RaGARok Round 1 – Results

August 4, 2012

With apologies for the significant delay. In the interest of getting things moving again as quickly as possible, a quick posting of the results, followed by voting for the next round tomorrow with a minimal writeup. Since it’s been my schedule that’s caused the delays, I can’t really ask Ghostlightning to do a writeup by tomorrow, so the next round will have a short one and then things can get back to normal following that vote. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm during the lull, I really appreciate it. (And in the future, feel free to remind/berate me on Twitter if need be, heh.) So, without further ado, the results for the first round of RaGARok.



Gurren Lagann vs VF-25 Messiah (70.16% vs 29.84%)

Turn A Gundam vs VF-1 Valkyrie (55.2% vs 44.8%)

Zaku II vs Gunbsuter (45.97% vs 54.03%)

Evangelion UNIT 01 vs YF/VF-19 Excalibur (42.86% vs 57.14%)

BONUS ROUND: Western Mecha Series

ExoSquad (14.16%) vs Megas XLR (31.86%) vs Gobots (7.96%) vs The Iron Giant (46.02%)


Current Bracket

(click for full size)


12 Responses to “RaGARok Round 1 – Results”



  2. JoeQ said

    HAHAHA TEAM GAINAX WINS (almost)! Gurren Lagann VS Gunbuster finale of maximum galaxy busting action GOGOGO!!!!

    Megas T_T

    • Reid said

      1. The GETTER is strong with this one.
      2. TURN A TURN, BABY!
      3. I still love you Zaku II, but you have to face facts and bow before the god who, rather than making you in its image, was instead made from your image to make low the mighty. Your active heart will go on for eternity.
      4. This is literally the best thing ever. I’m a hater and I don’t care; but I mean, hey, this is a robot tournament – for robots – not Ultraman wannabes. Take your burning pathos and stuff it, you purple freak.

    • Andaer said

      These are good ones! And yes, Gurren Lagann VS Gunbuster final is the thing we’re going for!

  3. 2 Valkyries down. Zaku is out, Gunbuster spelt wrongly.
    At least the YF-19 got through.


  4. Turambar said

    Valkyrie v Turn A and Excalibur v Eva-01. How the fuck did either of these results happen holy shit.

  5. schneider said

    Mmmmmmmm Turn A Turn, Turn A Turn…

    Turn A Gundam! [/disinterested British voice]

    Once again the venerable Zaku bows out.

  6. This is the best thing ever.

  7. Kuro said

    As long as I think that its Basara, I have no qualms of VF-19 beating my beloved Evangelion.TEAM GAINAX still has it.

  8. Matt Wells said

    FINARUU GAINAX SPECIARUU!!! Eva-01 loosing is simultaeneously the best and worst thing ever. Best because that hideous plot armored bio-boosted excuse for an Ultraman knock-off was dethroned like the cheap pretender it always shall be.

    But it’s also the worst because it will be back next year to decimate the tournment with it’s cancerous faggotry, rather than retiring in grace to GARhalla and making room in the championship for proper robots.

    Gurren Lagann has the Soul of the Getter and crushed that silly twirly engine excuse for a Variable Fighter. 2-D FAGS REPRESENT. Turn A put the War Maiden back to the Black History; fare-thee-well Skull Leader, you deserved far better than Kawamori fags.

    Space Facism is no match for hard work, guts, and two black hole engines powering a robot the size of Tokyo Tower. Surprised at the backlash votes against the Mommy Bot, I only wish I could pretend it was Basara that pulled the trigger rather than Isamu in his sand coloured prototype.


    Iron Giant beating Megas?! Really? An alien death machine with a soul that cries when rednecks shoot Bambi beating the personification of America in giant robot form? Okayy…


    The VFs lost against worthy foes, but HOLY LONELY NIGHT! (seems appropriate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh25-V63IBk)

    I’m sure it was Basara piloting the VF19, who else could make mommy bot LISTEN TO HIS SONG and probably made eva 01 fan girl over him just like so many meltran armadas. (probably made Shinji more manly by making him gay for Basara in the process too)

    Oh yeah good job Gunbuster. I’m sure crushing the tin can of tin cans was hard even without your fabulous dual cockpit/gattai special feature blackhole engine :p

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