply for being super robots.

    Bonus: eh, sucks that I’ve only seen Nyarlko from those. Voting for the familiar cancer.

  3. dliessmgg said

    None of my candidates in yet, so voting for Zero Rhymer to make impossible lulz possible and Takemikazuchi because I misread the description as “wank talker” and it’s from a moe show.

  4. 1/ A vote for the Arbalest is a vote against Gurren fags.Actually I just like it more. inb4 cancer etc.
    2/ Big O
    3/ Damn I always liked Rahxephon for being awesome and not the shitty Eva clone that most people think it is but yeah… Ingram
    5/Shin Getter
    7/Mazinger Z
    8/Delphine is sexy but CAN’T BEAT THE MAZINKAISER
    Bonus: Gunbuster is the best moe mecha anime.

  5. Andaer said

    Gurren Lagann/Exia/Ingram/Zeta/Getter/Nirvash/Mazinger/fu—

    Cannot decide between Delphine and SKL, need more thinking (and a bit of rewatch maybe). Tend to the Delphine cause I already voted for one Mazinger.

  6. Scamp said

    1) Gurren Lagann. Easy. I like FMP but Arbelast is dull
    2) Big O. I only watched Big O because of last years SaiMecha. I fucking love that show now. So thank you SaiMecha.
    3) Ingram. I like both robots, but I have a respect for the amount of detail Patlabor goes into for its mechs.
    4) Zeta Gundam. I’d normally vote anti-Gundam, but spiderbot doesn’t do it for me.
    5) Zeorymer: I’ve never even heard of the anime. Props for that
    6) Dai Guard. I really like both robots, but Dai Guard’s poorness and lack of funds makes it endearing
    7) VF-25. Anti-Mazinger vote
    8) Delphine. Because it’s fucking awesome and up against that over-designed piece of shit

  7. Matt Wells said

    1. If GL beats Shin Getter, at least it will make a worthy successor to the Will of Evolution. If that cancerous piece of plot hax makes it any further this year, I will hand in my “big anime fan” card.

    2. Just to clarify, the majority of the Big O’s weaponry is actually LONG range. It saves the piston punches for up close finishing moves. So not only can Exia not even scratch it without TRANS_HAX, Big O can also blow it into shiny little chunks of Gundamium from a mile away. Then it will SUDDEN IMPACT the remains into dust.

    3. Ingram. RahXephon may be the grandchild of my entry Raideen, but I love the Ingram’s pluck and it’s truly badass pilot. Go Alphonse! (Plus I wanna see Police Force VS. Salarymen)

    4. Zeta Gundam. It may be a fucking Gundam, but at least it’s an outright super robot that feeds on the souls of the dead. Better that than a fucking spider-tank with a moe crew.



    7. Mazinger Z. The first modern Super Robot is more than a match for a Valkyrie with twirling engines.

    8. Mazinkaiser SKL. Because it’s fucking awesome, absolutely indestructible, rides a flying Mecha-Horse/Motorcycle, and because I want the next round to be DOUBLE MAZINGERS.

    Moe is the Cancer killing anime in general and mecha in particular: Hayate no Gokotou. Because it had Nobuyuki Hiyama voice actor jokes and refrenced GINGA SENPU BURAAAIIIGER.

  8. Arbalest — in an attempt to remove the threat of GL from worthier robots.

    Big O — I’ve no affection for Exia.

    Ingram — The Ingram is a pleasant, amusing idea.

    Zeta — I only acknowledge one Takemikazuchi, and it’s humanoid.

    Zeorymer — MEIOU.

    Dai Guard — lots of people like the Nirvash; odi profanum vulgus et arceo.

    Mazinger Z — The VF-25 has no authority in Mazinger Z’s august company.

    Mazinkaiser SKL — I like the Delphine. But I like SKL way more.

  9. Arabesque said

    1- Gurren Lagann. Sorry, I like the Arbelast and all, but I have to go with the right choice here.

    2- Exia. I honestly love the Big O, but the SExia is just so fucking hot.

    3- Ingram. The RahXephon is just a big mash of meh to me. To busy with it’s design.

    4- Takemikazuchi. Yes, I love the Zeta, and it’s one of my favorite designs for a Gundam of all time, but a vote for the Type 00 Takemikazuchi is a vote for the survival of man kind.

    The original model of this mecha (let’s call them Tachikoma for the sake of simplicity) was first deployed when mankind was threatened with pure annihilation from mysterious demon-like giants. Without them, humanity would’ve been gone completely extent. And even after the Earth became a wasteland and humanity is living a step away from being forgotten and swept away by the winds of time, the Takemikazuchi, much like it’s namesake, rose from the shed blood of those who had fallen in battle to once again protect the lives of those it has been built to protect.

    And then it takes down an entire platoon on it’s own. All the while humming Amazing Grace.

    Pretty Badass.

    5- Zeorymer. Really like the design

    6- Nirvash. There is no reason to even compare it to that slowpoke ungraceful piece of metal. The Nirvash is all style and surfer cool rolled up in one beautiful mecha

    7-VF-25. Like both, but this is a no brainier. The Messiah belongs in the Sky, Mazinger Z belongs in a museum.

    8- Delphine. I have a soft spot for this real robot for actually being a real robot, but I just hate the Mazinkaiser SKL design is just ”Look at how hardcore and awesome I am!” with no sense of irony or realization of how stupid it looks. It’s like a 90’s comic fans wet dream of what a Robot should look. Ugh.

    Bonus: Had to go with Hayate no Gotoku. Reasons?

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg … Hata Kenjiro is a mecha nerd, and you just got to stick with fellow nerds.

    • Wow, nice collection of Hayate no Gotoku reference screencaps!

      • Arabesque said

        Heh, I’ve been re-watching some episode of the show on CR recently, so the references were pretty fresh in my mind. Never thought I’d actually have much use for these, but here you go 😛

        The quality isn’t really the best tho …

        It’s amazing just how much the show’s staff keeps on reminding us that they are huge fans of mecha. There is at least one mecha in reference every episode (don’t quote me on that).

      • drmchsr0 said

        Until Hata makes a GaoGaiGar Ref-

        No wait, there was that Robot Buttler episode. ALL IS WELL.

    • Kraker2k said

      The episode with the Mecha graveyard really stood out for me, it had loads of stuff in there:

      The OP also had 3 of the most well known mechs in it! Optimus Prime, Gundam and Tetsujin:

      Also a big nod to SRW here:

    • schneider said

      But only half of those screencaps feature actual mecha…

      • Arabesque said

        Nitpicking …

      • schneider said

        There are mecha fans, and there are mecha anime fans!

        I voted for Sora no Woto myself because the mecha is an organic component in the story, and not a bunch of references thrown around. Sure, the references are amusing but I prefer the presence of a robot to have more weight in a non-mecha show.

      • Arabesque said

        When you get down to it, there really is hardly a difference between the two.

        And yes, I think that when it comes to which series had the more logical use of a mecha in it, Sora no Woto would be the one to pick. In fact, I thought I might go with it at first, but decided not to since I felt that much like almost every other aspect of the show (and this is what hurt it the most, as much as I liked the anime), it was present for maybe half the time, mostly in the backdrop and the other half it was absent and had little relevancy till the penultimate episode of the anime.

        Hayate no Gotoku on the other hand was fairly consistent in how it presented the mecha’s in it’s show as silly references, which is what fit with the show since it’s a comedy.

        But it’s a silly bonus pool in the first place (as all of them were last year). When you come around to it, not one of these shows had much of use for a Mecha in it nor did they make a great use of the idea, not truly. Sora no Woto ended up having the trumpet being the vocal focus of the series, which was fitting since music was it’s strongest and most consistent point.

      • schneider said

        Fair enough. I’ll admit that I never watched an episode of Hayate no Gotoku because I never did like the art style.

        That, and the premise doesn’t do anything for me…

  10. schneider said

    I can’t remember if vote tallies were hidden last time, but this is great and reduces cheating/tiebreaking votes!

    1. Arbalest
    2. Gundam Exia
    3. Ingram
    4. Takemikazuchi
    5. Zeorymer (
    6. Dai Guard
    7. Mazinger Z
    8. Mazinkaiser SKL

    Bonus: Sora no Woto

    • drmchsr0 said

      But Precure Schenider-hime, Zeorymer was the worst SRW game ever

      • schneider said

        Which one? I understand J being bad (but not *that* bad IMO). MX was fantastic and I actually liked it more than Alpha 3.

      • drmchsr0 said

        J wasn’t *bad* for an SRW game.

        However, getting the upgraded Zeorymer was quite literally, a game in itself. Changed the whole game if you chose to get it. (And Zeorymer itself is an engine of rape and destruction to begin with.)

        Okay, perhaps the inclusion of Zeormer in SRW J was a p. bad idea…

  11. Kuro said

    Aside from my auto vote against Arbalest, This has some pretty hard to decide match ups!

  12. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan said

    Sora no Woto = Generation Kill.
    It ain’t moe.

  13. Anya said

    Arbalest – to piss off TTGL fans


    Ingram – didn’t see either show, so going with the cooler one


    Zeorymer – to piss Getter fans. I don’t even know who you guys
    are or what Getter is like, but hey for the lulz

    Nirvash Type 0 – didn’t see either, going by coolness

    VF-25 Messiah – ANOTHER SEXY MOTHERFUCKER (and I didn’t see Mazinger Z)


    • Anya said

      Oh and Bonus Round, Nyaruko for RED FUNNELS IN SPACE CQC! I should probably add that I love FMP and it’s one of the first anime I watched when I picked up the hobby.

  14. drmchsr0 said

    1. Gurren Lagann. I like the ARX-7, but I’m a diehard Super nuuuuurd.


    3. Rahxephon might be a literal mecha god, but the Ingram is the working Man’s ride of choice.

    4. Piss eggs you shitty VF ripoff.

    5. Hm, tears now or tears later? I’ll go with tears later, because Zeorymer was the worst SRW game ever. (Not kidding, getting the Zeorymer End in SRW J was literally the worst game ever)

    6.I LOVE BOTH MECHS. No, really. But Dai-Guard was the clumsy useless super that could!

    7. The Messiah? More like the MEHssiah. MAZIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    8. SKL is no metal he WAS the Delphine’s endoskeleton.

    Bonus Round: BUT WHERE WAS MECHAZAWA I mean NOBUYUKI HIYAMA BUTTLER. (Shut up; Cromartie High is moe)

  15. 1. Gurren Lagann
    Because I have no idea what is the other robot
    2. Exia
    Because swords
    3. RahXephon
    Looks better
    4. Zeta Gundam
    Spider tank is awesome, but I prefer gundam
    5. Zeorymer
    NEVER VOTING FOR GETTER, and it looks better.
    6. Nirvash
    Surfing in mid air.
    7. VF-25
    Perfect machine
    8. Delphine
    Try chasing it when its running at full speed.

  16. Time for me to become part of the cancer of SaiMecha. So:

    1. GL. It’s more epic. I was tempted to vote for the Arbalest for the lulz, but I did actually nominate GL so I feel obliged anyways.

    2. Big O is far cooler than any disposable Gundam, even if it wasn’t cool enough for me to nominate it.

    3. Ingram, for the blue collar earnestness. It’s the working man’s mecha as mentioned by drmchsr0.

    4. Takemikazuchi. It’s my nominee and it’s not a Gundam.

    5. Zeorymer of the Heavens. I haven’t seen either but Zeorymer’s description is more epic.

    6. Nirvash Type 0 because it’s not trying to be realistic and thus manages to be sillier.

    7. Mazinger Z because it’s not a Macross variable fighter. You may detect a trend here.

    8. Delphine, because I’ve actually seen it and the Mazinger series already got one vote from me, you don’t get two.

    Best use of mecha in moe: Sora no Woto. Keroro Gunsou isn’t moe (although it’s cute) and references aren’t uses.

  17. Turambar said

    A vote against the Big O is a vote against Batman’s mecha, and for pixie dust. You don’t fucking do that. That is like dividing by zero.

  18. […] So yes Sai Mecha is back again this year! Last year was a lot of fun (Thanks to ExecutiveOtaku!) so this year I've decided to talk a little about each round and the mecha I'll be voting for. First up we have Earth Side Round 1. […]

  19. gunstray said

    1 I despise the hell out of the Arbalest. (despite the fact I loved its painst scheme. Going with GL because LOL Glorified Dick jokes!

    2 They both look like shit

    3 Fuzz mecha or god that sings things to death. The Fuzz did look cool in american colors. Going with ingram

    4 Spider with a long name or powered by dead ppl. For fear of the dead gundam fans haunting me, I’d voted the zeta.

    5 Who the fuck is Zeory- It looks likes the Granzons bastard sibling. Going with Getter.

    6 BaBaBaBa bababa Babababablalalala!


    7 vf-25 just dead on fits my taste.

    8. Delphine because its first mecha my toku loving cousin hated!

    • Rubicon Prime said

      [i]2 They both look like shit[/i]
      Nobody says that about the Big O and gets away with it. Pack your things and get off the Internet.

  20. 1. Gurren Lagann, no brainer here. The Arbalest is as boring as it’s pilot

    2. Big O, cause damn it, MECHA are massive things with a lot of f’n MASS. So they damn well better move like they have weight and not be some ninja ballerina jesus mecha.

    3. eh, we’re at the end of the Mayan calander I guess I’ll go with the mayan Eva clone.

    4. Zeta, easily here. Starwars destroyed the concept of quad mechas for me with some damn tow cables.

    5. GETTA 1!!!!

    6. I’m a corporate man so Dai Guard hands down, Nirvash forfeited cause it was getting high with the other damn hippies.

    7. Man… this is rough. I must go with the VF-25, cause I’m a Macross Lifer!

    8. PSSHH. Mazinkaiser SKL thanks this hands down due to be F’n METAL and not made of damn quartz.

  21. gunstray said

    1. You’re a nice mecha arbalest, But I’m going with the mecha that glorified dick jokes.

    2. I hate both so no vote.

    3. Screw you mecha that sings kaijus to death. Voting for Ingrams, since they are pretty nice in american colors.

    4. Takezamuchi. Because fuck Gundams and Mazingers!

    5. Zeorymer looks like the bastard sibling of granzon. Going with Gettar 3.

    6. Daiguard. I like things that pile drives.

    7. Fuck mazinger. Vf 25

    8. Fuck Mazinger. Voting for the Muggel mecha!

  22. gunstray said

    Fuck your comment system.

    1 Dick joke mecha
    2 Fuck both and fuck gundams!
    3 The fuzz
    4 Fuck gundams! Takezamuchi
    5 Getta 3!
    6 Bababababababaabbalalalala!
    7 The best Valkyrie yet
    8 Mecha piloted by a muggel.

  23. megaroad1 said

    Alphonse will beat them all ha ha!!

  24. ces06 said

    1. Gurren Largan yay
    2. Sexia
    3. COPS
    4. How the hell did that bastard child of a tachikoma even manage to get in here?
    8. I have no idea who the first guy is.

    bonus – Keroro Gunsou, if Natsumi’s mecha musume armor counts

  25. […] Mecha finally begins with the round 1 of the Earth side bracket and it has some very interesting match ups! I’d be talking about the mtach-ups and the mechs […]

  26. Samus said

    1. No vote here
    2. Big O
    3. Patlabor
    4. Zeta
    5. Getter Robo
    6. Dai-guard
    7. Mazinger Z
    8. Mazinkaiser SKL

  27. […] an attempt to relax, Ayumu builds a scale model of the best, and best-”suited”-to-win-a-robot-contest, giant robot ever, the ARX-7 Arbalest. While Sera is unable to appreciate its innate grandeur and […]

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